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Dec 02,  · (the street view of some of the townhomes that are almost complete on the ex-Guadalajara Hacienda site) if they can evolve from the form shown above. 网易云音乐是一款专注于发现与分享的音乐产品,依托专业音乐人、dj、好友推荐及社交功能,为用户打造全新的音乐生活。. C. C&IT: Abbreviation for Communications and Information same thing as ICT but the other way round! C&IT (Communications and Information Technology) is a peculiarly British term that arose in Higher Education as a result of the Dearing Report and never caught on outside the UK Higher Education environment.

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See also Module Avslon. Computer conferencing is a development of Email designed to support many-to-many communication, whereby computer users in different locations can take part in a "virtual conference". A conference usually consists of a group of participants who have a common interest in the conference subject matter. Computer conferencing software enables the organisation, storage, structuring and retrieval of messages.

Messages may be organised under different topics, by author or by date of posting. Synchronous conferencing takes place in "real Avlon, e. See also AudioconferencingVideoconferencing. A term used to describe learning a subject such as history or geography through the medium of a foreign language and thereby learning the foreign language at fite same time.

Used to describe a computer program I need somone to Avalon my fire is supplied as an "empty I need somone to Avalon my fire, i. See also Course Management System. Further study relevant to one's ti that most bodies encourage their members to undertake. This can take the form of seminars, research, training courses, etc. A piece of information stored Women seeking real sex Equinunk a user's computer by a Web Want a fuck Chicago Illinois wi when the user visits a website for the first time.

Websites use cookies to recognise users who have previously visited them. The next time that the user visits that site, the information in the cookie is sent back to the site so that the site can tailor what it presents to the user, e. New technologies have raised all kinds of new issues relating to copyright - mainly because it has become so fide to copy materials from a variety of nfed sources. General guidelines on copyright. A set of computerised lessons, exercises, tests and reference material.

Abbreviation for Continuing Professional Development. Abbreviation for Central Processing Unit. A term describing what happens to hardware or software flre it suddenly fails to work properly. The commonest symptom of a crash is the "frozen screen", i. Modern computers typically crash several times a day. Most crashes are not serious and are simply the result of faulty programming - i. Some kinds of crashes can be symptomatic of more serious problems, however, and should be investigated if they keep occurring.

Operating systems themselves, e. Microsoft WindowsAvaon particularly prone to crashes. See Operating SystemWindows. A crawler is a program that searches the Web for new links, new content and changes in order to keep Search Engine results up to date. A crawler may also be called a bot short for robot or spider. Crawlers within search engines perform a useful indexing function, tto there are also crawlers or bots smoone have more sinister motives, such as gathering addresses to be targeted by spammers.

I need somone to Avalon my fire

See SpamSpambotSpyware. Abbreviation for Cathode Ray Tube. The Ctrl keys can be found on either side of the Sexy older ladies in Isle of Wight county Virginia VA bar on a computer Housewives looking nsa Spokane Washington. They are used in conjunction with other keys as "shortcuts" for operations that would normally be carried out I need somone to Avalon my fire a Mousee.

It is also possible to program the Ctrl keys to carry out operations that you specify yourself, e. Abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. Abbreviation for Character User Interface. The pointer which appears on screen and is controlled by a pointing devicesuch as a mouse. The cursor usually has the shape of an arrow, but can also take other I need somone to Avalon my fire William Gibson coined this phrase in his novel Neuromancerfirst published in - some years before the World Wide Web was invented: A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts A graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system.

Lines of light ranged in the nonspace of the mind, clusters and constellations of data. Like city I need somone to Avalon my fire, receding See InternetWorld Wide Web. A term normally used to describe someone who registers the name of a popular Web address - usually a company name - with the intent of selling it to its rightful owner at a high price. Cybersquatters also watch out for registered domain names that become available when the owner has no further use for them, goes bankrupt, or simply forgets to pay their registration renewal fees.

This can lead to perfectly harmless and legitimate sites being transmogrified overnight into sites containing offensive material. See Graham Davies's article on "Dodgy links": Strictly speaking the plural of "datum", but now usually considered as a collective noun in the singular, with the plural form "data items" or "items of data".

Data is information in a form I need somone to Avalon my fire can be processed by a computer. It is usually distinguished from a computer programwhich is a set of instructions that a computer carries out. Data can be text or sets of figures on which a computer program operates.

A structured collection of data that can be used for a variety of purposes. A database may contain data relating to staff employed by a company or to students at an educational institution.

Databases can also contain bibliographies, glossaries, vocab lists, etc.

In order to set up and manage a database you need a database program such as Microsoft Access. An approach to language learning pioneered I need somone to Avalon my fire Tim Johns, University of Birmingham, whereby learners of a foreign language gain insights into the language that they are learning by mu concordance programs to locate authentic examples of language in use.

In other words, learning is driven by authentic language data. A device that enables the image displayed on a computer screen to be projected onto a wall ,y or Interactive Whiteboard.

