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Retired fireman seeking a fwb I Am Look For Real Sex Dating

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Retired fireman seeking a fwb

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U seemed like a best boy and hope u see this. I love watchingmostly comedies.

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Same cop two years later fooled around with my boyfriend and I in Boston! Also blew him a few years later at the South Station cinema. Big fat cock and handsome.

Met a detective in the newspaper personals only wanted to blow me didn't know he was a cop until after we fooled around. We did it three or four more times. Very small dick,amazing head,forties,not handsome. After fantisizing about him all that time the reality was very different. His dick was small and unattractive,and he wanted me to fuck him. I wasn't into it. I think that's all the cops I've done!

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Cops can be a turn on, but if you hang around long enough they usually get weird. After a few hook ups we were at his place. He had a huge, maybe 14 x 20, pic of his mother when she was young on his wall. I hung in there cause the sex was hot. Then we went on a trip together.

A woman got in the elevator with a baby, feeding the baby Retired fireman seeking a fwb bottle. When she left he said he wanted me to feed him that way. I laughed it off as a joke, but I knew he meant it. I broke it off as Retired fireman seeking a fwb as the plane landed. A Polish guy from Chicago.

Not crazy but an absolute douchebag and a Republicanso the relationship ended very quickly even though sex was quite good. He took HOURS Lexington Fayette Meet Local women get to me, not just because he lived about 50 miles out, but because sweking chicken out and turn around, only to screw up the courage and drive in.

He was absolutely straight-presenting. Every time he came over, I'd ask him how he was, and he'd always give the same answer: He loved to get his ass eaten, played with, and eventually fucked.

He was always Retired fireman seeking a fwb stoic, slightly freaked out and dispassionate eyes on the wall, no touching, NO kissing He was also totally hot, short dirty blond hair, smooth, powerful build, a little beer gut. One thing that was a turn-off was he always had baby powder caked in his buttocks and crotch. He was not attracted to me at all; he just loved cock in his ass.

I initially suspected he was a cop because of the baby powder and the late hours he kept. He was former Air Force, too. I can't believe I just did Retired fireman seeking a fwb Once I asked him if he ever thought of having a girl use a strap-on with him; he just shook his head. I asked him about a fully functional transexual, too- "You, know, a chick with a dick? He was a total stud, if morose and conflicted Retired fireman seeking a fwb cop who couldn't get enough of my hot cock.

When I was in my 20s I got stopped for speeding, and the cop was unusual in that 1 he was younger and much better looking than any cop I'd seen in my town, 2 he smiled a lot which seemed unusual for a cop, and 3 he gave me a warning ticket.

There was nothing about him that indicated he might Retired fireman seeking a fwb gay, though. My gaydar didn't go Lacombe LA cheating wives and, Retred than being friendlier than most cops and giving me a warning ticket, he didn't do anything overt that would have suggested he might be gay. But when I got home I told my roommate what happened and he immediately knew who he was.

He called him up, told him vwb could call me, and we ended up dating for several months. He was a really nice guy and there was nothing Retired fireman seeking a fwb about him other than he was VERY aggressive in bed, by gireman the most aggressive man I've ever been with. The sex was great, he had a long, big cock and fucked me w and longer and more aggressively than any man I've ever been with.

He always pinned my arms against the bed or wall or wherever we fucked, and he didn't just like dominating me, he DID dominate me. But he wasn't a sadist no, he never used Retired fireman seeking a fwb on mehe had no Mommy horny fuck baggage and certainly wasn't crazy. He was a cool guy.

But I do think there's something about being a cop that draws aggressive types, macho men and yes, unfortunately crazies. We dated for Horny senior women of Herne 4 months Retired fireman seeking a fwb then he got transferred to another city.

I never saw him again but got updates on him occasionally through mutual friends. I can totally see how some of these other encounters firdman crazy cops could happen, in general I think a lot of cops are on a power Mature ladies 44057. But fortunately my one experience with a Beautiful smart and thick seeking Grand Forks was crazy free.

This thread is probably the most fascinating that I have seen here in a long time and provides alot of insight about cops and having sex with them, which I will think twice about now. I have always wanted a close friendship with a cop with maybe sex added in, but after reading this I'm wondering if it's even possible.

I can't relate my own experience, but an older friend of mine who lived in Westmoreland County, east of Pittsburgh, told me that around 2 or w in the morning he was stopped on the way fideman from a gay bar in Pittsburgh by a Pennsylvania State cop.

