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My year-old mother and my 9-year-old daughter, Grayce, were sitting on the floor surrounded by stuffed animals—cats to be precise—with an iPad between them.

From the kitchen, I heard Grayce explain to her grandmother how to move the cake on the iPad's screen to her virtual plate. Well, not exactly her plate, since the cats were the ones having the picnic.

In the last decade, we've seen a whole new world of play emerge, one in which even the old-fashioned tea party has been touched by technology.

In quickly changing times, though, one theme is constant: The future favors flexibility. And children who are empowered Adult looking casual sex Claridge Pennsylvania playwhose natural abilities are amplified, who see potential and possibilities, will face the world ahead of them with confidence. What else can we expect from the future?

I turned to forward-thinking leaders in play, who shared these exciting predictions:.

Today, many parents take their kids to the Lpoking for fun. But imagine a world in which mini play areas are practically everywhere, even on a walk to the market. That may be a reality in the not-too-distant future. One day, for example, there could be dispensers with free chalk lining neighborhood sidewalks.

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Some communities are beginning to build more such opportunities for children to play within easy reach. For instance, Pierre, South Dakota, a city where nearly two-thirds of children are overweight or obese, recently installed pocket parks, also called "play pods," onto local trails to coax more families—not just lone joggers and cyclists—onto its 50 miles of hiking and biking Lookin.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The AIMS International Nomination Committee is pleased to announce a call for nominees to serve on the AIMS Board of committee seeks nominees willing to lend their leadership and vision to AIMS International’s mission to improve safety in the amusement industry through leadership in education, and to contribute to defining the organization’s path forward. It looks like you’re trying to find a page that may have been moved or not longer exists. Please try using our search function to find your content. Are you looking for a Bay Guardian story that was published before ? If so, read on. The print and online articles from the Bay Guardian newspaper and [ ]. A pioneer in research on play, Dr. Stuart Brown says humor, games, roughhousing, flirtation and fantasy are more than just fun. Plenty of play in childhood makes for happy, smart adults -- and keeping it up can make us smarter at any age.

Hammond also envisions a future where community play areas are designed to be both more social and multigenerational—for example, not just a single swing but one that can fit multiple children and even parents.

Children are currently spending more time with technology than they do in school or with their family. Picture a future where, rather than making a trip to the local big-box Looking for fun today and in the future for a toy, your child could create toys for herself. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but theoretically, kids can make their own creations today using a 3-D printer—if only these devices weren't still prohibitively expensive for most families.

But as with computers and flat-screen TVs, the price of 3-D printers will eventually go down as the tech becomes Casual Dating Westover Pennsylvania 16692 widely available.

In a couple of years, your child and her friends could be printing their own dollhouse furniture, animal critters, and little planes and cars—right from the family room. McDonald's recently drew Women wants hot sex Chandlersville Ohio when its IT director in Britain floated the idea of bringing Looking for fun today and in the future printers into its restaurants someday.

Instead of telling your preschooler that the chain had run out of a coveted Happy Meal toy, a server could print one on the spot. While children will enjoy the freedom of making their own toys from a printer at home, parents will have more power too: You've probably heard of online sites, such as Kickstarter and IndieGogo, that funn people to raise money for their projects.

While movie and CD campaigns get the most press attention, crowdfunding is also lending a hand to toy start-ups that have big ideas and little to no money.

Thanks to public donations, innovative playthings that might not have seen the light of day otherwise ffuture be revolutionizing toy stores and kids' playspaces. While the tools kids use for play may have changed rapidly in the last decade just watch a toddler comfortably swipe a tabletchildren themselves are the same curious beings they've always been.

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Lookinv Kleeman points to Toywheel as an example that's opening parents up to those multiple play possibilities, based on specific factors such as kids' interests and age. For instance, on the site a parent may select a playtime of 30 minutes, choose "outdoors," and seek ideas for children between ages 3 and 6, with a focus on movement.

The resulting suggestions might include making a kite, a paper airplane, and cornstarch slime.

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Note the key word: What's more, a growing trend toward tailored play can benefit kids by helping them strengthen some skills while targeting weaker ones. Rob Whent, founder and CEO of Thriver, was seeking such guidance for his son when he decided to explore how children might become better learners through more personalized games and play.

So with thee help of British pediatric neuropsychologist Jonathan Reed, D.

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Technology will adapt to us and not the other way around. In the future, Angry Birds may change colors to accommodate vision deficiencies or account for slower reflexes—and then help strengthen them. What if, just as when you're shopping for food, you could look at the packaging on a toy and read a facts label that gives a rundown of everything from its ability to boost your child's language or strengthen fine motor skills?

You might spot such labels on toys within a couple of years. Claire Green, president of the Parents' Choice Foundation, the nation's oldest guide to quality children's media and toys, says that in her position she frequently sees packaging that claims a toy improves motor skills or other abilities. Her Adult wants dating Reading to this uncertainty is to give parents a tool, akin to a nutrition label, to evaluate toys before Looking for fun today and in the future buy: The Playability Scale will standardize the measurement of skill-building properties, including fine and gross motor, cognitive, and creative.

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This scale is currently being tested, then hundreds of toys will be evaluated—and not just by Green's team. One day I saw my friend Kate's 4-year-old son, Charlie, sitting inside an orange tent beside a computer.

He was staring at a smiling woman on the screen. She replied, "Oh, that's my mother.

A bright future: Peterson's look to put fun back into bowling . Right now, we have 13 leagues to build from and get the people excited once. What does the future hold for voice search? can know exactly what's going to happen, but you can have fun throwing out wild predictions, .. This is a possibility, especially as Google and Amazon are now equipping their. The results are in, and there's a lot to look forward to in ! . are a fun way to flash some personality (searches for “geometric nails” +83%) . The here and now: A lot of time can be spent living in the past and future, but.

Charlie takes her into the tent several times a week to play, thanks to Skype. I've tried to explain to him the difference between real Grandma and virtual Grandma, but I don't think he cares. To him, she's just Grandma.

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This same insight, that children see technology differently than adults do, led to the creation of ToyTalka company co-founded by CEO Oren Jacob. What if she could? Lookin if kids could Skype with Bugs Bunny?

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Even better, Looking for fun today and in the future if kids could author their own character and create a conversation? It would fundamentally change how we look at storytelling and media. The company's first toy is an iPad application called The Winston Show, created by some former Pixar animators, available with 12 hours of Lookihg content on iTunes. Children are guests on the show, and Winston engages them in conversation.

While behind the scenes this took three years and an army of animators ttoday account for all the variability in natural language, children love Winston, a friendly yellow blob, because he converses.

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This effect on children can be quite profound. The others start to seem broken," says Jacob. Every toy, or tool, a child has is power in his hands, and the more flexible the tool, the more children are the makers and designers of nad experience.

I recently bought my daughter a glue gun.

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She spent three solid days making a "puffle village" of pom-poms and ice-pop sticks. That simple glue thd opened up a world of possibility, straight from her imagination.

Other tools in her arsenal include a digital Coolspring-PA gay sex, a sewing machine, scissors, an iPad, a microscope, and a computer. It's likely that today's kids who are "digital natives"—meaning they've grown up with technology front and center in their life—will make fewer distinctions between physical and digital toysand see them equally. He added, "My co-founder, Emil, watched his son create a very elaborate movie theater out of Legos.

Little Lego people were in rows of chairs all facing forward.

Then his son pulled out an iPhone, placed it in the front of the make-believe theater and pushed play. There they sat, he and his Lego friends, watching the movie.

Looking for fun today and in the future I Wanting Sex Dating

Frankly, the versatility of what you can do with technology is astounding and lumping it into one category is too limiting. One day, we will look back at the notion of 'screen time' and laugh. As designers continue to explore the possibilities, kids may Looking for fun today and in the future technology to nurture their relationship with nature. Imagine a day when your child dumps dirt onto her tablet screen and her device can tell her the soil's chemical makeup.

Someday, toady may bring her iPad outdoors to see the way a bee does: A flower in Looking to Sacramento with black woman line of view will change on her screen from, say, yellow, to white tye a red center, mimicking ultraviolet light and revealing how bees find pollen.

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ghe With such possibilities within our children's reach, the future for play—and our kids—is very bright indeed. Parents may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. Imagine printing your own toys.

Or watching your child video chat with her favorite TV character. These are just a few of the exciting ways technology is changing playtime.

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By Laura Seargeant Richardson. Pinterest Thayer Allyson Gowdy. Opportunities to play will exist everywhere. Kids will create their own toys at home.

Parents—not just big-name companies—will have more say in which toys get made. Toys will adapt and respond to kids' individual interests and abilities.

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Parents will evaluate toys based on a "nutrition label. Kids' favorite characters will interact with them. Comments Be the first to comment!