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Login or Sign Up. Should my girlfriend pay rent? Previous 1 2 template Next. August 8th, I've lived with my girlfriend for about four years.

I have a wellpaid job and she is on a good postgrad student loan about 12k a year. She doesn't make any contribution to the rent and never has. If we're in the supermarket she will pay for half the shopping but that's it -- she doesn't pay any other domestic bills.

I Sex chat Maberly not a mean person and don't have dzting very high mortgage, but I don't like the reaction I get when this subject comes up.

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She gets very defensive and angry. I have to pay to live here, if I had a lodger they would too, but for some inexplicable reason she doesn't. If she lived here for 5 or 10 more years does she think this would just go on the same way? Is this fair, yes or no? Uh she's a student, bolls she's your girlfriend.

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If she had income it would be another story. If she's as burdensome as your average roommate, kick her out. I own my own house and my boyfriend lives with me. We do have an arrangement for rent and other bills. It is not much as it is not like he has his own room so it is far lower than a standard rent situation but it is something.

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The thing that will be tough is bringing this up now rather than four years ago. I dont think that anyone should think it is ok to live somewhere for free, especially when the person who is paying the bills would like something to bendfits the expenses. How you are going to bring this up and get things to change escapes me Additionally, her being a student even a full-time or Ladies seeking real sex Haltom City grad student doesn't mean she couldn't get a job.

It's not fun, but it's possible.

It took longer, but he supported himself by himself. I'm a hard person apparently I'd be telling her to pay rent, water, utilities, etc. If she uses half - she pays for half.

You've let this go on for four years without changing. Now you're getting bitter over it, dent that you're paying for almost everything and she's contributing little to nothing.

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Livs awfully hard to demand she pay for everything halfsies if you didn't establish that in the beginning. Unless she's pulling equal weight in other ways Wives want nsa Jeromesville. However, since you established early on wit for four years - that you were "okay" with the arrangement by continuing to allow her to stay there without contributing monetarily I agree that the big problem here is that I've allowed this to go on for so long unchallenged.

It's like trying to get people to pay for reading things free online. It's always been free so why change now.

So it's my fault deep down, is what I'm saying here. I don't think it's your fault.

I hardly think you cared that much when she moved in, or else I think you would have made an arrangement from the start. I agree with BabyDiva in that she should criend pulling her weight in some way. If it's not in money then it should be in taking care of the house in some fashion.

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If she does live with you another ten years, imagine what kind of resentment you'll have then. Do you want to go through another five years of this unresolved issue? So what about actually working out a decent solution to how much you think she should pay.

Sez if it's proportional her salary? Perhaps she might consider that fair. And if she's really a postgraduate then surely she'll get a better job in the future and this rough proportionality guide ought to be easy to follow.

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Perhaps you should start out witn saying something like "I really feel that we should both contribute to our living together. I know we've had problems in the past but we really, really must talk about it because it's something I'd like to sort out. Since you make less than me, you wouldn't have to contribute as much, but I think it wsnt fair that we both contribute according to our means and resources. What do you think?

Give it a shot. Surely her loan has been given to her to help her meet essential costs like rent?

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Is she just using this extra money as disposable income? As for bills, if she's using half she should be paying half, simple as.

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My guy and I contribute to each other's household expenses even if we just stay at each Live sex dating rent bills want a friend with benefits places for a couple of nights. You really wamt to talk about this as soon as possible. She's freeloading and she knows it - hence her anger when you try and bring the subject up. It's not your responsibility to pay for her keep. When I was on student loans, they took into account the fact I'd be paying rent, etc and gave me money accordingly AND I went to school full time, and still worked 20 hours a week to make extra money.

There is no reason for her NOT to be contributing either from her loans, or from a part-time Girls looking for sex Blackwell MO. One of my friends from our post grad program had TWO part time jobs to pay for school, rent, etc. That being said, it's gone on SO long without her paying rent that one might be tricky to work out I never had to ask or bring rennt up to him It's odd to me your benefirs isn't contributing, or offering to - she must realize she's doing it as someone else Live sex dating rent bills want a friend with benefits.

Rush, scramble, desperation, this missed, that left behind, those others too big to fit into such a small space-- that's the way life was meant to be. You're supposed to be too late for some wznt.

Should my girlfriend pay rent? - The Relationship Forums

Don't worry about it. August 9th, If it's rent on an apartment, that's one thing, but for a mortgage, it's kind of different I mean, you're talking about having her pay part of a loan you made way before you knew her.

If you get married, make sure the prenup puts the house in your hands. I definitley think she should do something to help out. I'm a student, and I know all about student loans and how much they suck but I also have a part time job to pay for things of my own even though I live with my mom still.

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I know things are tight in many places now but she could atleast look. If she's not able to help with the mortgage she could pay a bill or two or foot the whole grocery bill next time. Originally posted by BabyDiva View Post.

Originally posted by automorphism View Post. Originally posted by Kuky View Post. I can understand why she gets upset about it.

In the long run, you will benefit and not her.

Also, you are changing the original "agreement" as nonverbal as it was. Why are you so interested in her paying now?

Friends with benefits: The relationships where male and female I want him to be happy and meet the right girl, but when he's dating I get. This scam is different than the other online dating tricks, such as the Free Meal Scheme, New In Town, Sex Extortion or Admirer Card. Let's keep reading. In addition to collecting $ in unemployment benefits each week, Elrod made ends She scraped together just enough to rent a square-foot garage with a bundle of $50 and $ bills in her purse, she'd hang a right and . Around this same time, he also introduced Elrod to a friend of his—a bank.

Do you really need the help or is it more of a power struggle between you two? Does she clean the house, run errands for you, etc.

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Maybe you could ask her to pay for her cell phone, car note or insurance, etc. You know, her personal expenses.

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She may be less abrasive about that idea and it would still mean less money out of your pocket. Benny - If you and your wife decided she was going to stay at home If you don't think she should have the luxury Live sex dating rent bills want a friend with benefits staying at home while you work - why don't the two of you talk about her getting a JOB?

Is there a reason why she doesn't work? You speak of your wife in a very negative way If she's just "hanging around the house" then you two need to have a conversation.

BTW- Read the quote again. I did not say anywhere in there that there was EQUAL contribution, just that you're assured more of actual contribution. If both parties are drawing a paycheck, then typically it goes into some form of a joint witb. Both pay for groceries.

Both pay for utilities.