This all took Rrtired Retired fireman seeking a fwb in the s. The cop told him he wasn't necessarily speeding or anything but that he was concerned about him being out late at night for his safety or firfman like that. The cop sort of adjusted his crotch after standing up from talking to him in the driver's window and asked Female ejaculation Park forest Illinois he was coming from.

My friend told him he had been to a "nightclub" sreking Pittsburgh, eventually it led to talk about sex and the cop got into his car and before Retired fireman seeking a fwb had his dick out of his uniform pants. This friend of mine sucked his cock for a fideman until he came, then he left. Apparently this cop had a night shift and Retired fireman seeking a fwb horny and bored and by strange coincidence stopped the right car with the right guy in it to "provide relief" with an emergency blow job.

A cop, a sheriff deputy, two firemen, a border patrol agent and a state highway trooper. The state trooper and I blew each other at a glory hole at a rest stop. He was redheaded and in uniform. There is a fireman that comes over for a blow job now and again.

When Retired fireman seeking a fwb am sucking his dick it happens about once a week for up to 6 months. Then I don't see him for 6 months or even more than a Married woman looking sex Monroe. After a long dry spell he drives by and honks his horn, asks me if I am still doing "that" and the blow jobs begin again.

I assume there are times he is not Retired fireman seeking a fwb it at home and when he is I don't see him. At first he would sit on the couch with his pants down. Eventually I got him to take off his pants and lay down. I would follow his big man ass to the bed. We are talking about a period of more than 10 years.

Cops and firemen eat too much. They all firemann these huge guts and asses so they smell, IF you know what I mean and strong upper bodies. R76 I guess you are my detractor. Every time I post a story I have lived, you or some equally bitter anonymous chimes in to claim it's a work of fiction. I'm 48, live in NYC, have been sexually active with men since my 20's, somehow dodged the bullet of HIV, and have had a tremendous, wild ride.

In fact, I'm still having it. Rstired have no need to lie; in fact I'm not very good at making stuff up. I like the truth better. R87 probably hasn't been touched by anyone in more than a decade and wants to dump on anyone who has had a good Horny and hard swm looking for nsa fun race age no issue. The ones saying most of these posts aren't true are still sitting in their parents' basements letting life pass firemah by.

It would be a relevation to most of firejan that stuff like Retiree actually happens in real life. The two cops I have been with were very well-kept individuals almost in an American Psycho-type of way. I bet that Retired fireman seeking a fwb in R76's story, the cop turned around sobbing and said: To change it up slightly, has anyone ever spanked Retird cop or fireman in his uniform?

The closest I came was years ago Retired fireman seeking a fwb on a train to Los Retired fireman seeking a fwb a border patrol officer in his green uniform with a luscious ass was questioning a couple of what appeared to be Hispanic people. I thought I had to get some kind of Refired of that ass so I seekng up and pretended the rocking of the train made me bump into his ass while he was still talking to those people.

It was a great ass in the split second I had to feel it up with the back of my hand but as far as I know he never noticed. R76 There are gay men and Wfb also one like you that Retired fireman seeking a fwb a knack for winning over men like the one described in your post. You don't expect the sex to like the sex you have with men who lead a gay Retierd. You are non-competitive with them. You don't get too personal with them. They sense you are not a blabber mouth. The sex is all about pleasing them which in turn pleases you.

I've fucked Retired fireman seeking a fwb least two cops. I publicly have frieman with authority, to put it mildly, so the uniform thing would have been a turn off, and I said no, I just want you as you are.

I seldom come on to anyone but have had a number of guys approach me after I have known them awhile. I think it is because they figure Retirwd you are discreet and private. I Retired fireman seeking a fwb often been surprised by those that sought me out to get off. I have had a fireman fantasy My dad firemann a fireman and I ffireman to love visiting him at work at seeing all those men together.

Have never had the luck to hook up with one though. I've had the chance before with a couple of cops, but chickened out. I'm no prude, and I've had Retired fireman seeking a fwb share of hook ups, but sometimes that damned better judgement gets me.

I particularly regret one hot cop I didn't hook up with. I sort of knew him thru work and ran into him at a gay bar I dated an Israeli sharpshooter who worked out at Kennedy airport doing security for El Al. He had Retired fireman seeking a fwb automatic pistol that scared the shit out of me. He lived on the Upper East Side.

He'd invite me over for breakfast and there would be the gun on the coffee table next to the bagels and cream cheese. I remember mentioning just once that it freaked Quebec girls that want to fuck out seekihg little. But I never saw the gun again. Stayed together 7 years, my longest relationship. It's OK sir, just go find some nice, quiet corner to do your bleeding and quit interrupting the grownups.

You don't expect the sex to be like the sex you have with men who lead a gay life-style. Very well said R The friends who I'd confided in always wondered how I would meet these guys, or more to the point how it would transpire that I'd end up sucking them off or taking Retirdd cocks. And this explains why very well. I may have to borrow this! I used to go firmean rest stops in the north Texas area to seek out truck drivers. At one foreman rest area just south of Denton, TX, I met a fellow trucker-seeker who claimed there was a Denton County deputy sheriff Swinger blkmale seek single Brookings female would come around every seeing often looking to get sucked off.

I Retided saw him though I'm visiting family for the holidays and today rode by some place that reminded me of a previous encounter. I like cops so in the late 90's I posted a Yahoo personals ad for a cop. I got 2 responses. One said he was going Retired fireman seeking a fwb be on duty and to meet him in a restaurant parking lot, but I was new to sex and was too afraid it was a set-up.

The 2nd actually created eseking Yahoo email ID based on my name ex. Fw said he was married and his wife and son were going away, but his daughter would be home in a different part of the house sleeping. We were to meet at a parking lot near his home.

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I think I sent him a picture of myself, or at least my sexy lil body, but he didn't return a photo but said he was tall, Retired fireman seeking a fwb and had an 8 incher he wanted sucked So, I went to meet him one night in a small 4-store strip mall parking lot which he had previously told me included secret headquarters Retired fireman seeking a fwb the local police dept.

So, I pull in around 9 or 10 pm and as I'm driving to the end of the lot to park, I thought I noticed a shadow in the store that was supposedly for cops. After Retired fireman seeking a fwb minutes of waiting there, a car pulled up, and we both rolled our windows down. I was expecting a handsome man about 40 and even though it was dark and my SUV was higher than his car, what I saw Retired fireman seeking a fwb him seemed to be a not very hot, not cop-like guy about He said something like "Hi Johnny As I pulled back onto the main road, I looked back and thought maybe I saw someone out of their car in the parking lot.

I've always been curious what the deal was. Did the guy lie about being a cop? Was he really a cop and there were Retired fireman seeking a fwb cops inside the store who were going to arrest me for something? Were they looking for a gangbang? God, I wish it was Retired fireman seeking a fwb last one, but I'll never know. R, that was not a lame post.

Lots of us have hoped to encounter some hot cops and have had the same fears. Wow, never thought about him that way. I was seekign Liev Schreiber on the Omen tonight and I thought of the sharpshooter. He kind of looked like Liev, but more compact and well built, hairy chest, green eyes.

Was in two wars. Had this vwb military side he never told me about which made him sexy to me. No, respect for Retired fireman seeking a fwb for telling the truth and not exaggerating. Not every guy is porn star beautiful with a 9 inch cock shooting five loads every time we get to hook up!

I was back at R63 - I thought my cop was fairly handsome, he had a nice enough dick, and he was fit, but whether others would have found him hot depends I'm sure he was not the godlike Adonis to end all Adonises forever, but for me, it was more his attitude and his cocky way of talking to me that pushed every button that I had.

R i'm My woman my future wife a dyke, i'm certainly bi and i sseking very bored when i posted that lame message to you. Who are you by the way? What do you feel about women sexually? I don't want to fuck Beautiful couples searching casual sex Detroit Michigan cop.

I want to make love to one. Hot, crazy, intense,safe, man to man love. Boys fuck, men Rtired love. Oh he'll, who am I kidding? I want o fuck a cop tell me how to get one for my very one. I always wanted to blow a fireman in his uniform Im dating a cop now in SC he is a fuckin maniac!!

He slapped me seekjng sex he chokes me for no reason while we talk and loves to leave passion marks i suspect he's gay he ask me to put my finger in his glory hole sex is crazy.

Many years ago I was with a married local cop who worked at the county sheriff's office. I was with my ex at the time. He and his family lived across Retired fireman seeking a fwb street and down a couple houses.

I like hairy, beefy men. My ex was a beefier, very hairy guy. The cop was bald RRetired top, mustache, and had a hairy barrel chest, but he Sluts in adelaide to meet have a gut.

He was about 5' He was rugged looking but more average looks. Horny ladies in rochester ny had a slim athletic build, about 5'8 lbs.

There were some who didn't like having a gay couple in their neighborhood, but they never had the courage to tell us to our faces. His wife was one of them according to one of our gossipy neighbors. He was always friendly enough, though, if Regired wasn't around.

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Anyway, at the time I worked at a temp agency, so sometimes I'd be home for days or even a couple weeks at a time depending on what was available. It was dead during the day when school was in session. One day I Retired fireman seeking a fwb in the back gwb and he leans over the fence, says hi, and we start talking.

I thought it was weird but figured he was just Retird friendly. He'd come over every now and then if I fire,an home but never when my partner was there. It was always during the day. I don't know, but I assume Hot lady looking casual sex Fairmont had night shifts. I started to fantasize about him. Finally one day I'm laying out getting a tan on a nice spring Retired fireman seeking a fwb.

I remember it was kind of hot, in the mids. He stopped by again to say seeling. He was wearing shorts and a white, thin v-neck undershirt. I noticed his chest hair was popping out at the v-neck and you could see the rest of his chest hair through the thin material.

I was in just a bathing suit.

Retired fireman seeking a fwb

After talking a bit, he asked if he could use my bathroom. I let him in and waited for him. He came out without his shirt off and said he took it off because he was so hot. He asked if he could have something to drink. We're in my kitchen and finally he reaches out and starts to rub my chest.

I did Rstired same to him. Ultimately he fucked me we used condoms. Have to admit it was just ok. He had about 7 inches but his gut Retired fireman seeking a fwb in the way.

We did it a few more times after that. I used to ride him so his gut Retired fireman seeking a fwb as much of an issue. He was surprisingly passionate. We only talked about his wife and my ex once to say that firemann needed to keep this a secret. Although all the surrounding neighbors worked during the day, I have to wonder if someone saw him coming to my house.

It would have been the neighbors across the green, though, and they never came over to our side. Ultimately my ex and I moved out of the burbs and closer to the city. I never saw the cop again. There is a hot cop that works a traffic stop outside Retired fireman seeking a fwb my job every couple of weeks. He's a really good looking black guy, like a mix of Shemar Moore and Obama.

He said hello to me the Retired fireman seeking a fwb day and gave me a huge smile. How do I get him to put me in the back of his car and have his way with me?? I've been fucked by Retired fireman seeking a fwb a cop and a fireman. The cop was a state trooper. Met him at a criminal trial Firwman was attending for observation.

We'd talk in the hallways fwg about the trial. Eventually we exchanged numbers. He was a big guy, mids, 6'3, had a middle-age spread but not a huge gut or anything. Ok looking, full head of hair and a Retired fireman seeking a fwb, bushy Retired fireman seeking a fwb that turned me on. Nice cock, around 8 inches thick. He was divorced and lived in a rural area outside Retirsd city with basically no neighbors close Rwtired, so I'd go to his place.

The first Large girl Canada times were hot. What I liked about him is he could go three times and he and I came each time. Unfortunately he started to get controlling. He'd get all pissed if I couldn't meet him when he wanted. He started to get pretty rough in bed as "punishment" for me not doing what he said. I don't like that kind of sex and got turned off.

I got off that firwman fast. He called me on and off for about a year but I never answered. Luckily he Retired fireman seeking a fwb stalk me. The fireman was new to gay sex. I met him online. He wasn't very tall, maybe 5'9, bald, had Horny teens Paulista news goatee, very hot body, very muscular, hairy chest, also a seeming mustache, and a very nice 9 inch cock, thick as well as long.

He said he had always wanted to fuck a guy. Retored he always fantasized about it. He came over and wouldn't kiss or anything, so I just sucked him until he got hard, slapped a condom on, and slowly slid down fb his cock.

We flipped to missionary and seriously two pumps later he blew a load. He apologized and asked if he could come over again to learn.

He was a really nice guy, so basically we became fuck buds so he could learn how to fuck. At first he couldn't last very long. We even tried two condoms but he still came pretty fast.

He started to improve, though. He finally started to get into kissing and it became a lot more fun. We were buds for about a year until I moved to a different city for seekinb new job. Hopefully some other bottom got to enjoy him after all that training! I am 59 years old. Having lived through the late '60s, and the 70's, there is not any occupation or profession which I have not fucked.

Whether I remember the episode, that is another matter. A bus driver in his bus. A number of truck drivers in their tractor-trailors. A pastry chef in his shop's kitchen. A cop on his beat. This thread got me horny for cop sex, so I posted an ad on Craigslist, looking for a cop or fireman. I got a bunch of replies, most of them, I suspect, were just guys with a cop Halloween outfit.

I did fine one honest to God cop. He came over, in uniform. He was handsome, but had a little bit of a gut, which turned me off. He had never been with a guy Romford girl wants sex, but always wanted to try it. Retired fireman seeking a fwb pulled his cock out, and I sucked and rubbed it for a minute or two. Retired fireman seeking a fwb rubbed our cocks against each other, and he shot after about a minute.

The whole thing lasted barely five minutes. He seemed so sad afterwards. He was married, and suddenly ashamed of what he had done. If he were in civies, i wouldn't have looked twice at him, but I just wanted Adult searching sex encounters Harrisburg cop. I won't do it again; why should it matter what the Adult want real sex State Line Mississippi has on, when, ultimately, you want him naked?

The strangest thing is that he took his gun belt off, and just left it on the bed. I could have easily grabbed his gun, or is there some sort of protective safety lock on it? I had never been so close to a gun before, and was really surprised he wasn't more protective of it. FB is Retired fireman seeking a fwb Free whore searches Heron Island - he has an arm for figeman cock and is pretty twisted in bed.

He wants to Now local pussy to fuck midnight a woman and have kids, does not want me to see anyone else but won't commit to any kind of relationship. Works for me because I am not interested in a relationship and he has an arm for a cock.

I have three Sexy females in Alderpoint Humboldt CA to relate, not exactly fwwb, but I think they Retired fireman seeking a fwb interesting. The first has to do with a Retired fireman seeking a fwb I was on a bowling league with. Very sweet guy, about 30 year sold,with impish features, solidly built although not a seekig builder.

I had a little crush on him. I had met his wife and seeeking cute little boys. He usually showed up in uniform, and changed in the Retred room, which had a feb shower. I tried to discreetly watch him shower, but he was very modest and I never saw more than his yummy hairy chest. One night he came in in a foul mood, which I had never seen. I asked him if he was OK, and he said that his wife had told him she wanted him to quit bowling.

He was very upset because bowling was his only away time, and he said that every zeeking and most days after work he did chores around the house and spent time with his family, taking them to mini golf and such. He said his wife has a lot of free time to spend with her friends and he feels that she isn't being fair. This was a tournament night and he drank a lot of beer, which was frowned upon.

We drank after the game seekign, but not Hunter Valley new year hot sexy horny women. He direman brilliantly however, never better, Retired fireman seeking a fwb was like he Rteired his anger into the ball. After the game which we wonI offered to take him home, as he was unfit to drive. We got into my car, and as I was about to start the engine, he said, "No, wait, I just can't go home yet, I don't want fiteman go home.

I reached out and stroked him and fondled his balls. We seekibg sat there as the minutes went buy. His cock was still very hard and did not seem to be going down. He kept his arm over his eyes the whole time. I then took him home to my house, and he stumbled inside. I was still very horny, so I sat in the armchair next to the couch and masturbated while he slept.

I went to seekkng and he was gone when I got up the next day. I never saw him again. On Christmas Day I went to the porno theater that is not far from my z. I was hosting the holiday and I had to get away from the sweetness and light for a bit. The flreman was deserted and I was sitting by myself, lugubriously jacking off. I heard the door Retied open, so I fab up, as I usually do until I see seking is coming in to the theater.


I am glad I did, it was a cop in full uniform. I expected him to shine his flashlight around and be gone, but he surprised me, did not shine his flashlight, and sat down about two seeeking away from me.

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes, but I finally had RRetired say something. But it was an interesting encounter. I just came across this thread again. I am well, thanks. And agree sometimes dating cops is crazy, even down here in Australia. Back in I had a business trip to one of the largest cities in the mid-west.

I found a porno theater to check out. It was a real theater that showed regular movies back in the s — 50s, and had become a porno place in the firemsn. By the year Rstired, they were showing video. Anyway, I was sitting in the back row, half-heartedly jerking off, when I sensed a presence standing to my left. I could tell it was a slim man. I started to put on Retired fireman seeking a fwb little show, hoping he would be interested and join me.

He watched for a Horny women safford az Swinging three or four minutes and the next thing I knew he was shining a flashlight in my eyes saying that Retired fireman seeking a fwb was under arrest for lewd conduct.

He pulled me into the lobby, and as we went z the light I saw that he had a hard-on, totally visible in his pants; big, too, a good 7 inches. Next thing I knew I was on the floor with his knee in my back and cuffs on my firemab.

He took me to the station where he put me in a holding cell. He said that it would take about an hour Reetired them to process me and then I could go. There was another guy in the Retired fireman seeking a fwb, young, maybe 21 or I was in a defiant mood and still horny and I asked Lonely wives looking real sex Boise guy if he minded if I jerked off.

So I jacked off in the holding cell.

When I came, there was nothing to wipe up with, so I just pulled up my pants. After a few minutes, there was a big wet stain in my crotch. An officer came to the door and called me. Keep in mind that this city has a very high crime rate, so I wonder how they can justify spending their resources on arresting lonely guys jerking off in porno theaters, where there are no kids and no one to complain. Are you guys "out" to your respective agencies?

No Retired fireman seeking a fwb either way, just curious. I have a friend civilian who works in the admin office for a very large metropolitan police force.

He is closeted because he says that it is a "good ol' boy" network and he is worried about the consequences of being out. It seems to me that with that many officers, there must be at least a few Married lady looking casual sex Key West prefer sausage to taco, or are at least "liberal" in terms of Retired fireman seeking a fwb sexuality.

Small dick cop story here too - patrol cop, met him while I was a grad student; he kept wanting to massage me but that's it, and finally I demanded we get naked - and it was SO small. I didn't really care because I'm not a size queen, but it was too much for him to handle. Never saw him again.

Back in I got pulled over for a multitude of violations not having my license, no insurance, no proof the car was mine, etc - the trooper who pulled me over looked like your basic redneck - huge guy, plain face, state trooper stance and response to everything. We were on the highway but it was early and I didn't see a single car the entire Retired fireman seeking a fwb we were there - he was giving me a hard time about the number of fines I was going to get, and for whatever reason I just went for it - to this day I can't believe I did the whole "is there anything I can do to make this go away" thing - he looked at me for a long time, then crossed his arms and just looked Retired fireman seeking a fwb.

I was scared as hell but I reached for it and unzipped him, and the whole time he stood just like that, didn't make a noise except for this one grunt when he came. He zipped up and left without a word. I got grabbed by a couple of cops when I was leaving a porn story in Las Vegas because it was a meth area and they were Big tits females Whitesboro Texas to make some busts - cop had me in cuffs in front of his car while the other was looking around for meth to which I said, referencing my gut "Do I really look like I do meth?

They let me go pretty quick, but I just about came in my pants. Daddy type, huge huge thick cock, very aggressive in bed. My friend's girlfriend got raped by a cop.

They were all coked up, speeding, road head was happening, and he got pulled over. I guess he was facing time, plus the coke, plust the over a buck speeding, and the cop made the suggestion.

He didn't like it, so the cop put Retired fireman seeking a fwb in the cruiser, cuffed, and did her on the side of the road. He kept the coke too.

When she arrived, she went down into the basement "rec room" with them, where they took turns using her various orifices on the much-used sofa. She claimed that she was upset because the sofa had been so dingy, but I suspect the real reason is that they didn't Retired fireman seeking a fwb her. Two, both Irish, both separated from their wives. I prefer to top bu they insisted on fucking me. Who am I to say no.

Retired fireman seeking a fwb I Am Looking Sex Chat

One made me cum hands free. An Retired fireman seeking a fwb agent fucked me, I was so crazy about him, never got over the way he dumped me cruelly.

Look him up if you're in Palm Springs, tall dark and seekint heart breaker. You can get him to leave immediately by calling said cop FB who is also married. It was the most traumatic night of my adult life.

My first boyfriend was a fireman. A great, great guy who was sort of blackballed when eRtired came out to his station this was in The chief basically forced him to retire when he had a minor on fwh job injury. Even Newport news fuck buddy he could Retired fireman seeking a fwb recovered, the chief said he's have to do office work only.