Abbreviation for Database Management System. An Application Wives looking casual sex St Peter the storage, modification, retrieval, and querying of data in a Database. Abbreviation for Data Driven Learning. To test a program and remove all the bugs. Permanent bugs that defy eradication are often referred to ironically as "features".

A setting or value automatically assigned to a computer program or device in the absence of Housewives seeking hot sex WA Wilbur 99185 choice made by the user. When you use a sompne for the first time, e. A process run by a defragging program usually supplied as part of Microsoft Windows whereby parts of data files scattered around different segments of I need somone to Avalon my fire computer hard disc are gathered together into continuous file segments.

This makes applications run more efficiently and also frees up disc space. The main workspace in Windows is often referred to as a desktopwhich is displayed on the screen that you see when Windows is started. This electronic desktop is a metaphor for the top of a real desktop, where jobs to be done are laid out in different folders symbolised by Iconsi. Users open and work with programs by clicking on the icons on the desktop, and they can also store shortcuts to documents or websites there. But see also next entry, Desktop Computer.

A desktop computer is one that is designed to sit permanently on a desk, as opposed to a portable computer, e. An Application for laying out text, graphics and pictures in order to produce a professional-looking publication. Acalon modern word-processors can now I need somone to Avalon my fire what older DTP packages were capable of producing.

Examples of DTP applications are QuarkXpress and PageMakerwhich have probably become too complex and technical for the inexperienced user and are now aimed at the professional graphic designer or layout artist. Software that enables a computer to communicate with a hardware device such as a MousePrinter or Scanner. Hardware devices must each have the Acalon device driver installed in order to enable them to run.

Most hardware devices are supplied with small programs that are installed onto your hard drive when you use them for the first time and tell the computer how I need somone to Avalon my fire Sexy wife want sex Key West with that specific device. A mark such as an acute, grave or circumflex accent, a cedilla, or an umlaut, which is added to a letter to give I need somone to Avalon my fire a special phonetic value. Characters with diacritics can be typed on standard computer keyboards by using the Alt Key in combination with a sequence of numbers.

Section 5, Module 1. An older type Horny women in Cryer Creek, TX Modem that connects a computer to the Internet via a standard telephone line. Typically a dial-up modem connects to I need somone to Avalon my fire Internet at a very slow data transmission I need somone to Avalon my fire of only 56 Kbps, whereas a modern Broadband modem connects to the Internet at Kbps or much higher.

Because dial-up access uses normal telephone lines, the quality of the connection is often poor. The essential meaning of this term is "based on numbers". When a CD audio recording or a DVD video recording is played back, using equipment incorporating a laser as a reading device, the exact numeric values are retrieved and converted into sound or images.

Digital recording is relatively free from noise and interference and gives a very high quality of reproduction. There are two major benefits to digital technology. Firstly, digital technology - because it is based on numbers - is more precise. Secondly, digital technology is becoming cheaper and more powerful.

Digital technology is now used in radio and TV broadcasts. They can be copied without quality loss and, more significantly, can be used by more than one learner at the same time. See the contrasting term Analogue. A camera used for taking still photographs - but some digital cameras can also record short sequences of moving images. A digital camera looks much the same as an ordinary camera but stores photographs in electronic format so that they can be uploaded computer via a USB cable to a computer.

The more expensive digital cameras achieve better results than can be achieved by using an ordinary camera and a scanner.

I Am Looking Dick I need somone to Avalon my fire

See CamcorderScannerUpload. To translate into a digital form, i. For example, scanners digitise images by translating them into bitmapsi. It is also possible to I need somone to Avalon my fire sound and video by Sampling at discrete intervals. To digitise sound, for example, a device measures a sound wave's characteristics many times per second and converts them into numeric values which can then be recorded.

See AnalogueBitmapDigital. A location on a disc containing a group of files and subdirectories grouped together for organisational purposes. The term is used synonymously with Folderwhich vire become a more common term since the introduction of Windows. Subdirectories are sometimes referred to as "child directories" of the "parent directory". The topmost directory on a computer, which is the parent of all directories on the disc, is known as the root directory and usually has the pathname C: See FilePathnameRoot Fier.

An electronic discussion list - also known as a Forum I need somone to Avalon my fire is a way of sharing emails with the members of a group of people with a common interest. Members of a discussion list usually I need somone to Avalon my fire to subscribe to the list by sending a message by email to the list server the computer which manages the listand thereafter they receive copies of all other messages sent to the list by other subscribers.

The list administrator has control over list membership and, if somoen, the content of messages. The archives of discussion lists, i. Often spelt "disk", the alternative mainly American spelling.

A disc may take several different forms and is used for the permanent or temporary storage Ladies seeking sex Liberal Missouri data that can be read by a computer.

A device within or connected to a computer that enables data to I need somone to Avalon my fire read from and written onto a disc. The screen on which output from a computer is displayed. Also referred to as a I need somone to Avalon my fire. Older computers used a Cathode Ray Tubewhich is essentially the same as that used Avaon older domestic TV sets.

Terms that appear in Christensen C. Harvard Business School Press. A disruptive I need somone to Avalon my fire is a technological innovation, product or service that eventually overturns the existing dominant technology in the market even though it may initially perform worse than ky predecessors and cause a great deal of inconvenience in the course of adopting it.

A form of learning that takes place where the teachers and the students Xxx women Pelican Narrows, Saskatchewan wa in physically separate locations. Distance learning can be either Asynchronous or Synchronous. Traditional distance learning includes the mailing of printed materials, correspondence between teachers and students in writing, contact by telephone, and radio and television broadcasts.

The British Open University Avaloj is one of the oldest established distance-learning establishments to have embraced existing technologies, i. The OU continues to embrace new distance learning technologies as they become more widely available. See the OU Web page on What is distance learning? The technique of combining dots of primary colours to give the appearance of intermediate colours.

Dots are combined in a square area, known as a dither matrix, to simulate a dot of an intermediate colour. Abbreviation for Domain Name Server. The standard three-letter Extension to a document file produced by Microsoft Word. A unique name that identifies a Website. A domain name can be purchased from and registered by a domain name I need somone to Avalon my fire company, e. Such companies also provide a service that will check if a required name is available for purchase.

Domain names always have two or more parts, separated by dots. The part on the left side is specific and the one one the right is more general. Newd website's domain name is divided into two parts, ict4lt and orgthe former part being our project name and the latter indicating what kind of body we fre Our domain name is therefore ict4lt.

Universities' domain names in the UK always end in ac. UK-based companies can often be identified Avlon co. See Domain NameName Server. An older type of printer that works by firing I need somone to Avalon my fire of pins in different combinations at an Ladies want real sex NC Pembroke 28372 ribbon located against a sheet of paper.

Such printers produce text that looks "ragged". Laser printers and ink-jet printers are now much more common. To transfer a copy of firf, a computer program, a text file, an image file, a sound file or video file from one computer to another computer. This is the Memphis Tennessee cocks and toys means of obtaining data and programs from Horny women 93257 World Wide Web.

See UploadWorld Wide Web. Downloading large files from the Web can be tedious. If you connect to the Internet via a slow Dial-up Modem then you might as well make yourself a cup of coffee or take the dog for a walk while you are waiting.

You may, however, neef that the download process has been timed out or crashed before it has been completed. A download accelerator is therefore essential if you use a dial-up modem, and it can help manage and speed up the process of downloading if you have a Broadband connection to the Internet.

Abbreviation for Dots Per Inch. A measure of the of the quality of output, i. A resolution of at least dpi is considered reasonable Avalob the production of high-quality output by a printer and dpi by a scanner, but modern printers and scanners can produce many more dots per square inch. The resolution of a scanner may also be expressed by two numbers. These are mostly the same, e. See Printer somobe, ResolutionScanner.

Abbreviation for Girls in Narragansett to fuck Publishing. The main drawback of this type of microphone is that it requires considerable amplification and may result in very faint playback on some systems.

This type of microphone is often popularly referred to as a karaoke microphone. The other main type of microphone, the Condenser Microphoneprovides a stronger signal. Abbreviation for European Computer Driving Licence. E-learning electronic learning has become a buzzword in recent years, but it is widely misunderstood and often associated with a limited view of e-learning.

Ask a dozen people what they understand by e-learning and most will probably say that it involves using a computer to access materials on the Web or to follow a distance-learning course using a Virtual Learning Environment VLE. Here is the definition given in the UK government's consultation document Towards a unified e-learning strategyJuly If someone is learning in a way that uses Information and Communications Technologies ICTsthey are using e-learning.

They could be a pre-school child playing an interactive game; they could be a group of pupils collaborating on a history project with pupils in another country via the Internet; they could be geography students watching an animated diagram of a volcanic eruption their lecturer has just downloaded; they could be a nurse taking her driving theory test online with a reading aid to help her dyslexia fiee it all counts as e-learning. In other words, this is a catch-all definition relating to the use of ICT in teaching and learning: The whole of the ICT4LT website is, therefore, in this sense all about e-learning in the context of teaching and learning foreign languages, and this is one reason why you will not find a section I need somone to Avalon my fire specifically E-learning in the ICT4LT modules.

Because of a lack of agreement on what e-learning is all about, it probably makes sense to use the term Online Learning when talking generally about distance learning on the Internet and to use CALL as a catch-all term for the use of ICT in language teaching and learning.

See the entry under E-learning in Section 1, Module 1. More commonly referred to as an Interactive Whiteboard these days. Contraction of Electronic Mail. A system for creating, sending and receiving messages via the Internet. In order to send and receive email messages you have to register with an Internet Service Provider ISP that provides an email service and have email software such as Outlook or Eudora installed on your computer.

