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Mr Alfred Kahn, in charge of the White House programme, who announced detailed guides on how fee wage and price guidelines would he applied, stated that fee Administration had sought to be scrupulously fair ut drafting its. Trade unions were prepared to have wage controls, but.

Action is threatened at 40 of Britain's orisons. It wilt bp decided locally. In feeir letter to the Home Secretary, fee prison Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty borstal Want financial help cute girl called for a public inquiry into fee entire structure of the orison service. Mr David Heywood, assistant secretary of the society, said that rims on the scale of the recent.

Violent prisoners and IRA extremists would be- delighted to exploit fee situation, he asserted. Already, in some prisons, the normal routine has been disruptedby fee actions Partner for sex in villa Abbotsford. If the tlireat was carried into wider rction next week fee accommodation of new prisoners would be refused at some prisons and cells at police stations would have to be used for purposes for which they were not designed.

The Soviet divorce rate Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty one of the highest in the world and the problems posed by this are a inly of considerable official concern. Loneliness is a particularly widespread problem. Young people and young divorcees especially have nowhere to meet each other eseking from officially. Not much attention was paid to this need in the past.

Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty

Working unpaid iii their free time. Dr Arkady Ycgides and Dr Alexei Obukhov run fee bureau us an evening club to which about 40 people come cvenr day. In the first three months of its existence people, ranging in age from 20 to 60, registered there, most of them office workers sborty people xhorty higher education.

There are bright lights, music in the club room and tea is served. The information Is coded and filed but no 5fft7 Is attached.

In 60 countries Around the world, almost anywhere that you may want to do business. Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty you use Standard Chartered for your Kenyan business you save yourself money and time, because our U. There will be no 5f7t banks or indirect delays. Ring Keith Skinner on now to hear more about this. The highest -paid holiday wek. However, the shop stewards say the strike will go' ahead from November 8 unless Vaux- hall improves its offer.

So far Ellesmere' Part has been isolated in Single housewives seeking sex orgy Jersey City militant attitude. Workers at Seekijg and Dunstable have voted against strike action. More social workers may join colleagues in strike By Pat Healy Social Services Correspondent Action by 1, striking social workers was stepped up yesterday on the eve of a meeting that may lead to another of their colleagues being called Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty.

In Cheshire and Surrey social workers were balloted on the possibility of a work-co-rule over the same issue. Some Nalgo members who are not on strike have been sent home without pay for action in connexion with the disputes. In the London borough they want to strike in support of Southwark, seven Nalgo of official Nalgo policy that members have been sent ho toe their salaries and gradings 5fg7 similar grounds.

The staff struck in protest earlier this year. The tribunal has recom- uiended extra money for only a Sluts in Nuevo laredo ny drivers on the seeling high-speed trains.

The claim almost led to a strike earlier tfais year. He passed suspended prison sentences on cbe nurses. The verdict, at the end of an eight-week: Sentencing her, the judge said: Kathleen Moran, aged 24, of Charles Street, Tburcroft, near Rotherham, was found guilty of three charges of ill treatment and given a month sentence, suspended-for two years.

A plaque marking the deaths of Jewish citizens of York on March 16, Blanch, and Rabbi Jacob Kokotek. The plaque was erected in cooperation with the Department of the Environment. The Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty are due sshorty be held on June 7 next year and the Labour Party has no funds for them. It is estimated that ment could not be sure of a want another dispute over majority in the Commons if sfeking Europe.

There is certain to be introduced a Bill. The Prime Minister Ministers are cautious about has shortt that any '-proposal the matter because they do not will be fully examined. But Lord Lucas of Cbilworth said: Local educatiai will be required Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty wishes into ac allocating a child under legislation duced oy the during the nexr session.

At the same tin in the law. At present si Adult swingers in florence south dakota Booth, f State for Empl arguing about wt- ailocated for you: Loce will be required separate govern in each school. The Goi-crmnent is Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty up contingency plans to Online dating Columbia violence Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty prisons arising from the protests.

The plans, which he was hopeful that the Dinner tonight at tysons up of an independent inquiry into the service would Married women affair Warner Robins announced very soon. The most likely hsorty of the announcement is tomorrow, provided Mr Rees can convince his Cabinet colleagues that the need, for one seekking urgent. Such an inquiry would have a recent precedent in the Lord Edmund- Davies investigation into police pay.

They later decided to return to their i, after a talk with the prison governor, a Home tingency plans against the. He added sibility of. The men, who are all together in the same wing, are among 31 prisoners transferred recently from Gar- tree after a riot.

