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The details are up to you, and I'm a genuinely nice guy. Your pic gets mine. I am educated, well traveled and have a very nice home and good job.

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Login to Your Account. Results 1 to 20 of We are actually meeting a couple for drinks We're actually meeting the "poly" couple for drinks tonight.

I didn't mention it before because so much seemed tenuous, but no, it's happening, tonight. I know that our firsts are pretty lame right now, no exotic and erotic scenes here yetbut we're taking things slow. Considering how nervous Maltq am right now, that's probably a good thing. I wish we could just jump in like that!

I will be sure to update after we meet.

Every first step is a milestone. The fact that you have arrived at this point is something that should be celebrated. The trust and commitment, the communication, the strength of your relationship have all got to be amazing and even that is better than most relationships and should be celebrated. We are excited for you as well.

Take it easy and enjoy the experience. Don't set expectations too high, look at it as you are Meet for drinks tonight 1st Malta on me meeting another couple with whom you share a common interest with Good luck and we wish you the best Hooker woman searching bi couples it's also okay if things don't spark as well.

Let us know how it goes. I'm so excited for you guys! Just remember, it's just meeting for drinks. If you or Mr. Prufrock aren't comfortable with them, then you had a nice night out meeting new people and that's it.

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I don't know if there's plans to go elsewhere if Meet for drinks tonight 1st Malta on me Maltaa click but if so, don't let that pressure you. Don't be afraid to say no. And come up with a signal between you two to let each other know if you're interested or not a kick tonighy the table, pulling on a thumb or pinky, etc.

I hope you and Mr. Prufrock have fun this evening! We've all got "junk", mine just happens to be in the trunk. Actually, it's everywhere except for the headlights! If it happens within the borders of the State of Ohio, what could possibly go wrong? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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We have an understanding that if one of us mentions that they forgot to feed the animals that we are 'not interested' There's a mutual agreement that we aren't playing on the first meeting, so at least that pressure is off. I will foe let you all know how it goes!

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You've gotten a lot of good advice already, so I'll just say good luck and have fun! Not all kn who wander are lost. Good luck and have fun!!! We always have that same mutual agreement, but if one person isn't interested in the other couple, why waste too much time on them we've met some great people but we've also met some total train wrecks.

It is certainly exciting!! Enjoy the experience and conversation - not playing takes the pressure off and drinks pn better than dinner for a first meet. You'll be fine and we are excited to hear how it goes! There's time for sleep when you're dead. So, how did it go? So, it went really well and we all got along, but Mr. Prufrock and I don't think it will go beyond friendship. First and foremost being lack of sexual attraction.

I have more to add on this but I think I'll talk about it in the other Attraction thread I started somewhere. Second is that they didn't seem terribly connected as a couple.

I'm not sure if it was nerves or the dirnks that it was a long day or what, but it took Mrs. PolyCouple a long time to warm up. Add to that she did a TON of eye-rolling at comments her husband made. One or two in jest, is just fine.

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You know, like he has a hobby she's not into and she kind of exasperatingly rolls her eyes to be silly. However, she did it a lot, and it kind of made me uncomfortable. The second thing was he dropped, somewhere in the conversation, the fact that they were in bankruptcy. I'm pretty sure it was a slip-of-the-tongue.

Now, I could care less what their financial situation is, in fact I'd prefer not to know, but now Meet for drinks tonight 1st Malta on me I DO know, I recognize what a tnoight having money problems puts on a perfectly good marriage.

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I don't 1stt, those two things seem like red flags to me Am I overanalyzing here? We had a great time, it was a ton of fun getting dressed up, and for once I felt like talking to strangers came to me naturally. Prufrock actually came out of his shell and talked too not going to lie, I was worried about that. We had some things in common and were able to have that moment at the end of the night where you Meet for drinks tonight 1st Malta on me at the clock and realize three hours flew by without ever realizing it.

I'm just not sure if we'd be compatible as anything other than friends. No, you drknks overanalyzing, you are spot Meet for drinks tonight 1st Malta on me in fact. The bankruptcy thing in and of itself wouldn't mean anything to us one way or another, but, like you say, that is a huge stress on a marriage and then tomight you see what you think are signs of that stress being manifested, then that's just further confirmation something isn't quite where it needs to be with toniyht.

What you experienced is pretty much par for the course. You had fun, surprised yourself with how well you interacted with strangers, had a pleasant visit with them even if nothing is to come of it, and maybe made some new friends but not playmates. More often than not, that's how those meets will go, and then all of a sudden, bam, you'll hit the drink match and the chemistry bursts into flames. In the same circumstances, we would do Jeffersontown grannies ladies what you are doing.

Still, you went out, met some new people, had a good time, and probably had pretty good sex after you got home. Still, this is why we're always stressing meeting another couple sooner than waiting until later.

There was no spark, and that's a big important thing IOHO. Move on and start looking for couple 2 and report back.

Meet for drinks tonight 1st Malta on me Ready Dick

Be patient, don't compromise, have fun, and it will all eventually fall into place. Congratulations--your first "first date"!

If you approach meeting other couples via SLS Maltw some similar site, you'll probably find the following.

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The math isn't that bad. IM and phone conversations are limited in both time and effort costs. If you plan the dates as just the two of you but with the excitement of meeting another couple as a plus, you'll look forward to those times, and it might be a couple or three months before there's interest, comfort and chemistry.

Did you tell them about Swingersboard?

Originally Posted by JAPrufrock. I mentioned I was on a message board, but I didn't plug it. Mainly because I wanted to be able to be candid with you guys.

I am often similarly Meet for drinks tonight 1st Malta on me. And now you know my devilish reason for asking. I wish we could be candid on our SLS profile and recommend SB to others through there but then Woman want nsa Edgarton West Virginia lose any anonymity we currently have when asking for situational help and wouldn't want other couples to wonder if we were talking about them here.

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