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On election night, one state in the nation voted to legalize marijuana, raise the minimum wage, and add an extra level of environmental protection for sensitive ecosystems facing development.

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Governor who appears to be about to go down in flames to a non-partisan gubernatorial ticket. And I stick with that. If you ask Ladyy what they want, you will get progressive answers. Keep it classy Don Young. Welcome to the Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska, nonsensical world of Alaska politics. This was the race the country was watching, and which Ted Cruz and Mitt Romney traveled north to tell us Faairbanks be the decider in whether the Senate turned Republican or not.

Well, it would have turned Republican anyway, and now Alaska gets screwed out of seniority, and clout, and having one senator in each party. Thanks Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska and Mittens. He won a local race in Anchorage by 13 votes once.

Will the Alaska comeback kid do it again? Begich will make a statement on the race after counts arrive from the seventy outstanding villages and when the number of outstanding absentee and questioned ballots is clear. Number crunching can be found HERE.

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Yes, Don Young Local black free pussy AGAIN — even after making horrible insensitive remarks about suicide and gay Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska sex to a room Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska of high school students who had just been through the suicide of a classmate.

Don Young could eat a puppy on live television, dance a naked jig, Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska give the entire state of Alaska the finger and still get elected. The whole experience did, however, reveal an Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska, thoughtful, and charismatic Democratic candidate in Forrest Dunbar.

And we can hope he will resurface in the political future. His campaign released the following statement Wednesday morning:. House for the next two years: At Election Central on Tuesday night, Dunbar was asked repeatedly if he will run for the Congressional seat again in While he has not ruled it out, he will not make an announcement in the remainder of From the first release of numbers Porno chat Augustarichmond county election night, the independent ticket of Walker and Mallott maintained a narrow lead over the Republican incumbent Sean Parnell and his running mate Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan the other Dan Sullivan.

Absentee ballots will factor heavily in this race, and it could go Black women sex Greece way. We cannot begin to adequately thank our wonderful families, and all our campaign workers, volunteers, and supporters. They are dedicated Alaskans, one and all. Alaska faces difficult times and tough choices.

And for anyone wondering why Byron Mallott was not at Election Central last night, he actually had a pretty good excuse. His plane out of Juneau was struck by lightning prior to takeoff, and was grounded. Both candidates stated they will carefully watch the election Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska in Edson KS wife swapping coming days and weeks and are hopeful that the positive trend in the numbers continues.

An anti-union ordinance ushered through the Anchorage Assembly in a series of agonizing political strategeries this year by Mayor Dan Sullivan has finally been overturned. The vote was decisive opposed to Ordinance Gov wannabe, Dan Sullivan, loses — he will no longer be Mayor, nor Lt.

Gov, and his shining achievement will have been overturned by the will of the people. Alaska has now legalized marijuana, which will be regulated like alcohol throughout the state. This ballot measure gathered an assortment of very strange bedfellows indeed. The NO campaign was headed by a former Executive Director of the Democratic Party; conservatives called libertarians liberals; progressives called Democrats traitors; and high school kids are cheering despite the fact that it will now be harder for them to obtain pot.

The NO side was a modern day reefer Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska, and even brought in an expert to blow something up in a mock hash oil explosion.

And yet, the measure has passed, and we can now stop wasting time and money arresting Alaskans for Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska safer than alcohol; bring new jobs to the economy; and move on to other issues. Now, even if permits are granted, Pebble mine would have to be signed off on by the legislature. A slew of local races were also decided, and the final results of all can be seen HEREbut here are observations of note Looking foe woman who love getting there pussy licked and fucked some of those races.

She got the short end of the stick, but proved to be a vivacious and tenacious campaigner with a lot to offer. We hope we see her again.

I once sat on a porch with Verne Rupright and drank too much. We hope to see Hummel again.

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As it stands Matt Claman is ahead of conservative Anand Dubey in a district that went overwhelmingly for Obama — by only 35 votes. I remember the last time she ran.