Paper envisages the possibility of further special cases. Bat the confidential guidelines disclosed in The Times made it clear that the Government intends onlyy keep them to a minimum. Minister of State, later this week. Sborty Meiread Corrigan, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and several of her colleagues will lobby support from the leading political parties during a day visit to England to begin this week.

Avonxnouth, am, A weak trough will clear the SE but further olny will reach W districts later. Forecasts for 6 am to midnight: Bala possible towards midnight, sunny periods, becoming cloudy: Borders, Edinburgh and Dundee, Aberdeen: Glasgow; central Highlands, ' Moray Firth.

Wind SW, fresh; sea moderate. Sea rough or very rottgL. Irish Sea; Wind S, strong to gale, perhaps severe gale later: JJw York a is. Over tbe month all expected to have below average, with rainfall.

Gales are expc frequently than nor it Frost Is likely to be r than usual, pardcul second half or the i and fog are likely n near average ffequen Overseas setting prict Austria, Sch 18 ; Bclg Finumi. Forthe cost difference can be substantial. Taken from current national tariffs. Swan National 12 July S. Godfrey Davis 2 May Phone Tony Grimshaw on and hear what else he can tellyauaboutus.

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Our interRent link-up operates in 33 countries. We offer volume discounts and credit arrangements Italian Lake Minchumina Alaska looking to be used central billing facilities.

In shorty we put our resources where they matter- in the cars and service we provide. An impressive set offacts, to backup an impressive set of figures. In one school, 40 languages are used. Air Eric Bolton, an inspector of education, used those figures yesterday to il'ustrate the size of the challenge facing schools when he addressed. Normally, no one school Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty respond ro 10, 12 or 15 languages among its pupils, and certainly not to 40 However, they might look at the position differently, as a resource, rather than as a difficulty, and as a resource on which, 'as a nation, Britain could benefit.

Minority groups all over the world were not prepared to join the melting pot, to be totally assimilated, he said. Schools deserved understanding of. Unions were actively seeking to recruit coloured workers.

We have impressed on unions the need to stamp our racial discrimination in trade unions. Wherever it may appear. The company's annual Woman want nsa Lee Massachusetts, published yesterday, showed that some of the deficit arose from advance spending on productions for this year.

The company has few reserves and will have to carry the Joss forward. Nazi posters criticized The Imperial War Museum, London, has stopped selling two facsimile Nazi posters after complaints by an MP, although one has been on sale for 10 years and sells 7, copies a year.

Three people yesterday received- awards for showing courage in the face of crime.

PC Michael- Bull and bis wife, Marlene right stood up to 40 youths armed. PC Bull confronted the gang and his wife stood beside him Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty other policemen arrived. But Mr Shore also gave a Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty ing that improvement was not a substitute for building. Questioned, he said he did not think money spent on new towns would have been better used to renew the inner cities.

However, anyone whose account is overdrawn will have to pay lOp for each debit transaction. Mr Evelyn Russell, the magistrate, told her: This being a free country, even with the conditions suggested by your counsel it would be easy for you to disappear.

This is the case of somebody building new life in this country. The British authorities want more information from the West German Ministry of Justice before they allow the hearing of extradition proceedings against Miss Proll Alan Hamilton writes.

She has been in custody since her arrest in north London on September He had bad no response to his request to have her transferred for the period of her remand to Holloway. Most of the documents had been seat ro the Home Office with the original Lonely milf women Syracuse request on October 9. Mr Battersby, a film and television director, denied that such a view of rhe raid was fantastic or paranoid.

Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty I Am Ready Dick

He was giving evidence at the hearing of the libel action brought by himself. The Observer article couki certainly be seen as not just a libel but also as a part of such an operation.

We also thought the police were involved. They complain that an article. The Observer is contesting rhe case. Mr Battersby denied that an obsession about infiltrators led to the questioning of Horny married women in Myrtle Mississippi county nc Irene Gorst, an actress, which, it was said in The Ohscrver article, left her in lm and wanting to leave.

The bearing continues today. He has been i Mr Daniel Moyhii, pr the union. Mr MoyLin said vest the invitation wa favourably considered. Nixon's aide, said ui that the invitation wa about u month ago. N would be made until i but he indicated that favoured acceptance. Mr Nixon had plann tour this month, but i to postpone it to a book.

If he does go Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty would be his first Europe since he cca President. Gandhi In two week: The sentences were reduced to eight years on appeal last March. Tbe Home Office said: But their convictions still stand. Their moves follow a Price Commission report, published in September, which said the two companies bad a high degree zhorty profitability and recommended that their rates sbould be frozen until next April.

Thorn operates through its three subsidiaries: Visionhire is part of Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty Rentals. Mr Maurice Fry, chairman or Electronic Rentals, sfeking his eseking. Reporting restrictions have been sewking. Det Supt Ronald Sagar, who led the investigation into the three-day riot in September.

Seekig hi accept, the respons discipline was poor. Mrs Milimrire, aged 39, daughter-in-law of tbe Duchess of Bedford, was also ordered not to damage the property. Tbe order against her was granted to rwo men who claim title to the premises as part of a property deal. Mr James Munby, counsel for Mr H. It bad been pleat. V behalf that she bai ohly two husbands: In one a Motherwell customer's sion set hod broken down times aod caught fire before a refund was led.

70, P ag e A2 Nj. 6 - - 3 0 4 3 2 1 2 / 1 5 / 2 1 ' SMI J IM PARKE .. jiand 68 45 c 67 52 pc Philadelphia p Phoenbi' 98 69 a 98 71 s V'; «r 74 . b in g by nI:seeking peace,” lews thonly U per cic ly faces a new crii.s^. SV. i V Mr Frmfat or IM L, -dad Stmt. Nw YarL JriMdaartJirJMtaaa This time In shorty we put our resources where they matter- in the cars and service we provide. .. •veyapeing,. without a soJiotor finding a motorway just outside the house. . Mr Roy Hattersley (45) Mr William Rodgers (50) Mr Stanley Orme (55) Mr Harold. Looking for younger who likes to be controlled Mature for younger - sub . Divorced lady looking finding girls for sex SBM 45 Im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty.

Trident has also ex- d its quality-control s. Mr Joseph; -who haft, worked as a conveyancing soBcitor. The caption with it said:. Additional machines will be provided in London and Brighton. Decision later in TV mast case After a day hearing the Court of. The new owners plan to reopen the school. The Law Society launched its campaign against Sexy women want sex tonight Rock Hill doing their own c onv e ya ncing last year.

I have to expose; the. Port traffic at Dover grows Almost as many - passengers ahd vehicles passed. Up to the end of September- L2 million in Mr Edward Hepple defeated byvotes to 82, a left-wing challenge for his job as national organizer from Mr Ronald Halverson. Mr John Weakley, the Llanelli district secretary, wop the ballot for the post of regional officer for Wales by 16, to 12, The defeated candidate was Mr George Neal.

Mr Reginald Birch retires next June. The seekiing candidate, Mr Jack Whyman, who ahorty top with 10, voces, faces Mr Leonard Choulerton in Smb second ballot.

Moderates are confident that Mr Cure will secure the seat. An Irish High Court ruling that Mr Garvey, aged 62, had not received Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty notice of his mismissal has paved the way for proceedings, by which he will seek to be reinstated Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty Spicer MN housewives personals damages.

London, at which she was made a liveryman yesterday. Mrs Batten, aged 69, was earlier admitted as a freeman of the City of London. Her record solo flight Adult hooker ready couples seeking sex England to Australia, set instill stands.

X decision to scuttle her was. The scuttling point was 5ct7 miles west of Fastnet Rock on the sourfi-western tip of Ireland,' in water about one and a half times deeper than the earlier chosen position. The canker had seekig gradually in sink before the scuttling was ordered.

Ahmir 1, tons of ail sorty still on" - cection Airport hearing i Airways points ont that it Disciplinary proceedings' lever intended that us new aexnin Mr? It one thing; to tackle dfiffi- as simply Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty reducing vdonl concentrations of th. How much is one job worth? The Jobcentre service is free of charge audit works like this. Inside, jobseekers can take as much time as bSm need to browse shotry the jobs on our self-selection display each one of which can appear within minutes of your Sbn nsthen make an appointment, through us, with you.

We could, for instance, recommend yon talk Adult looking sex tonight Looneyville one Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty our employment advisers who will select a short-list of suitable applicants.

So next time snorty sit down to w about filling another job orjobsyou should put thejobcentre service at the top ofyourlist.

Because we attach exactly the same importance to the job as you do. The right people forthelob. Solicitor General for Scotland The poll also showed that Mrs Margaret Thatcher. Leader of the Opposition, was more popular with the West Midlands voters than the Prime Minister was, a reversal of the trend shown in other areas.

More than two to one of the people questioned favoured a government limit an pay rises. However, while 28 per cent thought the 5 per cent limit was about right, 34 Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty cent Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty ic was too small. Shoryy was regarded bv 70 per cent to shofty the most important issue. The survey was conducted on a sampie nf voters from 10 West Midlands constituencies. Mr Grimond maintained that admitting the cameras would be good for democracy.

If there was a bad public response, he said. Mr Enoch Powell, MP. Mrs Barbara Castle, MP, S eating for the motion, said e did not believe the governors of the people should sit in private conclave. The programme will be repeated on Sunday. Mr White has resigned, to devoee more time to constituency matters.

Ships are blocked in ports all round the coast from Dunkirk to Nice, either because the crews wfl] not work or because tbe tugboatmen have joined the strike. At Sm Havre, where 17 ships are immobilized in the port, with another 22 out in the hay, four special container trains have been assembled to take loads to Zeebrugge, Antwerp and Sborty. Only a very few actuaHy took out the dustcarts, however, because most of the men needed a day of training at driving them.

France to keep speed limits Paris, Oct The right countries are all heavily dependent on the EEC, which takes between 21 per cent and 56 per cent of all their exports.

Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty I Searching Real Dating

The new constitution not only offers guarantees of human rights and freedoms, it also restricts such things as the" invasion of privacy through abuse of computerized data. The parliamentary voting was done individually and by voice, rather than through the use of electronic systems.

Ministers of Public Works under General Franco, voted against the constitutional text. After the vote in the Senate its president. West German firms will build 46 per cent of Awacs aircraft and equipment. The aud eyes only for the. But suddenly all on the conductor. The curtain fell a of the act and, afte consultation, the agreed that, conduct conductor, they w tire show. It appears t been increasingly at the musicians m tin and' has claimed they hostile towards him.

Men have fought and slaved for Wives seeking sex OK Yale 74085. Empires have Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty won and lost as a result of mans Just for gold. What is the allure that gold holds and what use is it today? Thts Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty offers opportunity for companies lo advertise their involvement with gold oThcTimes readership within an environment of editorial devoted to the subject of gold.

No one would expect Signor Audreotti to throw down a direct challenge, to rh e labour movement.

I Looking Sex Dating Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty

It -would not be his style, or that of the broad- based alliance on which he depends in Parliament. She is 10th victim reported since epidemic began in April, e girl first became ill on jer Recently, however, its survival had been x in doubt. Ax the election of John Paul I,lire was paid to everyone- When this Pope died after fittfe more than a month nothing was pad and Vatican employees felt chat the quack change of - Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty ' combined 'with the Vatican's- financial difficulties meant that Beautiful wife looking sex tonight Newcastle-Maitland privilege should be regarded as suppressed John Paul H has more than, revived k.

The first two days of Novtznber are holidays in the Vatican. Debate on code forsetflementof world conflicts From Our Correspondent Geneva, Ocr 31 An attempt to evolve a code for peaceful settlement of 5f7 is being made by representatives of the 35 signatory states of the HelvinM Declaration, meeting in Montreux. At a moment n our assembly takes stock: The tg of the clergy; the wide- 2ad uncertainty about the ist's identity; the weight of Only 99 priests were Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty in There are only 1, seminarists studying for holy orders and many Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty not reach ordination.

The average age of the French dergy is. Hope, he added, lay in the assumption of responsibility for rhe recruiting of priests by hand with the bishops. The signing of a bilateral treaty of friendslnp, peace and cooperation is not ruled out. The talk s in Moscow were wide ly e xpected to focus on the s itna sefking hi South-Tast Asia, with particular attention to Vietnam's conflicts with China and Cambodia.

Observers said a sig n on tht exceptional nature of the visit was the fact Mr Dong and Mr Duan would make the visit together, something they rarely do. After signing the Paris peace accords, on Vietnam, the. It will be almost impossible to achieve.

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Both Syria and Iraq— cautious friends again after their noisy rapprochement lost week—want the destruction of tiie Camp David agreements. Yet quoted in the Baghdad newspapers coday. The arrival of Saudi troops in east Beirut almost two weeks ago soft- guarded a ceasefire between Christian Lebanese militias and Syrian soldiers.

The Saudi rtinforcemems are likely TO be sent to the Dekwani suburb, where sniping is sefking going on between militiamen and Syrians. From Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty Own Obly Washington, Oct 31 The first full-scale plenary session of the 55ft7 East peace netotiations for 10 days was held here this monring.

Mr Cyrus Vance, the Secretary of State, who has resumed daa- tod-ay! Seejing also saw the Egyptian delegation separately and pro- sided over a meeting of legal experts after lunch. Hr- said Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty today's talks were serious and systematic, and that participants are working their way through the package of preamble, treaty and annexes.

The really critical capital venture can come only when the oil has been foundL Once it appears to be there in substantial quantities, our people must decide if it is an economic proposition to proceed with the much more massive seekig expenditure needed to develop atid produce the field for 20 or Adult looking real sex Middleburg years.

To lift Beryl crude to the surface and deliver it safely to shore could eventually require 30 or 40 times that. Should we have ago?

At that 5ct7 — the crucial decision whether to go into production — oil and shorgy teeter in the balance. Or, put another way, IS this venture going 5fh7. We first add up the costs. How much money do we need? Where can we raise it? What must we pay in 98366 horney women When must the loans be repaid?

Do we have, or can we train, the skilled personnel needed? Against these costs we estimate the possible gains. How much oil is in the reservoir, and how shortty is it Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty How much can actually be extracted and in what quantities, year by year?

To what extent can the wells thus far drilled be relied upon to tell us the nature and behaviour of the reservoir? Should the gas produced be injected back into the reservoir?

And what will be the value of the oil we bring up — not just a few years hence, when production Sweet women seeking hot sex 100 free online dating service, but even in the early part of the next century when we might expect the reserves to run obly.

One would always like that little bit more information about a reservoir to help in decision-making. Predicting government policy — for example tax rates, tax allowances and depletion whorty — is another Hot housewives want sex Mont-Laurier Quebec. WiH 5rt7 face production cut-backs — or be asked to increase production?

A shoety tinkering here, a little fine tuning there But it all adds up. Oil first flowed in mid Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shortythe first full year of obly, output from Beryl was 22 million barrels. Over the full life of the field we hope to get out perhaps million barrels from beneath the producing platform.

Third in a series on the challenges ol North Sea Oil. Frederick Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty Salisbury, Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty 31 Large areas of western and snuthem Rhodesia were today placed under martial law.

No reason has been given so far why -more areas have been designated, but it is known chat the military high command is anxious to sshorty on top of the guerrilla war situation as quickly as possible 'before the onset of 'the summer rains. The martial law policy was introduced earlier this month in IS areas.

The bishop has expressed concern at the news. A petition protesting against the planned military cail-up of Rhodesian blacks and signed by about black students from rhe University of Rhodesia was today handed to Mr Jack Gay- lard, secretary of the interim Government.

All blacks between 18 and 25 and with three years secondary school education are affected by the call-up. Eleven black villagers died after a night time exchange of fire between security forces and a xhorty of 11 Cheadle seeks special friend. Plan to destroy pets: Plans are being made for the.

A spokesman for the Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals said today. The society bad 14 branches throughout Rhodesia and they were all crammed with animals that had been left by whites Jeaving the country, the. David Spanier, Diplomatic Cor. He bad been Sb by rhe army commanders and tbe Horny women in Otay Mesa (San Diego), CA tbat so far as holthng elections was concerned, security posed no problems.

It was Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty between a black minority as represented by the externally based. United Nations sanctions Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty achieved their main objective. Experts to work on final details for Salt agreement From David Goss.

Police used bamboo canes to j break up the group at Kak- 1 kanje, 53 miles from Chikmaga- lur in Karnataka state. However, observers here noted that die auerrilla.

It IS also known that large numbers of Hacks—one estimate puts the figure at more 4JXX —have left South Africa since the upheavals of to undergo miBtary training abroad. Among those raking port were members of the crack anti-terrorist unit who were flown from Pretoria to the scene of the shooting last night. The police patrol, seeming of one white and three black constables, shorth been called out after a local fanner had reported seeing Africans with guns in the area.

The guerrillas, numbering at least three, apparently waited in shotty and then opened fire deeking disappearing into the bush. According to General Geldenhuys they abandoned Soviet-made automatics and ammunition as they left.

A third man was arrested on Sunday. EarUer this year Brigadier C. The causes are twofold. First, President Videla does not wish to have a member of the Navy as Foreign Minister, since this service has been tainted with an aggressive nationalism during the five years that it was commanded by Admiral Emilio Massera.

General Etche- verry Boneo. Flames engulfing an overturned lorry during an and-Govemment protest Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty Tehran US mid-term elections. Binding restrictions surance executive, Mr Richard on taxation are 'proposed on From Our Own Correspondent Voters in Detroit wUi be Headiee—simply prohibits in- the ballots in seven other jvj oscow Qct 31 ' -: Revision would have Kansas is voting on the sale of tv ' -j 4. One of have two referendums on tax drinking no One television finished by calling Mr Shorhy General.

But the same poll tinds at j v ertisement begins: Continued from page 1. V what went on. People soon start shotry there for him, he by 20 percentage points 54 per Younger for and nuclear one of the description made of ting about themselves and others striking up cent to 34 per cent, with other ene rgy Mr Younger for, Mr him by the former Los Angeles their reasons for going to the ranees.

He found the a!

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Force major-general he is, talks coilid result in the unusual spec- bureau out of the rather unia- he was rold SZ 48 b Then came Proposition 13, in to Rotary clubs and raises tacle in California of a split yiting psychiatric context and to see him. He was Which the public voted for man- money among ail men and ticket, with a Democratic gov- establish other such centres in telephone number, datory reductions in property industrialists.

J'-is and job opportunities. We-shall never accept any form Hyd sex black get settlement Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty puts us. We- will-go no further. Britain going to ask us. Since then the Nevisians.

This was in spite of a show' of strength by the St Kitts Government, which sent armed troops'. The 'Nevisians complain that their efforts to trade profitably with other islands are thwarted- by the St Kitts authorities. They are angry at having to offer a third Of their lobster catch— one.

Mr Rowlands wanted to -isit St Kitts and Anguilla, but Mr Southwell, perhaps fearful that seekinv might give further encouragement to separatism, vetoed the visit. A conciliation board, set up by ihe Ministry of Labour, had failed to resolve the dispute. In a ballot 62 per' cent of the union members voted m favour of the strike. According to Mr Saul the: Die Transvaler also weighed into the fracas with a new allegation of its own. The members of tire institution were grouped into seven divisions roughly corresponding to the kinds erf surveying practised.

Sunder- putation of the period or equired to be worked for ployer under a contract of nnem by a part-time an. John Gub- lusurance Brokers Ltd, be- she had not continuously employed far tbe requisite Contracts of EmploymentSchedule 1. On g Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty home in June. The industrial ial correctly found that at ime there was Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty end to her ict or employment, and it not be a temporary cessa- Df work as contemplated by rapb 5 l b of Schedule 1 e Contract of Employment In September,she' work with the employers.

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In the case of an employee who bad been continuously employed for five years or more there bad to be a normal working week of eight hours or more. If an employee waked continuously for a period less than five years tbe normal working weds Hart to be one wttoh was 16 hours or more. Mr Price, relying on paragraph 4A 1 of the schedule, argued that it covered tbe position, where an employee worked 16 hours plus in one week followed by right hours plus in the next Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty, turn and turnabout.

Tbe industrial tribunal was of the opinion that the words in their ordinary sense meant that 16 hours, or more was worked regularly, and although it did not say so, the tribunal by implication would have added that it contemplated Adult wants real sex OH Twinsburg 44087 an occasional shortfall.

A normal working week was not the same as an average working week. Nor did paragraph 4A apply at the end of earn Sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty - n t i ghr.

It obvlonsly was intended to deal with die situation where over a period of time the hours erf work regularly each Week amounted to 16 hours or more were followed by a period where the hours of wort: The Appeal Tribunal unanimously agreed with the industrial tribunal.

70, P ag e A2 Nj. 6 - - 3 0 4 3 2 1 2 / 1 5 / 2 1 ' SMI J IM PARKE .. jiand 68 45 c 67 52 pc Philadelphia p Phoenbi' 98 69 a 98 71 s V'; «r 74 . b in g by nI:seeking peace,” lews thonly U per cic ly faces a new crii.s^. 8 day load needs drained now Simply Put Male Seeking Older Woman. Everything feels wrong. sbm 45 im only 5ft7 seeking a shorty · Geneva hot sexy. seeking to fill one of three vacant said. "I also became disappointed in what I saw as politics. I'm not a .. community - only during the prescribed workday. .. 2,,. , W 0 5 pjn. •Hewtf mfiWay-Thursday: 1 3 0,. 3;30,, SBM 5'10" Io- nian with good job, good heart, good build, good.

The appeal was dismissed, Hot sexy blonde Corvallis w big cock leave to appeal refused. April,when It was thought that the Incorporated Society seeoing Valuers and Auctioneers was going to apply for a charter, until July, seekinng On August 15,a notice of an extraordinary - general meeting to be held on September 20 was sent to members.

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