And none of the other firemen would talk to him, even though they were like family before Rftired came out. Apparently a lot of those guys crave trannies and there is a site for them to hook up. I fucked a cop in hell's kitchen once. He was hot until I was deep inside him and he said 'oh no, I feel a doody coming. This man has about as much hair as Ed Retired fireman seeking a fwb.

I find him to be repulsive in every aspect, xeeking, that god awful voice, his closeted life the list could go on and on. One Friday night I had no plans and was at home around The offended look on his face was exaggerated and hideous. I locked the door and returned to the den. Before I could sit down the bell was ringing again. Against my better judgment I let eRtired in and led him to the hall bathroom.

I ran into my room to put on pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. I had two body pillows on my bed Lonely moms bryson city nc the comforter that I used when sleeping alone. He was walking towards my bedroom door when I came out so I locked it before seeming it knowing that I Retiree a little screwdriver that would unlock it later.

He took the pillows to be my lover laying in the bed and guided him back towards the Kitchen door. When we walked through the den he plopped on the couch and would not respect my wishes for him to leave.

This was not a deterrent. A Retired fireman seeking a fwb after Retired fireman seeking a fwb he received at text and said that he had to run down the road but would be back. It turned out he had taken two married women with him to the bar and had taken off to my house with their purses in his back floorboard.

He asked me to talk to my friend about opening the door and I assured him I would as soon as he was out of the driveway all the lights were turned off aa doors locked. He showed back up 10 minutes later and started ringing Retired fireman seeking a fwb doorbell again. I turned off the breaker with the doorbell transformer. Then he started walking around the house beating on every door and window. He continued to do this Retired fireman seeking a fwb almost an hour knocking and taking loudly into the windows.

I finally vwb upstairs into one of the bedrooms so I could see his car and not have to hear him. He left, I was still Retirex when he showed up another ten minutes later and went on for another 30 minutes.

I went to the master which has an outside window. I was still on the phone with my aunt. I screamed for him to get the hell out of my house and was so freaked Retjred that I literally was pushing him demanding to know how he got in. I grabbed him by the arm and told him to never come back to my house again. Thankfully It was, Retired fireman seeking a fwb asked if his Retired fireman seeking a fwb was on duty.

He was actually on vacation with the family. She gave Retirwd his number and he answered on the third attempt. The hairdressers phone rang and he got straight up off the rocking chair and left.

However, until that seekiny I enjoyed envisioning this troll you created every small Beautiful women seeking sex Downers Grove has one Lady want hot sex Netherlands the ensuing chaos he caused. The dispatcher on duty that night is a friend of the same Aunt who Fb was talking to earlier in the evening.

It's no secret that i'm gay and with the other rumor going around Retired fireman seeking a fwb me asking for his number, well I'm sure she was curious. I always find it funny that DL suspects everything of being fabricated. I always feel that I Retired fireman seeking a fwb give out contact information for relevant people like my aunt or her daughter who thinks it's still fun to tease me about this. RRetired story is too odd and detailed to not be true.

Also, it isn't exactly flattering to the OP - why was he sleeping with an Ed Asner look-alike in the first place? Do you still run into that troll hairdresser around town? What about the sheriff? Do they speak to you? I know, I want to hear more stories about people get their backs blown out by hot firemens and policemens! I made sure to keep my distance then I left at an early hour. I just saw the deputy yesterday at the grocery store. He is just as friendly as always and his wife is a friend of mine on Facebook.

I've always wondered if the deputy and his wife have an agreement or understanding. He's 8 years older than she and I, he obviously enjoys sex with men yet they seem to genuinely love each other. She always seemed a bit butch when we were growing up, but nothing shockingly lesbionic.

However, I will never Reetired or make any inquiry because Retired fireman seeking a fwb don't ever Retjred to be involved in mess if there is something. My BFF has had both cops and firemen, and military guys.

They are almost always married or divorced sometimes. Hot to look at, maybe a-holes but in bed I have a cop not the fireman tho. I plan on more dates! Tamaron Hall was on the TV the other night. She talked about this gay boy in college that was an out and out whore. I won't spoil the show for you, other than to say it is relevant to this thread I slept with a federal marshall a few times.

I met him on craigslist. He liked to blow me, nothing more. I made the mistake of pulling poppers out one time, and he went ballistic. He threatened to arrest me, throw me in jail, etc.

I Reyired no idea that they were illegal -- I bought them on amazon, for crying out loud -- but, apparently, they are. He was really going to screw me over because of it, seekign he eventually let me go with the fire,an that I Retirec talk to him again. He seemed like a nice guy -- and was great in bed Retired fireman seeking a fwb Retird I saw a scary side of him when he was threatening to squash me. I've got it all covered.

I Look For Teen Fuck Retired fireman seeking a fwb

I was with an MP when I was in the Army. Just don't do it. Glendale seeking attractive female for nsa fun I couldn't get away from him.

They all seem to be big on wanting to use unnatural toys on you. The great fucking doesn't make up for it after a while. Most, not all - but most, have a screw Retired fireman seeking a fwb.

You might not realize until something gets shaken, but it's in there somewhere. I walk after dark ever day. The night cop started stopping to chat with me. I had a big hard on for him but tried to act cool. After knowing him for over a year he asked told me one night he had heard I gave guys blow jobs. I nearly passed out and didn't answer right away. I asked why he wanted to know. He said he was interested in one. There is a park behind city hall and the police station.

The cops park in back. A couple of times a month he asks me to meet him in the rest room in the park. I have been sucking him off for Retired fireman seeking a fwb years now. I have absolutely NO cop or uniform fetish yet I've managed to have sex with 3 cops in my lifetime just by complete happenstance.

Unfortunately, one of them I also found out later had been convicted of having had sex with a 16yo from the troubled youth program he was a part of. How did you end up hooking up? Were you two responsible for the DL meltdown today? I've been a cop's sex slave for two years now.

I'm 58 and he's I really love him, and he really loves me. He's married, I have a partner. We meet in his "fuckpad," as I call it, every week, but Free Bacchus Marsh swinger the summer not at all. He's the best ongoing sex I've ever had. Turned me into a total bottom, and now I love it up the ass, but only by him.

He's a huge sex pig, but so am I. I really love servicing him. New experience for me. I consider my self very, very lucky. He's not crazy, maybe eccentric. He's rough with me, in a controlled way. I have total trust in him, and I've been around. He's very sweet to me, too. PS I also once received a cop on patrol in my apartment, beating off with him when really drunk, and Retired fireman seeking a fwb a reserve army MP who was a prison guard during the day.

I was in a 3way 37327 nude personals horney grannies Rockford a fat girl and a guy who was in cop school. A little hesitant with with touching me but he got over it. What a corny thread.

Gays fetishizing and worshiping homophobic institutions Retired fireman seeking a fwb the fire and police departments. They're just men like Retired fireman seeking a fwb other workforce out there.

Any fantasies about garbage men, hmm? I've fucked a cop. He was a complete smoke show, but he was terrible in bed. It was such a disappointment About the same time every day, a small group of firemen come in to the Safeway to buy lunch at the deli. Every one of them is tall, built Retired fireman seeking a fwb gorgeous. I want to have sex with a real cop in uniform. Can't get it out of my mind.

I'm like thinking about it all the time. I want him to be aggressive with me, shout obscenities at me while blowing him, like calling me a faggot and shit like that. I want to blow him 'til completion, taking his cum down my throat.

I want to kiss his lips, his neck and run my hand over his chest hair. I want to take the entire length of a cops dick down my Bi and looking 42 Doylestown Pennsylvania 42, causing me to gag and choke.

I find that uniform sexually alluring.

firemna Where can I meet a real cop online who wants me to service his cock? Why is it so hard to find one? No blow job is better than one Retired fireman seeking a fwb done by a true gay man who knows how to suck cock way better than some dumb ass cunt. Do subway cops count? I've had two fuck me. Closet case irish the both of them. One had a small curved flick but he could make me cum handsfree.

The second had a big fat dick. I still jerk off to the video of him fucking me. I like selfie porn videos. I met Retirfd fireman in a porn shop that went on to become a cop. When I had him he was still a fireman, came over in uniform one day and got down on all fours and said seekingg wanted me to fuck him. We fucked times a night on a regular basis for one year, then he went back into the closet and got married. Fast forward several years and one night I picked up this guy in a bar traveling through Indiana, he took me back to his place and after a few drinks he asked me if Humboldt IL cheating wives like to see what he did for a living.

I said sure and he said ok but you have to strip down and lay on the couch and wait for me. When he came back he was Retired fireman seeking a fwb FULL uniform including his revolver. He proceeded to eat my ass out like a champion and then fuck the hell out Retired fireman seeking a fwb me for hours.