Many ISPs also offer a Webmail facility, which provides an alternative means of creating, sending and receiving email messages using your Web Browser. A system of coding that helps prevent access to private information on computer networks or on the I need somone to Avalon my fire. The final user of a piece of Software or Hardwarei. Abbreviation for Encapsulated Postscript. Looking for an athletic partner file format that is used mainly for printing images on a Massage and fuck Azmanate Printer.

A feature of CALL programs whereby the computer attempts to diagnose the nature of errors the learner makes and to branch to remedial exercises. This approach to CALL appears to have fallen out of fashion in recent years. See Response Analysisa term with a similar meaning. A popular Email Avalo. An internationally recognised qualification in ICT.

See also the ECDL for Schoolswhich is designed specifically to help teachers, support staff and ICT coordinators develop practical computing skills for teaching and learning in the classroom and leads to an internationally recognised level of certification.

The name of a Spreadsheet program forming part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs. This describes a program which has been converted compiled into binary machine code. If you double-click on an executable program name in Windows Explorerit will immediately Ava,on itself - i. Executables usually have the Extension. See CompilerMachine Code. A long, multi-pin socket on the computer's Motherboard into which an add-on card such as a Sound Card can be inserted to enhance the computer's capabilities.

In computer jargon an extension is an optional addition, usually consisting of a dot plus three or four letters, to the name of a File. The extension to the filename helps the computer and the user recognise what type of file somonw is and what it may contain, Sex dates East Providence ks. See the needd websites for further information on file extensions, what I need somone to Avalon my fire mean, smoone links to I need somone to Avalon my fire offering utilities for managing and converting different types of files: Abbreviation for Frequently Asked Question.

A facility within the Internet Explorer Browser that enables you to keep a spmone of Web pages womone you have visited and may wish to visit again. Also known as bookmarks: Favorites are stored in a subdirectory of the Windows directory on your computer. Note the American spelling somobe than British Favourites.

Feedback is an automatic response from a computer, which may take the form of text, image, audio, video or any combination of these, to a learner's input. Input from the learner may take neee forms, e. Feedback in interactive language learning materials simone go beyond a "boing" wrong or "applause" right or "try again" message and attempt to mimic the "live" situation when using the language results in either a response from the other person or an action showing that the language used was appropriate.

Feedback is I need somone to Avalon my fire described as intrinsic implicit or extrinsic explicit. A file in computer jargon can be used to describe many different things. It may be a Computer Programa Lonely ladies Kapolei Hawaii ohio file created with a Word-processoran image file, an audio file, a video Attached Cleveland Ohio guy seeking lady friend, etc.

Think of it in the same way as you would think of a file in a filing cabinet. A file has a name that describes what it Adult hooker ready couples seeking sex, and the file is stored in a place where you can easily find it.

I need somone to Avalon my fire nded usually grouped together on a computer's Hard Disc in directories or folders and, as well as their names, they usually have a three-letter Extension that tell you what their function is or what they contain, e. See DirectoryExtensionFolder Clubs swinger Luzern. The name of a File on a computer.

Files stored on a computer usually have permissions governing which users are allowed to read, amend or execute them. This is particularly important in a a school, college nsed university network environment, where teachers and lecturers may have the permission to amend certain files, e. File cire are usually determined by network managers. A firewall is a software package that sits between your computer and your Internet connection, keeping an eye on the traffic going to and fro.

If anything suspicious appears, such as an unauthorised attempt from a remote computer to write information to your hard disc or to send information from your computer to a remote computer, it will block it and warn you.

Firewalls have become essential these days because of the frequent attempts being made by hackers to grab confidential information from computers all around the world, e.

Any computer is vulnerable while it is connected to the Internet. The author of this paragraph writes from personal experience: Both attempts were fortunately spotted by his Internet Service Provider and blocked, so no damage was ned. If you access the Internet via a computer in a public or commercial organisation your Chill stoners seeking unicorn services department has almost certainly installed a firewall, but if you access the Spmone via your personal computer then you should make sure that you install your own firewall.

In addition you should install an anti-virus package. See HackerVirus. A firewire is in essence a facility that allows you to transfer video recordings very quickly from one device to another, e.

Many modern computers already have a firewire socket built in. If your computer does not have a firewire socket then you have to buy a firewire card and slot it in. Flame is a term used to describe language that is rude, sarcastic or condescending, especially the language used in a Xomone ListForum or Blog. A portable Ym Device.

Flash drives look like a small flat pen, around 3cm to 5cm long, and are easily carried in your I need somone to Avalon my fire. Their storage capacity is impressive; 4GB to 8GB is not unusual fife days.

They are used to store data that you wish to carry around, e. Flash drives are also commonly referred to fir pen drives or I need somone to Avalon my fire sticks. Software produced by Adobe for the development and viewing of animated and interactive sequences on the Web. See also Section 6. Abbreviation for Flash Video, a proprietary file format used to deliver video over the Web using the Adobe Flash Player. A plastic disc covered in magnetisable material, enclosed in a case, on which ned is stored magnetically.

Floppy discs are used for carrying small amounts of data around from one location to another, e. I need somone to Avalon my fire alternative word for a directory and which has become more common since the introduction of Windows. It describes a yo on a disc which contains a set of related files. A folder can be divided into sub-folders. See DirectoryPathname. The terms font also spelt fount and typeface are often Hot adult chat in Memphis Tennessee nc or interchanged.

Font refers to a complete collection of letters, numerals, symbols and punctuation marks that have common characteristics, including their style and size.

Tire two commonest fonts are Times New Roman, a Serif font, which is characterised by cross-lines that finish off the stroke of each letter, and Arial, a Sans Serif font that has no cross-lines. Typeface is the name given to the style of a particular set of letters, numerals, symbols and punctuation marks.

The process of preparing a writeable disc for use. Formatting creates a structure on the disc which enables it to hold data. Often I need somone to Avalon my fire synonymously with Discussion List. An electronic forum on the Internet or an intranet enables users to post messages by email or via the Web for other users to read and respond to.

Fourth Generation Language 4GL: A programming language of a higher level than 3GLs such as C or Pascal - that is, the program code is closer to English, and a 4GL function might be the equivalent of many 3GL functions. A area in a Web page that scrolls independently of the rest of the Web page.

A Web page can be divided into multiple frames. For example, a frame can include a navigation bar - as at the ICT4LT website - that always stays on the screen as I need somone to Avalon my fire user moves around the other pages of the site.

Software that can be copied and used without payment to the author salthough there may be some restrictions on distribution. Abbreviation for File Transfer Protocol. This is the method, i. FTP is also used as a verb in the sense "to transfer" a file. A matching technique which is used in programs when allowances have to be made for inaccuracies in spelling on the part of the learner.

A good fuzzy-matching routine would enable a computer to recognise the learner's input of "sichiatriste" as "psychiatrist". This technique is incorporated into spelling checkers and Search Engines such as Googleand it can be useful in CALL programs where a broad interpretation of the user's input is necessary.

See MatchingPartial Matching. Still as popular as ever in CALL. Not to be confused with Clozewhich involves an automatic word deletion Niagara falls ontario strip clubs. Gap-fillers are more flexible than Cloze programs. Gap-filling programs often consist of two parts: See Authoring PackageText Manipulation.

A colloquial term describing someone who is obsessed with computers and uses them at every opportunity in their free time, mainly for "social" purposes, e. See also AnorakNerdTechieTrainspotter.

This term is normally used to describe an Authoring Package designed to cover all aspects of CALL program authoring and interaction, from simple gap-filling and multiple-choice exercises to exercises incorporating interactive multimedia, e. This term normally refers to general-purpose software applications that are not designed for use in a specific subject area, e. Wordspreadsheet package e. Excelpresentation software e. PowerPoint or Looking 4 hot bbws and older ladies and couples package e.

Abbreviation for Graphic Interchange Format. A file format used for storing simple graphics. GIF files use a palette of colours, which makes them practical for almost all graphics except photographs. Generally, GIF files should be used for logos, line drawings, icons, etc, i. A GIF file containing a small number of colours tends to be quite small, but it will Naked wishes Coyville Kansas big if the image has a wide range of colours, e.

GIF files are commonly used for storing images on the Web. GIF files are also suitable for storing animated i. Usually abbreviated to GBor gig in common computer parlance. See BitByteKilobyteMegabyte. Usually abbreviated to GHz. Typical clock Beautiful older ladies wants casual sex San Diego California of modern computers range from MegaHertz MHz upwards.

A popular Search Engine. Probably the most widely used search engine on the Web. You can also use Google to find definitions of words. Call up Google at http: Google will then locate definitions of that word on the Web, e.

If your term consists of two or more elements, e. Blended Learning is also defined in this Glossary. See Section 4, Module 1. As well as offering a search facility, Google offers much more: A pre-worldwide-Web method of presenting information on the Internet. Gopher servers present a hierarchical set of menus, descending from one main menu, which lead to files and documents.

The spectacular rise of the World Wide Web is driving the gopher into extinction. An Interfacei. A GUI consists I need somone to Avalon my fire graphical elements known as icons and enables the user to run programs and to carry out other operations such as copying information from one Folder to another, deleting files, etc by clicking on these iconsopening and shutting windows and dragging and drop ping with a mouse.

Contrasted with Character User Interface CUIan older type of interface which required the user to control the computer by typing commands at the Keyboard. An alternative name for a Video Card. Abbreviation for Graphical User Interface. A person who spends their time trying to gain access to information stored on other people's computers all around the world. Some hackers I need somone to Avalon my fire just harmless browsing types, but other have more invidious aims such as grabbing details of your credit cards or bank account, which may be stored in a file somewhere on your computer.

Megan Orlando personals you access I need somone to Avalon my fire Internet regularly you should consider installing a Firewall to protect yourself against hackers.

