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Posted by anynomous October 29, 3: October 29, 3: Posted by vandal October 29, 5: October 29, 5: My Nemesis is my nemesis.

I was going to have 'NOT' there but realized, no, Nemesis causes there to be a story and that's what is to be Sex Dating Eastport Michigan. You have this thing about putting grown-up words and ideas into the mouths of children.

Posted by Koerner October 29, 5: I hope this post sort of changes that. Posted by Anonymous October 29, 6: October 29, 6: I'm certainly shocked you eventually revealed that I'm a narcissist.

Oh wait, everything you write is based around my being a narcissist. Oh look, TLP wrote something else, yawn. Either go where you're afraid Amateur sex Waukegan go or change the subject already, we get the message and we also get that this is your roundabout way of aiming that message at yourself, we're not stupid.

Posted by Dan Casual Kitchen October 29, 6: Posted by Anonymous October 29, 7: October 29, 7: Women seeking sex tonight Babcock by BHE October 29, 7: Hey, what do you know, I spent the whole time wondering if I might be doing that to my kids and wondering what about my parenting might be teaching the right or wrong lessons. Posted by Anonymous October 29, 8: October 29, 8: Posted by Lee October 29, 8: Loved the audio, loved the narrator. I was surprised to hear that the pacing was all her own; it was excellently done.

I hope you have more in the works besides just the video for this one! Posted by Ballthack October 29, October 29, The audio was the Women seeking sex tonight Babcock two bucks I've ever spent!

Rue McClanahan - IMDb

Glad you put the text up though since there were parts of the audio i found inaudible. Posted by Or October 29, Unfortunately, when we are lucky enough to have these insights, we usually pass them off as just another one of those funny things about life.

It really is like trying to describe water to a fish. Posted by Anonymous October 30, 1: October 30, 1: Dan, that you feel justified in labeling me a narcissist on the basis of my having a differing opinion than yours is part of the problem with this Women seeking sex tonight Babcock blog.

It encourages people like you to use a diagnoses of mental illness as a catch-all term for anything or anyone they don't like. It's incredibly simplistic and generalized thinking.

Well written, sure, but you are fooling yourself if you think you're going to get anything useful out of this. It's one man's punishing love letters to his own insecurity dressed up as something "useful" Women seeking sex tonight Babcock "wise", but certainly appears useful to his audience of neurotic navel gazers looking for the next big thing to punish themselves for.

Don't get me wrong, TLP is an enjoyable read.

Marguerite | The Collar of Impunity

But don't pretend you're reading anything more than one man's increasingly tired and repetitive masturbation about his own condition - not yours. TLP doesn't give a shit about you.

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I doubt he can. Posted by Anonymous October 30, 8: October 30, 8: Posted by Rookie October 30, 9: October 30, 9: Narcissus looked in a lake which was like a mirror. He saw himself which was beautiful and was stuck there forever. Perseus looked in a polished, mirror-like shield, seeing a hideous gorgon Medusawhich he could kill without being turned to stone.

Athena gave Perseus the mirror Narcissus's was his own. I won't pretend to really get it look forward to the real thingbut is this something about seeing yourself reflected through other's eyes? Kill your false self etc? To gaze constantly at your own "self" is to be paralysed? Posted by Anonymous Woman want casual sex Brill 30, October 30, Posted by Nando October 30, Posted by Mano October 30, 2: October 30, 2: The real emphasis is on the readers response.

It's not TLP's fault if your feathers get ruffled or if you pridefully find a reason to believe you are Women seeking sex tonight Babcock a narcissist. Why do you respond that way? We are so consumed with ourselves that we fail to even admit, let alone conceive of another Women seeking sex tonight Babcock of living.

If we are nothing, but imagine ourselves to be anything but that, an imagination that we are all locked into like Narcissiswe are in prison until we admit our nothingness. That is the solution. To 'know thyself' is to first know we are nothing. To know that we are the problem. Women seeking sex tonight Babcock

We are terrified of that, so we cling to the bank of the pond. And all of this may actually Women seeking sex tonight Babcock hard to see Posted by Anonymous October 30, Women seeking sex tonight Babcock October 30, 3: I'm not even sure about narcissism being technically a medical condition.

It's true of everyone, especially those who think that they aren't. Buddha was Married lady looking sex tonight Milton a narcissist to a degree -- his reaction to seeing people suffering was to sit under a tree and meditate on what suffering meant to HIM, not try to do what he could to make other people hurt less.

If Buddha hadn't had that degree of narcissism he wouldn't have reacted Wojen thinking about what other people's suffering meant to him, he would have done something about the suffering of other people.

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So really I think if we're honest, we're all narcissists, we're all egotists, etc. So how is that mentally ill?

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It's the human condition. Posted by Pelmeni October 30, 4: October 30, 4: We have been studying Greek myths for sixth-grade English this semester, and I am sure that my pupils will be stoked to realise sec much deeper these myths go than simple tales of Women seeking sex tonight Babcock.

Posted by Dystopia Max October 30, 4: Utterly foolish conclusions from utterly foolish first principles.

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Here's how a real psychologist of Woomen old school would have interpreted that picture:. Am I keeping it real? The white man asks 'Am I a coward?

Am I following my bliss?

Am I a secret racist? The modern psychiatrist blames narcissism because there's no clinical definition for 'vanity' or 'pride' or 'common moral principles. And thus bereft of a foundation all is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

Like Solomon before you, you have personifying ultimate Wisdom in a female avatar and paid the price of Women seeking sex tonight Babcock more and more words on a vaguer and vaguer definition, always chasing, always promising, never actually creating.

Seriously, who loudly petitions a Women seeking sex tonight Babcock of Balance and Rivalry but people who believe in old wives' tales, which by definition are only truly useful Home senior fuck the people they live with and know best?

Ditch this beta tactic and review End of Watch or something with testosterone and the openness and honesty it provides. Posted by Anonymous October 30, 5: October 30, 5: Posted by randy October 30, 6: October 30, 6: