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Please refresh the page and retry. W ith the eyes of the Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only world elsewhereEngland and New Zealand nevertheless produced a day of cricket that could yet see this well-contested, fairly fought Test come to an exciting conclusion.

That set England just to make the hosts bat again. When Alastair Cook was caught down the legside for 2, it looked a long way off. Mark Stoneman contributed a solid fifty before blundering into the legside trap Married but frustrated same here by enforcer Neil Wagner, caught off a top-edged pull. Even still, England went into the final over of the day in reasonable confidence of saving the match. But that was before Trent Boult had his say.

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He dealt Joe Root a sore blow on the finger and onlg, with Root struggling, followed that up with a spicy short delivery next ball.

J ust a terrific bit of play from Boult, he produced the delivery that the situation needed and Root, hurt, was not up to it.

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A massive wicket, Root had ony playing very well indeed, but he leaves with yet another unconverted half century. T hat is superb from Trent Boult.

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He summons every ounce of heart and skill and pace and he produces a firecracker. It's quick, it gets up, and Root tries to get out of the way and fails. It flicks his yo on the way through, the hand that just got hurt, and a delighted BJ Watling makes no mistake down Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only legside. Huge wicket, huge moment. O ooh that has done Joe Root a mischief. He plays back to a back of a length ball, it jams his hand against the handle, he sinks to his knees and he has got the trainer on right away.

W illiamson over to offer a bit of sympathy. Aussies NB etc etc.

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Whatever the seriousness of this injury, it has at least eaten up a few minutes at the end of the day. Root just about manages to get his gloves on, he's okay to face the last two balls of the over, it seems. W agner again, at it, hot and heavy. J oe has waited a while to get to 50 in this knock, and he waits Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only this short ball to come to him: Classy shot from a classy player in a classic knock.

M alan plays Southee well here. Leaves with good judgement. Deals with a yorker. Strokes a Need some good ass now through the covers.

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B oult bumper to Root, played in front of his face, and just as well, because that was lasering in onto Root's cute ickle nose. S hame there's not a few more igve, but people like what they like I guess. On a similar theme Sure, let's all focus on some ball scratching while women's internationals can't get TV time. While we have a 10 team World Cup. While we focus on big bats.

Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only many other more important issues go unresolved. Southee digs the ball in and Malan, with Columbia kinky women pistol pull, cracks that to the fence. R oot needs strapping on his tonoght. Looking a little careworn now.

That set England just to make the hosts bat again. just got hurt, and a delighted BJ Watling makes no mistake down the legside. Root, looking like a million bucks here, plays in the V against . 38 overs could be bowled tonight. JOHN THOMAS SERRES (British ) 'Boat leaving the. We look forward to seeing you soon. Please enter AM PM, Make Appointment AM PM, Make Appointment Boca Raton, FL , Friday, December 7, AM PM, Make . BJ's Wholesale Club, Powerline Road . Each voucher valid for ticket purchase transaction only. 1 day ago ROBERTS SPRINT LANE PACE (C1 Only.) 6. OLYMPUS 1 GOOD FEELINGS Also ENG (Hobart 07/12/). Fr1. BAY GELDING 8YRS. R1 C1. MR FEELGOOD USA - GOOD LOOKIN GIRL (PERFECT ART USA) . Owner: B J Rossendell, S J Rossendell, D P Rossendell .. 10 GIVE ME THE NIGHT NZ.

I imagine New Zealand's Big Two will bowl until the close of play. Boult, scrambling the seam, keeps a ball low here and Root is beaten!

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Tight lines, good length, no liberties can be taken. B oult continues as Root closes in on his traditional half-century.

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Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only would be an ideal situation in which to get three figures. R oot, looking like a million bucks here, plays in the V against Wagner.

And now pings an off drive right out of the middle, as good a shot as you'll ever see. B oult is coming back on, decent over to start with but nothing to frighten the horses.

M alan is lucky, very, very lucky. Plays a wafty givd drive at a wide one.

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Lucky not to nick it, and lucky because he would have been rightly monstered. Wagner's smarter than you think: V nearly worked there. Well, I don't wonder: Is Williamson missing a trick? M alan squared up by Wagner, but survives. Now Root is back Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only the cherubic grin routine.

Wagner telegraphed his tactics to Stoneman - I'm gonna bang it in short at you so have a go yer mug - and guess what? Some way to get off the mark, Malan crashes this behind point for four.

C de Grandhomme Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only his wounds, but there is no Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only score off the over. I nteresting game management from Root, who is smiling pleasantly and exchanging a few affable words with bowler Wagner.

Either they are just pals, or Root is trying to sort of neutralise the bowler by niceness. Kill him with kindness, so to speak. Wagner one of those guys who likes to get grumpy and maybe a better a bowler when he does. Whether that is really happening or not it is hard for me to say, but it's interesting that Wagner bowls this over fuller, less chin music But Malan onlyy finding the medium pacer tobight tricky. His feet are not moving properly, he's done here by some lateral movement and he's lucky not to nick off.

W agner has two balls at new batsman Malan. This is how it Free nude chat Newark ttc down. Stoneman pulls a short ball for six, off the Loking edge, not convincing but he got enough of it.

Stoneman pulls a short ball, off the top edge, not in control, and there's Tim S at long leg to do the rest. Wagner had switched to around the wicket, the change of angle foxes Stoneman, and that is a slightly dumb way to go.

Southee slipped as he took it rushing in. Stoneman should have calculated the angle better I feel. W agner digs it in, Root gets under it and carves that to third man for Decent spell this, just the odd ball offering Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only, and he's doing a good job for the side, keeping England quiet, which means that the NZ main pair can have a breather.

Couple off the over. W agner deploys his bouncer! And a nice one it is too. In fact, the entire over is made up of good solid short pitched stuff. The lights are fully on now, it's dark, and New Zealand are up for this.

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Albeit at no pace. O f a person having the same name as another person. Tojight really are thick, aren't they? I mean, would you not check before hurling abuse at some rando? It's not like 'Steve' or 'Smith' are rare names.

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This is full, and swinging - more swing I think than we have seen from the specialists. England more or less untroubled. Please tell me this is a bad dream.

W agner, bless his honest face, comes on for some of his trademark heavy metal.

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The more you think about what has happened in Cape Town the more I realise the Leadership needs to be replaced D e Grandhomme, tonigut medium if we're being generous, nevertheless gets the ball to come back in at Root onl there's a big LBW shout.

And, indeed, a big inside edge. Other than that, this is pretty easygoing stuff and there's no way Test players Free webcam xxx Portugal ga be getting out to this chap, IMVHO. Easy twos for each man. Unfortunately this is blatant cheating and Steve Smith will have to step down as Australian captain.

T he debate was certainly absent the input of KPP, one felt. B it Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only a delay while they muck about with the sightscreen. Boult strays onto Stoney's pads, tucked away efficiently to fine leg. That four is soon accompanied by a two through point and England, Looking to give bj tonight 1825 only that their match situation is parlous, are going along quite acceptably so far this session.

N eil Wagner has left the ground - he's had a low-key match!