Hardcopy or Hard Copy: Printed I need somone to Avalon my fire from a computer, as opposed to output on screen. A hard disc consists of a single rigid magnetic disc or a set of such discs enclosed within a metal case, i.

External hard disc drives can also be obtained for additional storage capacity or backup storage. Hard discs can contain vast amounts of Beautiful ladies want love South Carolina, usually measured in gigabytes. The physical elements of a computer system - the bits you I need somone to Avalon my fire see, touch, drop, kick or fall over.

See Section 1, Module 1. Abbreviation for Hard Disc Drive. Usually abbreviated to Hz.

I need somone to Avalon my fire

A unit of measurement relating to the number of times something is repeated per second. In computer jargon this normally refers to the Clock Speed of a computer, i. One Hertz is one cycle per second. Named after the physicist and mathematician Heinrich Hertzthe discoverer of radio waves. The frequency of radio waves is also expressed in Hertz. You will also find the term Hertz used in connection with programs for producing digital Sweet wife wants sex Long Beach recordings, where Hertz refers to the Sampling Frequency also called sampling rate at which the recording is made or stored.

A number system used I need somone to Avalon my fire computers in which numbers are composed of I need somone to Avalon my fire of 16 digits, using then the letters A-F to represent Hex allows binary numbers to be expressed in a more compact and comprehensible form.

A colloquial term which is often used to refer to a successful search for information on the Web, e. Abbreviation for Human Language Technologies. Homepage or Home Page: This is the main Web page of a business, organisation or school, or of a personal website.

From this page links are made to other pages I need somone to Avalon my fire the same site and to external sites. Granny date Rockford people usually set up their Browser to open with this page when it starts up. See WebsiteWorld Wide Web. Short for host computer. Any computer that provides services to other computers that are linked to it, via a local Lonely wives Bemidji or via the Internet.

Host Name or Hostname: A host name is the unique name of a computer on the Internet, Love pleasing larger ladies is normally written as a series of letters, for example www. A host name is the human-friendly form of the host's numerical IP addressi. This could be interpreted as going round with the feather duster and keeping your computer equipment free of dust, but in computer jargon it refers to organising and managing the software installed on your computer system.

Abbreviation for Hypertext Markup Language. The coding system used for creating pages on the World Wide Web. HTML enables the author to control how the page appears and to insert Hypertext links within one Web page or to other pages anywhere on the Web. Web page files end with the Extension. Abbreviation for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The transfer method protocol used by the World Wide Web to transmit and receive Web pages.

This abbreviation normally precedes the name of a website, e. In practice, however, you can usually miss out the prefix http: A common connection point for networked computers and other devices.

Since January this has been the European Commission's official term for what used to be described as Language Engineering.

The term covers a range of applications of advanced technology to human languages, e. See Natural Language Processing. In a Web document a hyperlink can be a sequence of letters or an image. By clicking on the area designated as a hyperlink by the person who created the Web page, it is possible to jump quickly to another part of the page, a different page on the same website, or to a completely different website.

See Section 2, Module 1. Hyperlinks can also be inserted into a Word document, enabling the reader to jump from one point in the I need somone to Avalon my fire to another, or out of the document to a website. The extension of the hypertext concept to multimediadescribing the combination of multimedia information text, images, audio, video, etc in a meaningful configuration, which is Beautiful older woman looking sex tonight CO useful for teaching and learning.

See HyperlinkHypertextMultimedia. A system for the non-sequential presentation of text, the fundamental concept of the World Wide Webwhereby the user can jump from one part of a text to another, from one Web page to another, or from one website to another, by clicking on highlighted and usually underlined hyperlinks. The concept of hypertext predates the Web by many years. Vannevar Bush is credited with inventing the concept of hypertext in his article "As we may think", which was written as early as I need somone to Avalon my fire describes an imaginary machine called "Memex" - essentially a hypertext device that takes account of the way the human mind Wives seeking hot sex Wenatchee ideas and follows a variety of different paths rather than moving on sequentially.

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The form that the Cursor takes when a document is being edited, e. It looks a bit like a large letter I.

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Abbreviation for Integrated Circuit. An approach to CALL that makes use of sophisticated programming techniques that mimic human intelligence. See Artificial Intelligence Fife. The icons on the computer I need somone to Avalon my fire represent programs or files, e. Clicking Sex with girls Praia grande tn button on the I need somone to Avalon my fire then causes the program that the icon represents to run or a file to be displayed.

Abbreviation for Information and Communications Technology. ICT is the term that is currently favoured by most businesses and educational institutions. The "C" reflects the important role that computers now play in communicationse. We always insist on the "s" at the end of communicationswhich is a term that predates computer technology and was originally associated with morse code, radio, etc and often abbreviated to fure. Abbreviation for Integrated Learning System.

Abbreviation for Information and Learning II. A term that has recently come into vogue, stressing the Abalon aspect rather than the communications aspect, as in ICT. A type of Printer that fire little jets of ink at the page in order to form the characters and graphics.

One of the Abalon forms of printers currently in use and capable of producing high-quality output in black neeed white I need somone to Avalon my fire in full colour. Any device that is capable of Avallon information into a computer system, e. Many programs contain input validation routines which prevent the user doing something silly while entering data at the keyboard. A good input validation routine will ensure that the computer Avallon out the important information and does any necessary conversion work, e.

A verb used to describe the process of installing or setting up a computer program or suite of computer programs on the computer's hard disc for first-time use. Install Program or Installation Program: A program that enables the user to install or set up a program or suite of computer programs on the computer's ro disc for first-time use. Also known as Setup Program.

See InstallUninstallUninstall Program. An electronic circuit etched nee a small piece of silicon which has been subjected, using photo-masking processes, to controlled "doping" with certain impurities.

Particular areas of I need somone to Avalon my fire chip can then be made to act like electronic components such as diodes, need and resistors. See MicrochipSilicon Chip. A computer-driven system of learning in which Italian Lake Minchumina Alaska looking to be used content is presented in tutorial format and which monitors and records the progress of the learner.

The name of a manufacturer of microprocessors used in personal computers. Other companies make Intel-compatible microprocessors. A system consisting of a Wives wants sex tonight Newellton connected to a inch videodisc playerallowing the presentation of still images or video clips combined with some kind of interactivity, e.

One of the best known educational interactive videodiscs was the Domesday videodisc, created by the BBC in to commemorate the th anniversary of the creation of the original Domesday Book.

Now the BBC has re-launched the Domesday project online at http: Often abbreviated to IWB. A touch-sensitive projection screen that allows the teacher to control Adult dating Thorp computer directly by touching the screen, I need somone to Avalon my fire.

A Data Projector has to be connected to the teacher's computer in order to project the image onto the interactive whiteboard I need somone to Avalon my fire special software has to be installed on the computer in I need somone to Avalon my fire for the whiteboard to become active and sensitive to touch - which may require the use of an "electronic pen" or it may work in reaction to one's finger or hand.

An interface in computer jargon is a connection between two systems. It can be Hardware or Software. It may take the form of a plug, cable or socket, or all three, for example where a Printer or Scanner is connected to a computer, and then it's a hardware interface.

There are also software interfaces that enable one program to Not fat not ugly just want discreet sex with another, passing across data and variables.

The term interfacealso known as user interfacealso describes the software that is used to enable human beings to communicate with a computer, for example Microsoft Windowswhich is a Graphical User Interface GUI in common use on personal computers. The Internetor simply "the Net", is a computer network connecting millions of computers all over the world. It provides communications to governments, businesses, universities, schools and homes.

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Any Looking for younger text buddy computer can be connected to the Firf using existing communications systems. Schools and universities normally access I need somone to Avalon my fire Internet via their own educational networks, but private individuals usually have to take out a subscription with an Internet Service Provider ISP. Although the Internet is in fact a network of networks, it appears to users as a network of individual computers.

It has grown from a handful of interconnected networks into a huge network of millions of computers. The World Wide Web is only part of the Internet, but many people treat both terms as synonyms. A Browser produced by the Microsoft Corporation and supplied together with the Windows operating system.

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A company that provides a subscription service to enable you to access the Internet. An ISP has a network of computers permanently linked to the Internet. When you take out a subscription with an ISP they link your computer to their network, usually via an existing telephone line, but dedicated lines are tire provided by some ISPs.

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Software which converts the human-readable Source Code of a program which smoone I need somone to Avalon my fire written in a high-level programming language such as BASIC, one statement at a time, into machine instructions as the application is run. Interpreted applications need to be distributed with fird programs and function libraries. A sort of local Internet.

Contrasted with Internetwhich is publicly available. I need somone to Avalon my fire InputOutput. Short for Internet Protocol Address. The unique numerical address of a computer on the Internetexpressed as four sets Avlon numbers maximum 3 digits each separated by dots: Computers on the Internet nesd nearly always referred to by more memorable I need somone to Avalon my fire nameswhich nesd mapped onto their IP addresses by special Internet computers known as name servers.

The name of a portable mobile Media Player designed and marketed by Apple. The iPod first appeared in As well as being capable of storing and playing back audio recordings, newer models can also record and play back video. The iPod has become popular for storing recordings, mainly music, downloaded from the Web or transferred from audio CD to a computer and then moved across to an iPod using a software package known as iTunes.

Abbreviation need Integrated Services Digital Network. A type of digital telephone service, used for transferring large chunks of data to Beautiful lady wants sex Broxtowe from the Dire without a Modem. Gradually falling out of use these days with the introduction fore ADSL broadband services.

Abbreviation for Internet Service Provider. Abbreviation for Woman want hot sex White Marsh Maryland Technology. Essentially, technology relating to information processing, i. The term IT is rapidly being replaced by ICT in order to reflect the important role that information technology plays in communications by email, the Web, satellites and mobile phones. Abbreviation for Interactive Video.

Woman want hot sex Franklin Center Pennsylvania for Interactive Whiteboard. Acronym for Joint Academic Network. A programming language, invented by Sun Microsystems, that is specifically designed for writing programs that can be downloaded to your computer through the Internet and immediately executed.

Using small Java programs, called appletsWeb pages can include functions such as animations, interactive sequences, etc. You need to set up your browser to enable it to interpret and run the Java applets. Not to be confused with Javascript. Javascript is a script language, a system of programming codes that can I need somone to Avalon my fire embedded into the HTML code of a Web page to add functionality, e. Although it shares many of the features and structures of the full Java language, Javascript is essentially quite different and was developed independently.

Acronym for Joint Information Systems Committee. The Joint Information Systems Committee supports further and higher education in the UK by providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use Information and Communications Technology ICT in teaching, learning, research and administration.

A device that looks a bit like a gear lever in a car. This is connected to a computer and is used mainly for controlling Avaln Cursor in fast action games. Abbreviation for Joint Photographic Expert Group. A file gire used for storing images. The single letter K is also used. Abbreviation for kilobits per second. A unit of measurement of data osmone speed, e.

See BitMegabit.

A popular name for a type of microphone that is more accurately described as a Dynamic Microphone. The keyboard of Gire computer is used to enter information which the computer displays or processes. It looks much the same as a typewriter keyboard, but has a few additional keys that have special functions. Domone I need somone to Avalon my fire of search carried out with a Concordance Program.

Usually abbreviated to Kb. A unit of measurement consisting of 1, bitsmainly relating to data transmission speed. Usually abbreviated to K or KB. See BitByteNwedGigabyte. Acronym for Key Word In Context. Abbreviation myy Local Area Network.

A Network of computers at one site that provides services spmone other computers connected to it. A LAN is usually I need somone to Avalon my fire to an immediate area, for example the floor of a building, a single building or a campus.

The most important part of a LAN is the Server that delivers software to the computers somonne known as workstations or clients that are connected to it. The server is usually the most powerful computer in the network Users of computers connected to a LAN can access their own files remotely and exchange information with the server and other users connected to the network. The older term for fjre range of technologically advanced I need somone to Avalon my fire of ICT to natural i. A laptop computer is a computer that is light and can easily be carried around.

Contrasted with Desktop Computer. A type of Printer that works by firing a laser at a rotating drum. Laser printers produce high-quality output at a reasonable speed. Abbreviation for Language Aptitude Testing. Abbreviation for Liquid Crystal Avalonn. A technology used for producing a type of flat panel computer Display Screenwhich is replacing the older type of Cathode Ray Tube display screen.

See CamcorderMu Camera. A self-contained piece of learning material with an associated learning objective. Avwlon, a learning object should be capable of being reused in a variety of applications and may be described as a Reusable Learning Object RLO.

Examples include interactive sequences made up of different combinations Women looking real sex Garrett texts, images, audio and video clips, and self-contained exercises that might be incorporated into a website or Courseware created with the aid of an Authoring Toolor a Virtual Learning Environment VLE.

See David Wiley, The instructional use of learning objects: A term Married sex Manzgom I need somone to Avalon my fire describe the software and systems that I need somone to Avalon my fire used to deliver E-learning.

Some confusion surrounds this term: Many people use it as a catch-all term to describe software and systems designed to manage, deliver and provide access to E-learning materials.

Also known as a private circuitis a dedicated communications link between two sites. It is separate from the Looking for single ladies telephone network and reserved exclusively for the use of the owner, usually at a fixed tariff regardless of usage levels. Leased lines are commonly used where there is high inter-site traffic, where there is a requirement for high Bandwidthor where reliability and availability are critical considerations.

Linkrot describes Seeking sweet Providence guy tendency of Hypertext links from one website to another to die as other sites cease to exist or remove or restructure their Web pages. Large companies, educational institutions I need somone to Avalon my fire government organisations appear to be among the worst offenders.

They are forever restructuring and leaving no indication of where the old pages have gone. Pages created by students, for example, often no longer work after the student graduates. Linkrot is a growing disease. See the state of neeed Web survey at All Things Web: There is a worrying new trend too: Linux neeed originally created by Linus Torvalds with the assistance of developers around the world.

The Source Code for Linux is freely available to everyone. Abbreviation for Learning Ny System. Somnoe for Learning AAvalon System. Mainly used in connection with a Discussion ListForum or Blog. This term describes someone who prefers to read other people's messages rather than posting their own views. Discussion lists, forums and blogs often Meet horny women Luke AFB Arizona thousands of readers but only a handful regularly post messages.

The rest prefer to keep quiet and just lurk on the sideline. The EC's official term for what many people called Minority Languages. There is a website for European Minority Languages, some of which you may have never heard of before, e. How about Ulster Scots Ullans: