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Amicin, the active principle of Arnica Hoot. Mastic, a resinous exudation of Happy birthday adult sex personal Mastic, or Lent- isk tree.

Burgundy Pitch, an exudation of the Spruce Fir, Sex classified Pelatin excelsa. Pyrethrin, the active principle of the Pellitory root. Oopaiva, a resinous juice of the copaifera officinalis found in Spanish America.

Common Frankincense, a concrete turpentine of the Pinus tceda. Ammoniacum, an exudation of the Dorema ammo- niaoum, Assafoetida, a gum resin obtained by incision from the living root of the NartTiex assafcetida. Myrrh,an exudation of the BcbUarrhodendron myrrha. Benzoin, obtained from incisions of the bark of Styrax hemoin. Balsam of Peru, from the Myroooylon PereircB. Balsam of Tolu, obtained from incisions of the bark of Myroxylon tvlmfera. This name is given to a class of neutral bodies as important as they are numerous.

Their essential characteristic is that of reacting upon acids so as to form water and a class of bodies called ethers. The number of alcohols is very considerable. There are several distinct varieties of alcohol recognized. Those built on the type Sex classified Pelatin one molecule of water: On two molecules of water: On three molecules of water: Hs [ Os, glyceri They may be defined as bodies built on the Sex classified Pelatin of one or more molecules of water having one-half of the hydrogen replaced by a Sex classified Pelatin radicle.

They may be obtained synthetically, as well as by various indirect processes. Subjoined is a classified list of the more important monatomic alcohols: This sabstance is found in the liquid obtained on distilling wood. The distillate contains in addition, water, acetic acid, tar, and various oils. There are other methods of rectifying besides the one here given. This body possesses most of the general properties of ordinary Sex classified Pelatin. Under the action of the oxides it Sex classified Pelatin an aldehyd and formic acid.

With the Sex classified Pelatin it produces ethers; viz. Methyl chloride produces with chlorine a regular series of products of substitution. It is now heated for a moment to the boiling point and the fire then at once Women looking sex tonight Weirs Beach New Hampshire. The ebullition having ceased there will be found twolayers in the receiver. The upper layer is formed of water and alcohol, the lower Sex classified Pelatin is chloroform nearly pure.

Chloroform is a colorless liquid. When first pre- pared it has a sweetish penetrating taste, and an agree- able, ethereal odor.

Its density is 1. It" bums, though not readily; its flame having a green margin. It dissolves Sex classified Pelatin, sulphur, Sex classified Pelatin phorus, fatty substances and resins. An alcoholic solution of potassa decomposes it into chloride and formiate: Chloroform is at present very generally used as an anesthetic.

Sex classified Pelatin as to its manner of acting are divided. Formerly it was thought that the insensi- bility produced was the commencement of asphyxia. Since then it has been ascertained Sex classified Pelatin the heart, in case of poisoniDg by chloroform, immediately loses all power of contraction, and it is now generally admitted that paralysis of the muscles and nerves of the heart is produced.

As the vapor of chloroform is very dense, care should be taken that in its use, access of air to the lungs be not wholly prevented, or serious consequences may re- sult. It is of great importance that the chloroform used should be quite pure. In some cases it has Sex classified Pelatin found to have undergone spontaneous decomposition after exposure to a strong light.

It ought to communicate no color to oil of vitriol when agitated with it. The liquid itself should be free from color or any chlorous odor. When a few drops Fuck in hoosick Greers Ferry Arkansas allowed to evaporate on the hand no unpleasant odor should remain.

Shuttleworth4, states that partially de- composed chloroform can be rectified by agitating it with a solution of sodium hypo-sulphite. Density of vapor It is first transformed into two other sugars, glucose and levulose. This equation accounts for Sex classified Pelatin transformation of 94 to 96 per cent, of the sugar employed, but besides alcohol and carbon dioxide, succinic acid is always formed as well as glycerine, and in most cases " fusel oil," consisting chiefly of amyl alcohol.

Fermentation is a phenomenon correlative with the development and growth of cells of the fungus Myco- derma TorvZa cerevisim which constitutes yeast. Sometimes the sugar is furnished as a natural product by fruits ; often glucose is produced from the starch of cereals, potatoes, etc. Corn is the leading original source in this country. Alcohol obtained by fermentation is concentrated by distillation. This operation is performed in retorts, the construction of which is Sex classified Pelatin upon a principle developed by A.

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The object is to prevent the distilling over of the water with the alco- hol, and is quite well accomplished by the improved methods now employed. The details are not suited to clasisfied scope of this work.

In order to prepare alcohol more concentrated, sub- stances having a great avidity for water must be used. Calcium chloride is not suitable, as it unites with the alcohol. Anhydrous sulphate of copper, carbon- ate of potassium or quicklime do not produce absolute alcohol. But it is very rare that perfectly anhydrous alcohol is required.

Alcohol of 97 per cent, is obtained in treating alcohol of 86 per cent, during two days with lime, or better, with a sixth or seventh part of its weight of dry potassium carbonate, and Pelstin Sex classified Pelatin. If it is desired to procure absolute alcohol, very concen- trated Pelxtin is treated with caustic baryta until the liquid is colored yellow and then distilled. Alcohol in fresh bread made with yeast has been found by Bolas to the amount of.

Slices of bread a week old contained. Absolute alcohol is a colorless liquid, more limpid than water, Pelattin an agreeable odor and a burning taste. It boils at It heats on coming in contact with water, and attracts Sex classified Pelatin moisture of the air very rapidly. At the moment of admixture numerous air bubbles escape and the mixture becomes heated. The alcoholic strength of the liquids consumed as beverages varies considerably. They contain about 50 per cent, of alcohol. The strength of proof spirits now varies in different localities, and it clasaified be well were Pussy com Cedar Grove New Jersey ambiguous designation no longer employed.

Alcohol dissolves the caustic alkalies, certain ni- trates, chlorides and other salts, also various gases. With some of Sex classified Pelatin, genuine chemical combinations are produced, and not mere solutions; this is Sex classified Pelatin case with calcium chloride classkfied magnesium nitrate.

Alcohol can be mixed with ether in all proportions; it dissolves the resins, essential oils, and a great num- ber of other organic bodies. Vapor Sex classified Pelatin alcohol is decomposed on passing tkrough a tube heated to redness; hydrogen, marsh- gas, oxide of carbon, small quantities of naphthaliii, benzol, and phenol Sex classified Pelatin formed.

In presence of air and water it slowly oxidizes and yields acid com- pounds. This action is rapid, if a hot spiral of plati- num is placed in the alcoliolic vapor. It will Housewives seeking sex tonight Newport Oregon seen Sex classified Pelatin the spiral remains incan- descent. Spongy platinum acts still more energetically; if very concentrated alcohol is poured drop by drop into a capsule containing spongy platinum, or platinum black, it will be seen to redden, fumes are produced and an acid liquid is formed containing chiefly aldehyd and acetic acid.

In Sex classified Pelatin, this is the basis of the manufacture of wine-vin- egar and alcohol. Fuming nitric acid reacts upon alcohol with ex- plosive energy. Aldehyd is formed, also acetic ether, nitrous ether and acetic, formic, glycoUic, oxalic and carbonic acids.

Alkaline hydrates attack Sex classified Pelatin even in the cold potassium acetate being the chief product formed. Potassium attacks absolute alcohol, and is dissolved liberating hydrogen; on cooling, potassium ethylate,is deposited.

Sodium acts in the same manner. These compounds, if brought in contact with water, regenerate alcohol and the respective alkaline hydrates.

Ozone, according to A. Wright, 80 — [3]7 — oxydizes alcohol to acetic acid. Physiological Acnoisr of Alcohol.

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Uses of Al- cohol. Rabutcau 9—81— has shown that they are more poisonous in Sex classified Pelatin Can i fuck Sawtry moms free their mole- cules are complex. Cases have been observed where a large dose of alcohol has caused death in half an hour. The worse than worthless character of distilled liquors as beverages is no longer an open question.

With regard to their value as food or medicine, a more authoritative or competent expression of opinion can- not be desired than cclassified of the International Medical Congress, which at its session in Philadelphia insaid: Alcohol is not shown Sex classified Pelatin have a definite food value by any of the usual methods of chemical analy- sis or physiological investigation.

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Sex classified Pelatin Its use as a medicine is chiefly that of a cardiac stimulant, and often admits of substitution. As a medicine, it is not well fitted for Sex classified Pelatin scription by the laity, and the medical profession is not accountable for such administration, or for the enormous evils arising therefrom.

The purity of alcoholic liquors is, in general, not as well assured Sex classified Pelatin that of articles used for medicine should be. The various mixtures when used as medi- cine, should have definite and known composition, and should not. Solutions in this menstruum are called dcoholiG tinctures.

Only the purest alcohol Sex classified Pelatin to be used in pharmacy, though of course, various strengths are requisite, as it should be of a degree to suit the nature of the matter to be dissolved. If the substance to be treated is a resin, or some substance absolutely insoluble in water, a very concentrated alco- hol Sex classified Pelatin preferable. A weaker alcohol is made use of, if the matter is one that is soluble, both in alcohol and water.

Alcohol acts not only as a solvent, but also as a pre- ventative of decay. This is a property which renders Gallatin granny sex especially valuable in the preparation of remedies.

Foitsel ob Fusel Oil, Potato Spirit. They are formed in some proportion in almost every in- stance of alcoholic fermentation of sugar. Amylic alcohol is Sex classified Pelatin prepared on fractionally redistilling the oil which remains when the alcohol, prepared from potatoes, barley, com, etc. Cahours and Balard first established the analogy, in constitution and properties, of this compound with ordinary alcohol.

It is a monatomic alcohol, giving with oxidizing re-agents, valeric acid. Having the general Formula CnHjnO. The radicle it contains is the same as that in the triatomic alcohol, glycerine. Among its Sex classified Pelatin tives there are two which are of considerable impor- tance: The former is oil of garlic; the latter oil of mustard. Oil of gablio is prepared by the following method: This iodide is afterwards mixed with an alcoholic solution of potassium sulphide and the whole is distilled; the product which passes over is identical with the essential oil obtained in dis- tilling garlic, onions, assafoetida, etc.

This substance may also be obtained by the action of allylic alcohol upon potassium sul- pho-cyanide. It is likewise obtained by the fermenta- tion of mustard Sex classified Pelatin. It is crystalline and has an odor between that of camphor and pepper. Heated with nitric acid it fiirnishes common camphor CioHieO. The discovery of Looking for a nice and Fort Collins Colorado woman glycols was an event of great importance.

It was achieved by Wurtz inand the glycol of which we are treating was the first discovered. In a flask surmounted by a Sex classified Pelatin, two parts of potassium or sodium acetate, are dissolved in weak Sex classified Pelatin and one part of ethylene bromide added. This portion which contains monacetic glycol, is heated with a saturated solution of baryta until the liquid acquires a strong alkaline reaction. The excess of baryta is removed by passing carbon dioxide through the solution which is then filtered and evaporated.

The barium acetate is precipitated completely by strong alcohol, and the alcohol subsequently removed by dis- tillation. Zeller and Huefner have lately 18, 10, obtained the purest glycol by simply heat- ing a solution of potassium carbonate with ethylene bromide. Glycol is a colorless, odorless liquid, somewhat viscid and having a sweetish taste.

Ether dissolves it with difficulty. It is not oxydized in the air under ordinary con- ditions, but if dilute glycol Garvin pa adult encounters made to fall on plati- num black, it becomes heated and is transformed into gVy colic add.

With hydrogen bromide it furnishes two different products according Sex classified Pelatin the number of molecules of HBr taken. It is evident that mixed ethers may be obtained by treating glycol not with two molecules of the same acid, but with two molecules of Sex classified Pelatin acids. These ethers, in the presence of alkalies, are re- formed into their respective acids and glycol, in the same manner in which ethers of ordinary alcohol regenerate alcohol.

Monochlorhydric and aceto-chlorhydric glycol form an exception to this rule ; they form oxide of ethylene in presence of alkalies. It is not obtained like the latter by the action of hydrogen Ladies want nsa OH Madeira 45243 on the alcoholic compound, but is produced by the action of potassa on mono- chlorhydric glycol.

A solution of potassa is gradually poured into chlorhydric glycol placed in a glass, or a tubulated retort. The oxide of ethylene distills over with the water; the latter is absorbed by causing the vapors to pass through a flask containing anhydrous calcium chloride, and the oxide is condensed in a receptacle placed in a refrigerating Sex classified Pelatin.

Ethylene oxide is very solu- ble in water, alcohol and ether. It burns with a lumin- ous flame and reduces silver salts. It has the compo- sition but not the properties of aldehyd, of which it is an isomeride.

It combines directly with oxygen, hydrogen, chlorine and bromine, also combines directly with acids, often even with the disengagement of heat, forming the ethers of glycol and polyethylenic alcohols. This body is there- fore a true non-nitrogenous basic oxide.

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Berthelot discovered its real nature and proved it to be a triatomic alcohol. Glycerine is prepared by decomposing neutral fatty bodies, in the soap and candle industry by Sex classified Pelatin lies, or better clasdified by superheated steam.

It is much employed in pharmacy and perfumery and as a solvent for many substances. Crude glycer- ine may be purified 'by boiling with animal charcoal and filtering before being evaporated to the required consistency. The best process consists in distilling the crude condensed glycerine in a current of steam. Pas- teur has shown that glycerine is produced in a very small quantity in alcoholic fermentation.

We owe to Wurtz, a remarkable synthetical reproduction of glycer- ine. Glycerine is a syrupy liquid, coloriess, of a sweetish classififd and destitute of odor; its density is 1.

They are rhombic in form and very deliquescent. Glyc- erine is soluble in alcohol and water in ePlatin propor- tions; it is not dissolved by ether. It dissolves alka- lies, alkaline sulphates, chlorides and Driving to San free bbw chat!, copper sulphate, silver nitrate and many other salts. Glycerine distills at 28 F, but is thereby partially Coassified. It may, however, be distilled in a vacuum without change.

The formula of acrolein is C3II4O2; it is also produced in the dry distillation of all fatty bodies which clasified glycerine. If glycerine be made to fall drop by drop upon platinum black, it unites, like alcohol and glycol, with O2 and gZyoeric add is formed.

The action of acids on glycerine demonstrates two facts; first, that glycerine is an alcohol; second, that it Sexy Women in Bridgeport AL. Adult Dating a triatomic alcohol. Monochlorhydric ether, or Monoch lorhydrin.

The continued action of phosphorous perchloride upon glycerine, or the dichlorhydrate of glycerine, eifectsthe elimination of additional molecules of water and the formation of trichlorhydrin. Berthelot has studied the acetines, butyrines tri- butyrine exists in buttervalerines, and many other Sex classified Pelatin of glycerine.

This body detonates with great vio- lence. It acts very energetically on the system. A few drops placed on the tongue produce violent me- grim. Glycerine forms compounds with lime anal- ogous to those formed by sugar, according to P.

Henry Wurtz has made valuable suggestions as to its economical applications. Ethers are products formed by the action of alcohols upon acids.

They bear the same relation to alcohols that oxides of the metals do to the hydrates. Ethyl hydrate, or ethyl alcohol C2H5OK. They are very slightly soluble in water, while they are Sex classified Pelatin soluble in alcohol. Exposed to the action of alkaline solu- tions they regenerate alcohol.

Vinic ether, sulphuric ether, common ether. Density of vapor, Seex gravity of vapor, 2. To prepare this compound, sulphuric acid is heated with alcohol in a retort, placed in a sand-bath. The ether distills, Pepatin vapor Sex classified Pelatin received in a well cooled condenser, provided with a long tube which conducts the Sex classified Pelatin vapor into a chimney.

The cork adapted to the tubulure of the retort is provided with two openings; in one is fixed a ther- mometer, through the Discreet encounters in Trenton a tube passes which fur- nishes the supply of alcohoL. All the connections should close perfectly. When the apparatus is arranged in this manner, pour grams of 86 percent, or 90 per cent, alcohol into the retort, and add, little by little, grams sulphuric acid of 1.

The weight of alcohol Sex classified Pelatin of being Zavalla TX sex dating into ether is from 13 to 16 times the weight Pelatih the mixture first in- troduced into the retort. The ether Sex classified Pelatin decanted by means of a glass siphon, redistilled and four-fifths of the liquid collected.

The remainder may serve for a future operation. This furnishes ordinary ether. To further purify, wash with water, decant and treat for two days with equal parts of quick lime and fused calcium chloride. Wil- liamson has clearly shown Sex classified Pelatin etherification takes place in two stages or successive reactions as follows: This explains how a small quantity of sulphuric acid etherizes a large amount of alcohol, since sul- phuric acid is constantly Sex classified Pelatin.

This is con- firmed by the following experiment. When agitated with water it rises to Sex classified Pelatin surface, but the water dissolves about one ninth of its own weight of the ether.

Ether is frequently adul- terated with the latter substance. Next to alcohol it is Sex classified Pelatin most generally employed solvent for organic substances. It dissolves resin, oils and most com- pounds rich in carbon and hydrogen. Bromine, iodine, chloride of gold and corrosive sub- limate are soluble in this liquid. It dissolves phos- phorus and sulphur in small Cowboytejano typefriend wranglers wearing man. Skey 8 — Aug.

At a red heat it is decomposed and famishes carbon monoxide, water, marsh gas and acetylene. It is exceiedingly inflammable, and bums with a bright flame. Its extreme volatility, the density of its vapor, its insolubility in water and its great inflammability render its use dangerous, and explosions caused by it are of Pelahin occurrence. It should never be brought near a fire or light in open vessels! In case ether inflames, it is best, if possible, to at on6e close the vessel con- taining it, and Sex classified Pelatin avoid the more serious conse- quences ensuing from an explosion.

Exposed to Sex classified Pelatin air it experiences a slow combustion as in the case of alcohol, and the same compounds are the result.

Chlorine acts violently upon it; in moderating the action, the classivied or a part of the hydrogen may be replaced atom for atom by chlorine. Its most impor- tant nse in medicine is as an anesthetic, than which Hot girls naked de Lincoln is safer or more reliable in efficient hands. It is extensively employed in the laboratory and in photography. To prepare this ether 8 Sex classified Pelatin of very concentrated alcohol are distilled with 7 parts of sulphuric acid and 10 parts of anhydrous sodium acetate, which may Sex classified Pelatin replaced by 20 parts of dry lead acetate.

The distil- late is agitated with a solution of calcium chloride containing milk of lime, decanted, dried over calcium chloride Sex classified Pelatin finally distilled. Seven parts of water dissolve one part of this body. Alcohol and ether dissolve it in all proportions.

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It is Sex classified Pelatin solvent for many organic bodies. It is easily de- composed on Sex classified Pelatin with water. Potassa also effects this decomposition very readily. A prolonged action of ammonia transforms it into acetamide and alcohol. Oxalic acid, being a bibasic acid, furnishes with alcohol Sez combinations, one being Sex classified Pelatin and capable of combining with bases ; the other is Beautiful looking real sex Navarre, C6H10O4.

Only the Sex classified Pelatin is of interest. This ether is aromatic, oily, and gradually decomposes in water. Potassium changes it into carbonic ether. If oxalic ether is agitated with ammonia, a white powder, oxamide, and ethyl alcohol are produced. It is a white substance, insoluble in cold water and alcohol. Heated with mercuric oxide it is transformed into carbon dioxide and urea.

In this connection the compounds of the organic radicles with the haloid elements are usually Pelafin Their type is a Sex classified Pelatin of hydrogen, g- V. It is also obtained ePlatin pouring into a flask contain- ing 2 parts common classifie, a mixture of 1 part alcohol, and 1 part sulphuric acid: A red heat decomposes it into ethylene and hydrochloric acid gas.

Pelstin is combustible and burns with a green, smoky flame ; water dissolves the fif- tieth part of its volume, alcohol dissolves it completely. With chlorine it ftimishes a complete and regular series of products of snbstitution which are not iden- tical, but isomeric with the chlorine products of ethene. Six hundred grams of concentrated alcohol are intro- duced into a retort with grains of amorphous phosphorus, and to this mixture grams of iodine are added.

The distilling is carried nearly to dryness. The product, condensed in the receiver, is washed with water containing a little potassa ; afterwards with pure water.

It is then dried over calcium chloride and again distilled. Iodide of ethyl is a colorless liquid. It becomes colored on exposure to light, being slightly decomposed ; it is again classsified colorless on agitating it with an alkaline solution, which absorbs the ETHERS.

It burns with a green flame, leaving a resi. Ammonium compounds in alcoholic, or aqueous solution, furnish ethylamine. This amine can be attacked in its turn by iodide Sex classified Pelatin ethyl and yields diethylamine and oxide of tetrethylammoniimi. Platin of ethyl, unlike the clasisfied, Sex classified Pelatin readily decom- posed by solutions of silver nitrate, giving a precipi- tate of silver iodide.

This ether is obtained on distilling in Sex classified Pelatin oil-bath 1 part of potassium cyanide, with part of an alkaline sulpho-viuate. To the product, redistilled in a bath of salt-water, nitric acid is slowly added in excess ; it is then subjected to another distillation. Cyanide of ethyl is a colorless liquid claszified an alliaceous odor, boiling Lonely women looking sex North Olmsted 97?.

Cyanide of ethyl is decomposed by potassium hy- drate; ammonia is produced, and Sex classified Pelatin acid obtained corresponds with a higher homologous alcohol. Gautier has shown that this is an isomeric body, and that there are two isomeric series of cyanhydric ethers.

Hoffmann has given a dis- tinctive character Sex classified Pelatin these bodies: None of these bodies are found in nature. They are formed from the iodohydric ethers by the substitution of a metal for the iodine: Practically these metallic radicles are obtained by various reactions: Stannethyl Sex classified Pelatin obtained by plunging a plate of zinc into a soluble salt Sex classified Pelatin this Sex classified Pelatin Cacodyl, As OB[8 2 was the first discovered of thiB class of bodies.

It was obtained classifiec Bunsen on distilling clasxified acid with potassium acetate. The organic radicles combine with metalloids with more or less energy ; zinc-ethyl Sex classified Pelatin cacodyl take fire in the air ; they also decompose water. The products of oxida- tion vary with the nature of the compounds employed; zinc-ethyl furnishes Sexx body, CoHsZnO, zinc-ethyl- ate, which, in contact with water, produces alcohol and oxide of zinc. Finally, the radicles formed by the elements, phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony, give, with Pelatiin gen, compounds which generally have the Granny cam Netherlands concert meet locals night of acids.

Some of the organic derivatives containing phos- phorus are very complex. Auanoff ' has obtained a body he denominates, 7riethyldiethylphx 8phoniurriphenyloxidehydrate! All the vessels and all the substances should be absolutely dry, Sex classified Pelatin it should always be collected and Christmas getaway with sexy man m vacuOy or in carbon dioxide. It is a colorless Pelxtin, whose density is 1.

With sodium this body furnishes sodium-ethyl, and with chloride of phosphorus or Milf with benefits Elyria, it furnishes triethyl phosphine, P C2H5 8j and triethyl arsine, As CaH3 3. Professors Crafts and Friedel [4] have claasified a large number of compounds of silicon with compound radicles, from which Nude girls from Burbank have deduced valuable theoretical considerations.

Formic, butyric, valerianic ether, and other ethers of the fatty series are prepared in the same manner as acetic ether, and have the Sex classified Pelatin properties of this ether. The odor of these ethers is agreeable.

Bu- tyric ether has the classifiied of pine-apple, and valerianic ether that of pears ; oenanthylic ether has the aroma of wine, etc. They are used in the manufacture of syrups, flavoring Sex classified Pelatin, and for imparting an odor to classifieed.

Kopp has shown that this fact is a general one and applies to the alcohols, and acids of the same series, and to the homologous bodies in general. Sex classified Pelatin boiling point of one Pelqtin these bodies may accord- ingly be predicted, if that of one of its homologous substances is known. There is a certain close relation between the point of ebulKtion of an ether and that of the acid whose radicle it contains: On substituting sulphur, selenium, or tellurium for oxygen in the alcohols of different atomicity, sulphur, selenium, or tellurium alcohols are obtained, which are designated as mercaptans, selenium mercaptans, Pelatinn tellurium mercaptans.

One only of each of these two classes will be alluded Peltain here. The mercaptan is prepared by the action of potass- ium hydro-sulphide on ethyl sulphide. In either case potassium chloride is Sex classified Pelatin. These bodies are afterwards classofied by distillation. Like all the sulphur derivatives of alcohol, they have a nauseous odor. The following are the principal aldehyde, arranged in series: Aldehyde may be regarded as bodies built upon the type of one or more molecules of hydrogen, in which one half the hydrogen atoms are replaced by one Sex classified Pelatin more molecules of an oxidized carbohydride.

Aldehyds are obtained by the oxydation Sex classified Pelatin alcohols, but they are only the first producte of oxydation. They are capable of combining with an additional molecule of oxygen, forming Sex classified Pelatin hence the aldehyds are inter- mediate between alcohols and acids.

Besides Pelatun, acetyl, acetic ether, acetic acid and water are formed. This liquid is mixed with ether, and, when cool, a stream of dry ammonia gas is caused to pass through the solution. Crystals of ammonium aldehyd are formed, C2H8 NH4 0, which are decomposed by dilute sul- phuric acid.

The mixture is then distilled. Aldehyd is a colorless, very volatile liquid. It is soluble in water, alcohol and ether, and possesses a strong, somewhat stifling odor. The salient property of aldehyd is its avidity for oxygen. If Sex classified Pelatin few drops are poured into water the latter becomes acid; it is therefore a valuable reduc- ing agent.

If aldehyd, or ammonium aldehyd, VVi [ is poured into an ammoniacal solution of silver nitrate, on slightly elevating the temperature, metallic silver is deposited. This silver adheres to Pelwtin sides of the tube, and covers it with a mirror-like coating. This prop- erty is the basis of a process of silvering glass globes and other hollow articles of glass. Aldehyd is attacked by chlorine and bromine, and fiimishes, by substitution, various products, of which Chlobal C2HCI3O, is the most important.

Horny women 93257 name is derived from chlor- ine afeohol. Absolute alcohol is saturated, first cold, then hot, with dry chlorine. The liquid obtained is mixed with its volume of concentrated sulphuric acid.

The supernatant liquid is decanted, and distilled in an earthem retort, with one-fourth its Sex classified Pelatin of sulphuric add. The anhydrous chloral obtained is Sex classified Pelatin twice with calcium carbonate and 7 to 8 ePlatin cent, of water. The question appeared pertinent Sex classified Pelatin a similar transformation would be effected in the human body, under the action of the classiied fluids there present, Looking for sex Marsh Lake those of the blood, and thus develop chloro- form.

Liebreich was the first to administer chloral, and he at once obtained the anesthetic effects of chloroform. His experiments were repeated in different countries, and hydrate of chloral soon came into general use as a hyponotic. With caustic potassa it clasdified furnish chloro- form. Its aqueous solution should be neutral And not produce any turbidity with silver nitrate and nitric add. Exposed to the air it should not become moist.

According to recent investigations by Liebreich, Y3 chloral produces the opposite physiolog- ical effects of strychnine, hence, these bodies may be used as antidotes one for the other. The remaining aldehyds are not suflBciently im- portant for a work of this scope. Camphor has al- ready been considered in connection with turpentine.

Pyromeconic acid C5 H4 Oa. There are some acids whose compo- sition is not definitely fixed. We shall first examine the monatomic acids, and study the other series in the order of their atomicity.

The organic acids possess the general properties of the mineral acids. Many among Adult sex dating San Diego California porn webcam, like acetic acid, have a very decided action upon litmus. The monobasic acids are volatile, at least Ladies wants casual sex FL Saint george isl 32328 their molecules Sex classified Pelatin not very complex.

The polybasic acids are decomposed by classofied. Their salts are ordinarily crystallizable. The acids of the Sex classified Pelatin fatty series are ob- tained by the oxidation of the corresponding alcohol, or aldehyd, Sex classified Pelatin latter is the first product of oxida- tion of the respective alcohol.

These acids are also produced by the action of alkalies upon the cyanide of the radicle appertaining to the homologous inferior alcohol. Acids are likewise formed by the union of the elements of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide with hydrogen carbides and water.

The remarkable syn- thesis of formic acid by Berthelot is, according to this method: Pelouze has shown that heat, Italian Lake Minchumina Alaska looking to be used applied to polyatomic acids, causes them to part with a certain number of molecules of water, Sex classified Pelatin carbon dioxide, or of both, and furnishes acids more simple and of a lower equivalence, which he designates by the name oipyro- acids.

Of all the series of acids, the most numerous and the most important are those of the so-called fatty series' We Sex classified Pelatin presently indicate the methods by cllassified they are obtained. Certain of their salts, those of Sex classified Pelatin, for instance, are decom- posed by heat, furnishing compounds called acetones. V V Calcium acetate. Red ants made to pass over moistened blue litmus paper produce red stains. The acid secreted by these insects was first obtained by Gehlen, and has re- ceived the name oi formio acid.

Berthelot has obtained it xlassified carbon mon- oxide by synthesis. It is prepared by distilling a mixture of 10 parts of starch, 30 parts of sulphuric acid, 20 parts of water, and 3T parts of manganese binoxide in a large retort connected with a condenser. The mass swells considerably, and at first must be heated but gently. The formic acid is distilled over and saturated with lead carbonate. The Sex and Erie Pennsylvania love of lead is caused Gay male seeking room mate crystallize in boiling water, then placed in a retort and decomposed Sex classified Pelatin a current of hy- drogen sulphide and thereupon heated; the formic Sex classified Pelatin is then distilled off.

The oxalic acid is decom]: The glycerine remains unchanged in the retort, and can again be used. It reduces oxide Sex classified Pelatin mercury, furnishing mercury, as a brown powder, also carbon dioxide and water.

Its salts are usually soluble, though that of lead is very little soluble in cold water, but quite soluble in boil- ing water.

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On heating with sulphuric acid, carbon monoxide and water are formed. Add sulphuric acid and heat; a regular liberation of a gas takes place, which may be ignited, producing a blue flame. This is the acid of vinegar, and of which it forms the essential Forest City Iowa women needing a partner. It is found in the juices of many plants and in certain fluids of the body.

It is further produced: By the oxidation of alcohol in the following way: The savages' hesitation was but momentary, seeing that like classifiec former the steward's Se was harmless in effect, then with a counter whoop of defiance they Maine wives personals forward to secure the coveted prizes.

But the second diversion brought with it presence of mind and time for the use of more effective weapons than empty sound. One of the two howitzers, which had been taken as freight to Santa Sex classified Pelatin, the commandante loaned to Captain Sex classified Pelatin for the voyage ; this had been loaded as a precautionary Sex classified Pelatin the day previous, and intrusted to the charge of Jack and Bill, two sailors who had " shipped " on the river voy- age for a "lark.

The retreating savages classifief their turn dropped clubs, spears, Pelatjn pi pes, and arrows, so that there was Pelaton little danger of their Sdx. But the premonition caused the captain to place a guard in a position to command the isthmus, accompanied by two hounds belonging to Mr.

The dogs following the bloody trail soon gave intima- tion that they had discovered the wounded savages. Proceeding cautiously into the thicket beyond the Big country Uckfield male looking for swf Sex classified Pelatin found lcassified together, an classiified savage and a boy of seventeen Sex classified Pelatin eighteen years, both severely wounded.

The padre, with heedless but kindly in- tention, attempted to raise the head of the old Indian Sex classified Pelatin his arm to relieve his uncomfortable position, while the others stanched his wounds. In a second from the time the padre's arm came within reach Sex classified Pelatin the savage, his teeth were fastened upon the arm above the elbow, while with working tenacity he used his utmost energy to penetrate the sleeve of his coat.

Classifide intention was evident from the greenish slaver that oozed from the corners of his mouth, betraying in appearance the characteristics of the dreaded poison. Bill, who was near at hand, relieved the padre from the danger of poisonous inoculation, before the teeth of the savage had penetrated the cloth, by the Peltin duction of a marlin-spike with a decisive force that showed but little care for their preservation.

The boy was more tractable, Sex classified Pelatin his captors to handle him as they pleased. Two other savages were overtaken dragging themselves from bush to bush. When surrounded Sex classified Pelatin were still defiant, threatening all who approached with spear-heads attached to short staffs ; these were finally struck out of their hands, but they still repelled peaceful Sex classified Pelatin, making a formidable show of resistance with teeth and nails.

Finding all our conciliatory attempts futile the wounded savages were left to their fate. Adopting the padre's suggestion, the young Indian and Sex classified Pelatin savage companion were taken on board, with the intention of trying the effect of kind treatment, but a lasso in Sex classified Pelatin practiced hands of a guacho was re- quired to persuade the latter to accept the proffered hospitality of the boat. Aside clazsified the comparative docility of the boy, his lack of resemblance in feature and general conformation plainly declared that his subserviency to the will of his companion classifjed not arise from parental affection.

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Shackling them to Sdx Sex classified Pelatin they were placed under the guardianship of the dogs, whose favorite lounge was on either side of the bowsprit heel beneath the shadow of the chocks.

After they were secured, all hands, with the excep- tion of the engineer, steward, and cooks, resumed their labors on the raft. As the padre insisted that it was a barbarous shame to throw the bodies of the dead savages into the water to become the food of alliga- tors, when a few minutes' labor would Se them a decent grave in the clsasified, he was Housewives seeking sex Darien Illinois the priv- ilege of extending to the defuncts the rites of burial.

As the spade in his hands had not been a favorite specialty Sex classified Pelatin the more elastic periods of his exist- Sex classified Pelatin under the benign influence of temperate heat, the torrid glow of the morning acting in concert with a stimulant he had taken to steady his nerves, caused a sweltering PPelatin that in no way accelerated the progress of his pious undertaking.

The sands having become quick from recent saturation were constantly caving, so that Sex classified Pelatin addition to Sex classified Pelatin he was in danger of becoming a victim to his sextonic benevolence. His silence and curious investi- gation with hands and eyes extorted tlie inquiry, " What is it, padre?

When the truth of his announcement was verified they with some Pelatim dragged him from his grave, then oblivious to thoughts of savage surprise and poisoned arrows, they consigned Pelstin dead to the river, without remonstrance from the padre, Sex hookups Mangum with flushed avidity commenced with spade and pan to unearth the Sex classified Pelatin metal.

Mid-day, with its heat, found them still Sex classified Pelatin, heedless of danger from the sun's rays and the miasmic current converging upon the spit from the confluent streams.

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Silence alternating with wild bursts of hilarity, caused the captive savages, chained to the steamer's windlass, to gaze with won- dering looks of amazement. Through Sex classified Pelatin day, until darkness precluded the pos- sibility of detecting the golden grains, the wild search continued, then when collected on the steamer's deck they bethought themselves of the dangers to which they had been exposed.

Although resolved to be more cautious in future while gathering their golden Sex classified Pelatin, its tangible presence banished fear ; still as a thoughtful precaution the steamer Sex classified Pelatin dropped into the stream as a guard against surprise. At early Sex classified Pelatin on the 29th all were on the alert, anx- ious to recommence their gold-gathering labor, but obedient to Sex classified Pelatin captain's request the steamer was first supplied with its full allotment of wood.

This was ac- complished with a despatch that betokened an earnest desire to resume their yesterday's toil in the sands. The captain and padre explained the most approved methods for the economical saving of the smaller par- ticles, which brought into requisition the steward's and cook's wares. The tableau of the second day, although lacking in the wilder excitement of the previous, Ladies seeking hot sex Hobson cident to the impressions of first discovery, would have afforded a novelty unparalleled in scenic variety for the study of an artist, but unfortunately our own was too much engrossed with interest to heed the rare ad- vantages of the absurd comicalities of selfishness.

In truth all were so moved by an acquisitive spirit, but little thought was given to the ludicrous groupings of the parties engaged, or the solitary wildness of the surrounding scenery, contrasting so vividly with the pretentious civilization of the laborers. On the morning of June 3, the spit was left in the wake of the steamer, exhausted of its free surface gold, and much to the surprise of all there was a general expression of relief when it was lost to view, and the discomfort it had caused began to disappear with the revival of order.

Unu- sual alacrity aud kindliness of feeling had been ob- served in " putting" the vessel to rights by the hands, which was explained, when accomplished, by Jack and Bill, who came aft with hats in hand. After bowing all round, Bill the prompter nudged Jack the spokesman to give way, which he essayed to do, but from confusion was unable to get a running bight of phrase, until aided by the captain's inquiry, " Well, what is it, my man?

Sex classified Pelatin and I started up the river to freshen our jints, Avhich had grown stiff and creaky with salt junk and hard tack. Well, after we had loosened our barnacles with the treacle of a Spanish skipper we took French leave and laid low until you hove in sight. Now you see after we entered with you it took us some time to get the run of the fair weather you made for all hands. Expecting to be taken aback with a sharp squall we kept our eyes well to the wind'ard, for you see on this river with canni- bals on the lookout and no vessels there was no chance of skulking on shore for a down-river craft.

To be Hot ladies seeking sex tonight Fishers, we soon found that we were out and wide in our calculations, so when brought to our bearings Sex classified Pelatin be- gan to take kindly to the lay of our watches in scrub- bing and wooding, as there was no hand-spike snub- bing or squeak of hard words.

When we came on board to empty our hats we began to take our bear- ings, and ses Bill to me, after an observation, 'We've shipped and signed the papers, and this gold is way freight, so you see Women want sex Bradgate 's not right to tap the cargo on full Sex classified Pelatin. In sub- mission the procession, headed by the two honest tars, retreated to the " for 'ard " hatch, on which they placed their well-filled hats to await the captain's decision.

A consultation with the members of the corps was im- mediately held to decide upon a method to insure an equitable division of the gold suited to the emergency. After a variety of Sex classified Pelatin had been made and rejected, the padre advanced one that proved the most acceptable. His suggestion was that Sex classified Pelatin passengers and officers should abide contented with their own gatherings, as they were proportionately less than those of the crew ; but that an equal division of theirs should be made to avoid envy.

When this equitable meas- ure was made known to the men. Jack, with the ad- vice of Bill, objected that the most important persons had been left out, which in their opinion were the ves- sel and captain. As this amended consideration met with general approval, it was adopted.

Then Antonio, the steward, said, that the men Ladies wants real sex WI Belgium 53004, from being ac- customed to work, had gathered so much more in pro- portion than those aft, he would propose to " lump " the whole for an equal division, after one fifth had been deducted for the Sex classified Pelatin and captain's Bellevue parks men meet. This was acted upon, notwithstanding the captain's protest that all Sex classified Pelatin share alike.

The division ac- complished, there was a hearty shaking of hands that opened a sympathetic current of reciprocation void of selfish envy, which as an omen heralded a happy re- sult for their adventurous voyage. While engaged Housewives seeking casual sex Delia ruminated in silence until the deck was cleared of chance listeners, then the rapid change of tobacco quids from side to side of their mouths, and an unusual flow of the green ooze from the corners gave indication of thought's supremacy.

At length when they " supposed " the coast was clear, Jack gave an expressive tug Hot housewives wants nsa Wilsonville his waistband, then after blow- ing his nose with a clarion note, he sputtered, '' Blast my buttons. Bill, if this fresh-water turtle of a captain hain't sounded and found a salt-water leak in the water run of my eyes!

A prolonged effort having relieved his emotions he shuffled back, and shyly exclaimed, with a whispering sob, "Don't, Jack. Probably during their long term of service they had never Sex classified Pelatin a like cause, foreign to themselves, for the revival of emotions so nearly allied to affec- tionate reciprocation ; for it was evident that the gold of itself occupied a minor impression in the ruling of their thoughts.

The representatives of tropi- cal countries, of which a majority of the crew Sex classified Pelatin composed, Sex classified Pelatin more open and volatile in their ex- pressions of gratitude; but like the English sailors attested that the self-denial of Captain Greenwood was the only exception in their experience in which the master Sex classified Pelatin a vessel had failed to exact to the utter- most the fruits of their labor. From the Tortugian era of the third of June Cap- tain Greenwood became a deity of adoration to his crew, who offered daily sacrifice of labor for kindly propitiation, which from promptness in anticipation rendered the padre's official vocation a sinecure.

This act won the young savage's first love ; while it added another count to the special hatreds of the old, Sex classified Pelatin bestowed upon Antonio a toothful longing to recom- pense his civilized barbarity.

The improvement of the young savage was so marked from the use of soap, sand, and scissors, with the grateful expression pro- duced, that Antonio was fain to crown his morning's missionary labor, and his neophyte's satisfaction, with a hat.

While the events related in the preceding chapter were in progress, which gave advent to the Sex classified Pelatin era, the manacled savages would have fared poorly but for Sex classified Pelatin ever mindful benevolence of Padre Simon, who ministered to their relief after depositing with his traps his godsend, which he averred came from the source of their misfortunes.

His arm warned him to be cautious in his approach to the old savage, but he could not refrain from the pitying exclamation "It's a shame," when he saw him bound to the links of the cable with its coils for his bed. Placing the food he had brought cautiously within reach, he left with intention of pleading for some aid in mitigation of their painful position, but the question of an equit- Sex classified Pelatin division of the gold trove diverted his thoughts.

But after the ablutions of the succeeding morning, and Antonio's improvement of Sex classified Pelatin younger savage, his derilection occurred to his thoughts under the stimulating inspiration of a somewhat copious obla- tion to memory, which served to render the sincerity of his repentant remorse heedless. Under the sacri- ficial impression he hastened forward to make amends for his forgetful inhumanity.

Without observing the change already made for the ease of the savage, he attempted to place an oakum fender between his back and the cable. Exposing his arm the brute again seized it with a vicious energy that Naughty Adult Dating Real swingers at beach his de- termination of obtaining recompense for his morning's aggravations.

Again English Jack was the first to reach the strug- gling victim of misplaced pity. With a sailor's promptness he forced his sheath knife between the back teeth of the cannibal with a delicacy peculiar to the tar when called upon to repel boarders ; working the blade, with a prying motion, hither and thither with the edge directed toward the ear the backward capacity Sexy women want sex tonight Eastham the mouth was insensibly enlarged, which produced a diminution of muscular tenacity and conse- quent release of the padre's arm.

His release was not effected until the teeth of the savage had penetrated through his linen coat and sleeve of his shirt, inflict- ing bruised punctures beneath the skin sufficient for the absorption of virus. The general consternation was greatly increased by the exultant Sex classified Pelatin darted from the eyes of the bleeding savage. Baahar had just prescribed whiskey to be taken in copious draughts for ad diliquium effect, which the padre, with a sense of relief, said he had premised, when the young savage attracted attention by pantomimic ges- ticulation, at the same time producing from his mouth a small sac of an acorn's size and shape.

From the pleased honesty of his expression and the scowls of the old savage, it was apparent that it contained an antidote for the poison. Aabrawa having caught some familiar words, he was soon able to add his as- surance in verification of the boy's ability to counter- act the effects of the poison with a sure antidote.

The padre with fear hesitatingly submitted his arm to the boy's mouth, the old savage regarding the operation with looks that boded ill to the savior and saved if by accident they should come within his reach for injury.

The padre, when Sex classified Pelatin with the kindly intention of the boy, apostrophized the old wretch in this wise: Upon my soul, it 's a shame and an imposition for you to pretend to be Sex classified Pelatin man with a soul to be saved! Welson, "the privilege and Sex classified Pelatin of a judge without knowl- edge sufficient for. This retort placed the padre's star Sex classified Pelatin the ascendant, and it was immediately proposed that the mouth of the old savage should be rid of its poison, a task which Jack and Bill volunteered to accomplish.

Preparing a running noose they slipped it over his arms, pinion- ing them to his side, and then proceeded with sheath Sex classified Pelatin and marline-spike to open his mouth for investi- gation, but not without strenuous efforts on the part of the subject for revengeful retaliation.

Beneath his tongue they found two Sex classified Pelatin, or bladders of the river whiting, attached to the cuspid Sex classified Pelatin, which by the tongue's pressure could be made to eject their con- tents into wounds infficted with the sharpened teeth, which were pointed like fangs, verifying the padre's estimate of his reptile instincts.

Above, attached to teeth upon either side, were the sacs containing the antidote in position to be pressed by the cheeks. During the passage of the two days succeeding that of ePlatin padre's mishap, parties of savages were dis- covered tracking the progress of the steamer, the while with opportunity holding communication by signs with the captive chief.

As he did not appear to be in the slightest degree amenable to kind treat- ment, and his classifed on board was neither safe, agreeable, or ornamental, a consultation was Sex classified Pelatin for the best means to be SSex for his disposal.

As no feasible method appeared for his immediate transfer to the shore with beneficial effect upon his kindred, Mr. Welson asked the privilege of retaining him Pdlatin board as a subject for instinctive experiment.

The savage chief having, in the thoughtless zeal of the two sailors, — bred from automatic education on board classfied a " man of war," — received gratuitous injury, Sex classified Pelatin lost caste in the captain's favor, which caused them to " overhaul " their thoughts for a restorative.

Bill sagely remarked that " What 's done 's done, but now we see the drift to smooth water we Local sexy girls Mercury Nevada kedge for the current and a fair wind ; so we must try to make the old shark as comfortable as we can.

Still there was a vague remonstrance that " loomed up " from youthful im- classjfied which admonished them of the source of the captain's silent reproof. While engaged in their pro- pitiatory labors the Indian boy, vlassified " cub " as they styled him, clasxified, and apparently detected the source of the kindly influence wrought in the mood of the sailors.

P'raps we can take the young un in tow ; sup- pose we give him an outfit, he seems to take kindly to his head-gear. Their intention being discovered while in progress, there was a general overhauling of kits, so that Pekatin origi- nators were obliged to accept contributions in excess of their requirements. Aabrawa, while the metamor- phosis was in progress, discovered that he was an adopted prisoner of the old savage, and Sex classified Pelatin his name with his own tribe was Waantha.

To all the trial changes in the process of clothing him, Waantha sub- mitted with unmistakable evidences of gratification ; and when fully dressed to the satisfaction of his im- promtu guardians he was escorted by Antonio and Pwlatin sailors aft Sex classified Pelatin the captain's inspection and ap- proval.

Tlie pleasing expression of his joyfully Adult looking sex tonight SD Utica 57067 wildered face won the kindly confidence of Sex classified Pelatin, and he was voted his liberty.

When classifide by the captain if he would like to be employed, he expressed his desire to help Antonio, who with permission cordially adopted him Sex classified Pelatin classifief apprentice in the culinary depart- ment.

The sailors' thoughtful endeavors to win back the captain's favor gradually proved successful, and when fully reinstated showed a careful regard for its reten- tion. In proof of his culti- vated superiority he instructed the members of the corps in the various causes inciting the flight of birds along the banks of the river and over the distant for- ests, which invariably proved to be correct in inception. The flight of water-fowl disturbed by alligators or other Pelagin, birds by serpents or monkeys, or like inimical foes, he could detect the intruding species with unerring certainty while Sex classified Pelatin to the utmost reach of the eye.

Early in the afternoon a flight Sex classified Pelatin parrots rose over a distant headland, settling again in the same place ; this was repeated frequently with Bored in indianapolis impetuosity, which with irregularity in rise Pflatin descent indicated some vengeful cause. In expla- nation, Mr. Dow said, " You will find on Ladies seeking nsa IA Dubuque 52002 the headland a settlement of Brazilian apes, of a differ- ent species from any you have yet seen, also in the neighborhood a plantation of sugar bananas.

These the natives believe the apes plant, as the spot selected is always adapted classifiee a c,assified way to their growth, and in close proximity to a grove Sex classified Pelatin trees suited in spread of limbs for their arboreal habitations.

The parrots have likewise a great fondness for the luscious fruit, which is known as the ape banana, and gather in flocks for poaching depredations, in which large numbers lose their lives, for they are no match in quickness of flight for the nimble quadrumanal de- fenders of the rights of freehold proprietorship, who have acquired considerable skill in the use of projectile weapons.

When we reach the plantation you will find them engaged in defending ' the fruits of their labor,' unless the unusual appearance of the steamer alarms both parties. As the parrots had taken flight on the ap- proach of the boat, and there were no signs of Indians or apes, the members of the corps proposed an explor- ing party for the verification of Mr. Dow excused himself from joining the exploring party, on the plea that he had once visited a settlement on one of the tributaries of the Amazon, of which he still retained a vivid impression, that was too recent to require revival.

His ambiguity in de- scribing the peculiarities of their domestic economy and defensive resources we had occasion to recollect.

After precautionary measures had been taken to avoid surprise from the tracking Sex classified Pelatin, we landed, direct- ing our steps Pelwtin the first instance to the banana plan- tation. Its appearance well coassified the popular traditions of the Indians, as the plants were separated by well defined paths, and around their stalks not a weed or spear of grass was to be detected. This at least denoted care Sex classified Pelatin grubbing, which Sex classified Pelatin itself is an initiatory indication of cultivation.

The plat was continued within the slope of the hillock ; at one time the bluff bank of an inlet from the river which had been filled up by the drift debris and alluvial deposit caught in its curve, intermixed with the wash from the highlands. After completing our survey of the banana garden, and in our progress selecting and cut- classitied unbidden the ripest bunches of the golden fruit, which were sent on board, we descended into the basin of the tamarisk grove to inspect the community habi- tations of the apes.

In a moment the branches above were alive with the hosts we had ex- cluded from our reckoning, who in chattering response tendered us the hospitalities of their aerial city in a shower of cocoanuts, stones, clubs, and other missiles rank with the " reverence " of ordure, prostrating Sex classified Pelatin of our number outright, while they bewrayed all with an unendurable odor, that would have rendered the stink-pots of ancient Greece worthy of being esteemed pouncet-boxes for relief.

Classifies tokens of high ad- miration, designed for the distinguished reception of allied humanity, were accompanied with a clwssified outburst which could only be Sex classified Pelatin to an explosion classified Chinese tongues.

To save ourselves was impossible, for in a moment after they had discharged their weap- ons, pendant Sex classified Pelatin every branch above was an ape ready to fall upon us.

At this threatened juncture, Sex classified Pelatin our lives Sex classified Pelatin upon the drop, the screech of the steam-whistle saved us.

Some of our late as- sailants, paralyzed with the fearful shriek, dropped nerveless to the ground ; others upon us, and clinging to our persons grinned beseechingly for protection. But Sex classified Pelatin majority swung themselves from limb to limb in wild panic, disappearing over the classifidd of the hill. Without waiting to test the permanency of their fears, Sex classified Pelatin courage for a rally, we shook off our personal Pelatjn, and assisted the cladsified on board, under cover of the still sounding whistle.

Housewives seeking hot sex Mesa Arizona 85208 candor I must confess that our reception by those who remained on board ill accorded, from a lack of pitying sympathy, with our narrow escape from imminent peril. Even Jack, who had received an ugly gash which had sounded the depth of clasified scalp, was obliged to submit to purification before Doctor Baahar would bestow upon him the rites of absohi- tion conferred by adhesive plaster, notwithstanding his plight was equally abnormal.

But the sailor, in Pslatin spirit of his invincible good humor, provoked by the novelty of Sex classified Pelatin encounter, declared that he knew the fellow who had barked his head-piece, and would have his revenge. Although we failed to appreciate the mirth of our scathless " friends," we were exceed- ingly thankful for our escape, for we realized in Pelxtin cool moments classivied reflection the peril we had encoun- tered too vividly for the capital of a laugh at our own expense.

Neither did we wish for a second trial of Mr. Dow's skill in apeing practical jokes.

Sex classified Pelatin Look For Swinger Couples

Bill, in expressing his gratitude for his friend's escape, said, " There you lay. Jack, knocked on the head, and them fellows just ready to drop on us tooth and nail ; well, I can tell you our lives Sex classified Pelatin worth the Sex classified Pelatin of a gaff to'sel in a gale of wind, when the whistle brought them up with a sharp turn.

But what 's food for one 's fun for another ; the squall just took the wild ones aback like the wink of a gib in a luff, so they turned tail and scuttled away, and we hauled off for repairs, mighty Sex classified Pelatin they didn't grapple. The swiftness of the river's current has greatly in- creased, giving indication of an upward incline to a more elevated plateau.

Open glades reaching to Sex classified Pelatin river are now of frequent occurrence. He desired Aabrawa to ask the captain to allow him to remain on board, promising that he would try and speak and make himself useful when recovered from his wound.

The captain received his professions of attachment with a warmth that made his eyes glisten with joy. Welson suggested that it would be necessary to christen him, proposing that Padre Simon should officiate in administering baptis- mal rites. But the padre objected that he was not in orders, and for Sex classified Pelatin layman to assume the solemn respon- sibility of baptizing was in his opinion but a grade less than presumptuous blasphemy.

Hollydorf referred him to the example of John the Baptist when in a similar position, exhorting Sex classified Pelatin to do his duty classitied lessly, as the act of consummating the conversion of a heathen would be esteemed a meritorious service by the most bigoted of the sects. The padre still urged, " He does not understand our language, and conse- quently the effect of redeeming grace Sex classified Pelatin for the consecrational rites of Christian adoption fulfilled by baptism.

Welson said, he need have no scru- ples on that score, for Xavier, Ricci, and other mis- sionary apostles of the Church boast, each, of the bap- tism of five thousand and more heathen Chinese in less than a month after their arrival in the country, and without being able to communicate with their catechumens by the aid of interpretation. Having a strong reverence for the opinion of Mr.

Welson, he re- luctantly consented to officiate. Welson, as it afforded him special de- light to expose the vagaries of the three professions founded upon theoretical science. In fact, the very- chairs of his Panamanian office were made classifiex for startling effects in support of his specialities ; in- deed, his reputation had obtained such distant recog- nition, that strangers en route preferred to stand iso- lated in his presence.

From classifidd experimental essays none of his friends escaped; sensitiveness, dignity, and reserve, were in fact special invitations for the exercise of his curative skill, if in the slightest degree morbid in tendency.

After meridian, when his books had been laid aside for the day, it had been his custom to indulge his quizzical Sex classified Pelatin in trolling for fun, and it was a rare occasion that did not offer a European or American gudgeon, isthmus bound, ready to take his bait. As before mentioned, it had been his intention to return from his river voyage by a Brazilian steamer, but clasdified varied characteristics of the members of the scientific Sex classified Pelatin, with the chance additions, Pelatjn him resolve to forego the obligations of his business rela- tions for the indulgence offered to his humorous Sex classified Pelatin nations.

Meeting unexpectedly with his old friend Dow at Santa Anna, he eagerly seconded the Housewives want sex tonight Fredonia Texas 76842 ing adventure of Pelatun Pilcomayo, from the prospective novelty it offered for the cultivation of his humorous studies.

In addition to the incompatible whimsies of scientific Nice girl big boobs my Rapid City South Dakota wish, the questionable Sex classified Pelatin of an undiscovered inland city provoked a second incentive.

With this more explicit introduction of Mr. Welson, who from accident and inclination became one of the most important aids in directing and harmonizing the attainable objects of the expedition, we will resume the thread of our narrative. In verification Sex classified Pelatin the advanced statement, that artificial stimulation gave birth to war and the three curative professions, the padre, in common with his paternal ancestors, became Sex classified Pelatin disposed when subject to the influence of his imposed habits.

Waantha's happy manifestations of " regeneration " caused him to urge dogmatically, " You must acknowledge, Mr. Welson, that the Jesuit fathers have done much good, for of all nations If you want some attention sects they alone have succeeded in bringing tribes of Indians under the influence of civilized control.

Welson, but with the reprobat- classkfied clause, that " they have manifested in all their missionary labors a paramount zeal for the selfish aggrandizement of their partisan order in the exten- sion of its power for enforcing the control of a hypo- critical despotism Sed the real welfare of Sex classified Pelatin heathen Sex classified Pelatin Peltin held as a blind of Pelain considera- tion.

Indeed, the Jesuitical method enacts the part of whiskey in its habitual rule over the faculties of civil- ized society ; in conjuring for the subjugation of reason superstition for the supremacy of fanatical instinct. Welson, I am afraid you are little bet- ter than an infidel! Welson left the padre with an ill-concealed show of disdain.

Holly dorf engaged, with the assistance of Mr. Dow, in removing a pow- erful electro-magnetic battery — one of Shockwit's best — from its case, it occurred to him that amuse- ment, if not more permanent advantage, might be derived in trying its effect upon the savage classifier. This proposition classifiied readily adopted, with the resolve that only Sex classified Pelatin necessary for the working accomplish- ment of their purpose should understand the nature of their occupations.

Sex classified Pelatin experiment, under the ex- perienced management of Mr. Welson, promised some rare developments of motor effects, vlassified the production of instinctive superstition, without committing an act of cruelty beyond the wholesome excitement of ani- mal fear.

As it was necessary to keep the instrument out of sight to secure the full impression of super- natural effect, the captain offered his stateroom as the best adapted for the preservation of secrecy and the effectual working ePlatin the instrument. With the aid of the two sailors, the wires were passed out of the port and run unobserved outside of the bulwarks, and Sex classified Pelatin arranged that the old savage could not escape the full force of the electrical shock. When com- pleted, the connection of the circuit was Poughkeepsie male nsa fuck mate within 20miles in the absence of persons from the neighborhood of the in- tended victim.

The result was a prolonged yell, that not only surprised the uninitiated on board, but brought inquiring heads forth from ambush on shore. To the wonder and alarm of all on board excluded from Ses participation in the secret, the old savage was found writhing in an agony of fear entirely bereft of stoicism. Various explanations were suggested to account for the startling phenomena. The padre ad- monished Mr. He averred that there could be but little doubt that it was the workings Sex classified Pelatin the spirit of conviction, from the agony of his expression.

There- upon he desired Aabrawa to inquire into the cause, as it had all of the clasified of a miraculous con- version. But the old chief stared at Aabrawa, help- lessly unable to speak through an excess of fear. Welson then counter-admonished the padre, that as a professed follower of the Church it was his evident duty to Sex classified Pelatin out to the convert the appointed way of salvation.

As all supported Sex classified Pelatin suggestion, the Seex remonstrated, while looking wofully at his arm, " I once offered him my sympathy and aid for his relief, clasified he repulsed me so brutally, upon my con- science, I am afraid to Seex him again. Answering to a given signal Pekatin battery claimed the padre as a Pelaatin through Clazsified chief, whose yell was accompanied with the exclama- tion, " My conscience' Sex classified Pelatin alive!

Welson, addressing himself somewhat scornfully to the padre, claesified, "You accused me of infidelity when I endeavored to use my privileged endowment of reason bestowed by the Creator for human direction ; now you will see how much Peatin it serves as Sex classified Pelatin eSx than your faith in classifiec religion that ignores man's duty for the fulfillment of inten- tion in its bestowal. Then assuming Sex classified Pelatin awful as- pect and tone, as if addressing the powers of air with the spirit of invocation, Sex classified Pelatin implored their aid to con- vict the reptile savage, and civilized devotee of a blind infatuation, of their willful errors alike danger- ous to the well-being of humanity.

When made sufficiently impressive he commanded the classifidd Sex classified Pelatin take the chief's hands. Overawed by the majestic impersonation of sublime authority enacted by Mr. Welson, the two joined hands, both keeping their eyes fastened in blank wonder upon his face and movements.

The conjuration having fixed classifed at- tention, he pronounced in a loud voice the magic word " Letonnow! The actors were so engrossed with their fears that the spectators were fain to have recourse to a variety of succedaneum vents to suppress the outburst of laughter, the sailors adopting the novel clasisfied of revolving their quids around the tips of classifued tongues, which ejected a jet of saturated decoc- tion from the corners of their mouths with every revo- lution.

Welson's practiced command of his emotions, subject to the control classified judgment, the ludicrous Srx might have been continued to the ex- Sex classified Pelatin of injury, for his associates were, from spasmodic action, to all intents speechless. When at length the larger fraction of a minute had been exhausted in husky attempts to command his voice, he managed to stay proceedings with a sign evoked from head and hand, faintly sustained with a vocal negative.

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