She lost that race, but undaunted returned, and now she will be in Juneau. This will be interesting.

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So, there you have it. In other words, business as usual. After the recovery from this cycle, all eyes will turn to Lisa Murkowski, Senate Republican Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska is up for re-election wnats Well now, things are looking interesting. Time to dust off the keyboard! I certainly hope Walker pulls this off. It does not matter in the Gov. Walker or Parnell it is the same thing.

Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska

One of them was just better at fooling Alaska Democrats. Ah- are Alaskan Democrats fooled?

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Or are they taking a chance the unity ticket meant what it said and are prepared, as I am, to hold em to it all? Nor my D neighbors.

Wages are stagnant; millennials are a lost generation with high student loan debt and unaffordable housing; the rich just keep getting richer; entire industries are disappearing, work hours are getting longer with lower pay, and life is generally less stable than it used to be.

And it seems like absolutely nothing is going to Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska any of that, no matter who gets into office. As things get worse, the hostility of Americans toward each other and the political process itself is only going to increase.

Liberals feel the same way, as well they should. People say they want compromise because in their personal lives compromise is how normal people solve problems.

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What people want is problems to get solved. Paul Krugman states it precisely: I am jazzed, though knowing the 3 ballot measures passed.

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You are definitely not speaking for all of us in Alaska. Or, is this only open to like minded thinkers? Is this that site where liberals all go sx agree with each other, pat each others backs, and poop all over conservatives? Its quite boring to sit around with a bunch of others who think like me, high fiving as we slam those unable to defend themselves, as they were not invited to the party.

As for the comments on the election itself, I find the blogger who wrote this to be a bit sour. What did they expect? As a person who is fiscally red, and socially Free asian sex Bahamas, a libertarian I can assure you that we are not all religious fanatics.

I grew up when pot was no big deal in AK. It was not a problem, and only became a problem when Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska was re-criminalized. My religious beliefs Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska i cant…. And, for the record, I am not a christian either. Above, there is a comment by Mo says: Faorbanks it he has printed a very offensive blog from some dude named David Atkins, which proves my whole point.

This moron Atkins has no idea what he is talking about, yet, there are quite a few on your team that will just assume that for some reason, this uber-liberal, can somehow understand the minds of those he hates.

I can assure you, Atkins is far off base. Would it not be better to understand Married wives want hot sex Saugatuck realities of those that you and your team perceive as the enemy? Would it not be better to honestly know what they are thinking, rather than just slamming them, and then assuming the slam is also reality? I will admit there probably are a few right wingers out there that think that way, just as there are also a few left wingers out there that think child molesting is OK because its about Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska freedom, and besides, Muslims do it, and they are the darlings of the left.

Or the comments, and perhaps, not all of the comments are based in reality.

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Although, I do agree with the pot thing, the minimum wage, although, its still pretty low compared to other states that do not have the super high cost of living Nude ohio ladies hasand I dont know enough about the Anchorage ordinance 37 to give an opinion. As far as Pebble is concerned, I am both for and against that one…. To me, Begich has the little man Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska, and has been riding on his fathers coat tails all his life.

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Having lost the majority in the senate, his seniority would mean little of nothing come the Aaska session. Little Banty Rooster wanna be! What a loada horsepunky. Or did you just skip on by that part of this convo just to slip in and snark at the blog owner? He voted too many times with the enemy on important issues,but at least he is and always was an Alaskan citizen,not a carpetbagger recruited by Karl Rove to try to steal a seat for wingnuts.

Mayhaps you should lurk some more Ladies looking nsa AR Tamo 71644 see how things really are here. Ms Jeanne gives due credit to wingnuts when they ever do the right thing for all of Alaskans. Brush up on them. The oligarchs are no doubt Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska chortling about how easy Lady wants sex Fairbanks Alaska was slip that one over.