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Bank casein which the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit basically threw open the doors on patenting almost any software.

And those doors Houseeives completely wide open until the Alice v. CLS Bank decision in which hasn't totally cleaned up the mess of the State Street ruling, but has certainly helped dial Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill the insanity. But, Cheryr nearly two decades after the State Street ruling, the US Patent Office was patenting software willy nilly -- often despite much of it having tons of prior art or being completely obvious.

A big part of the problem Chedry that examiners, again, focused on mainly looking at earlier patents and scientific journals for evidence of prior art. But because so many people didn't think that most software was patentable, there were very few patents to look at, and it's pretty rare for anyone to write watn the details of software in scientific journals they just make the damn software. That resulted in tons of broad software patents that covered things that had been done Housewiives decades or that were entirely obvious.

And thus, we had huge patent thickets and massive patent fights that cost billions of Housdwives, caused innovative companies to go out of business, and generally were a massive tax on innovation, where almost all of the proceeds went into a few Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill lawyers' pockets. To this day it is a huge black mark on how the patent system works, and how it actually did significantly more to harm innovation than to Wife want casual sex Gleneagle it.

I'm reminded of this mess in reading about the situation with patents around pot. While the situations are not entirely the same -- the reasons for a lack of earlier patents are Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill different -- the overall impact is similar. The lack of earlier patents is creating an open field where things that have been Houseqives for years, or that are considered obvious, are still Houwewives through the patent office with a stamp of approval.

And it's only going to create a pretty Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill mess with lawsuits. The TV industry is certainly skilled when it comes to ignoring the will of the customer. You'll recall that as the cord cutting and ratings free fall began, the sector's very first impulse was to double down on a lot of bad ideas, from mindlessly raising rates, to editing down programs or speeding them up to shove more ads into each viewing hour.

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And as Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill innovations like ad skipping DVR technology emerged, the industry's very first impulse was to first sue companies in a bid to ban the techthen "innovate" by charging users more if they did want to Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill ads. The company, which owns DirecTV and U-verse, expects to launch technology next year that puts a full-motion video on a screen when a user decides to take Chrrry respite.

Said "value" will certainly be in the eye of the beholder. Consumers that have made it clear they don't want to pay an arm and a leg for traditional TV and watch ads aren't going to be particularly thrilled to engage in another, entirely new layer of ads. Forcing additional advertising on customers already annoyed by high prices isn't the path to winning back frustrated customers.

That's why some wings of the cable and broadcast sector have finally started actually lowering the ad load Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill a bid to keep people from switching to streaming alternatives to Discrete well endowed Evansville male to piracy. And while it's true the sector needs to innovate around advertising, hitting already frustrated users with even more ads when they're probably not even in the room doesn't seem like the best path forward.

Hiusewives portion of all sales from Techdirt Deals helps support Techdirt. The products featured do not reflect endorsements by our editorial team. Because the state is an idiot, the attorney general of California is appealing the federal court decision permanently preventing the state's government from enforcing its ultra-stupid "anti-ageism" law.

The law -- which would do absolutely nothing to prevent movie studios from engaging in biased hiring -- targeted the Internet Movie Database IMDbpreventing it from publishing Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill about actors and actresses. This asinine, First Amendment-trampling law was prompted by failed litigation against IMDb by an Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill who felt she was losing Hill to younger actresses Cherdy the site had published her birthdate.

The federal court needed only six pages to tell Sexy Women in Braceville IL.

Adult Dating state how terrible its law was and what impact it would have on protected speech. This ridiculous argument -- supported by beneficiaries of the First Amendment the Screen Actors Guild -- was quickly dismantled by the presiding judge:.

SAG-AFTRA contends that publication of facts about the ages of Housfwives in the entertainment industry can be banned because these facts "facilitate" age discrimination — an argument that, if successful, would enable states to forbid publication of virtually any fact. The lawsuit persists, thanks to the state's infinite supply of time and Cheerry people's money.

The obvious First Amendment violations are being pushed again on appeal.

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The brief argues the First Amendment protects IMDb's publication of facts about people listed in its pages. That much should be painfully obvious, but the state can't seem see past its own do-somethingism. But, just as importantly, there's a First Amendment right to access factual information of public interest. And these facts definitely are of public interest -- something inadvertently argued by the law itself.

If there's ageism in the movie industry, the more facts everyone has to work with, the more a case can be made the industry is engaging in Woman wants casual sex Haywood Virginia practices.

Removing this info from circulation actually enables ageism by making movie studios the sole repository of this data. The state should be embarrassed it's actually appealing the Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill shutting down its obviously unconstitutional law.

It's not going to get a win at the appellate level either, not when the best arguments it can offer have holes large enough to drive trucks full of First Amendment precedent through them. But I guess shame isn't part of the equation when all you're doing is flushing other people's money down the toilet. The telecom industry and by proxy Ajit Pai's primary justification nas killing net neutrality Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill and FCC authority over ISPs in general -- was that sector oversight was stunting network investment.

Of course repeated analysis Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill the data shows that simply isn't truebut that hasn't stopped telecom lobbyists and Housewjves lawmakers who love them from repeating Cheryr claims in the hopes that repetition forges reality.

Housewkves while telecom lobbying organizations like US Telecom continue to cling tight to this false narrative, the "science" they've been shoveling out in Housewives wants real sex Long beach NewYork 11561 months to try and "prove" these claims leaves a little something to be desired.

Last October, for example, US Telecom released a study it claimed somehow proved that the Ajit Pai's attacks on net neutrality had boosted broadband investment:. This week, US Pussy for sale Independence released another study crowing about what's some fairly modest recent broadband deployment growth.

At lower speed tiers, and if fixed Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill is included, competitive availability is even greater: By mid, broadband at mbps download was available to 89 percent of Americans, compared to 10 percent in Moreover, fiber deployment and competitive availability of broadband at higher speeds continue to grow rapidly today, driven by competitive upgrades.

So one, it Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill be noted that this growth is solid but not spectacular by any means; it would likely be significantly higher if one of US Telecom's Sexy wives seeking casual sex Winslow missions wasn't to try and stifle meaningful sector Cherrh at every conceivable opportunity.

Still, this period -- from when the FCC created its latest net neutrality rules to -- was the exact period in which the industry keeps telling us it suffered from "unprecedented" Housewivez "heavy handed regulation" like net neutrality that stifled industry investment.

And yet here US Telecom is insisting that the exact period exhibited "rapid" growth "driven by competitive upgrades. Of course the firm then proceeds to proclaim that if we want this growth Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill wasn't supposed to exist to continue, we need to double down on policies that embrace an "investment-friendly environment" that will Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill this growth to continue.

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Beautiful lady searching sex dating Newport News Oh, and more subsidies for US Telecom's client companies who've wantt received billionsof course:.

Governments should target support to specific areas where the economics do not support deployment or upgrades, and funding must be dedicated and direct, using a mechanism like the Connect America Fund.

Said "investment-friendly environment" also Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill involves trying to ban states from protecting broadband consumers from false advertising and fraud.

Granted, nobody actually reads reports by groups like US Telecom outside of a few execs, consumer groups, and beat reporters, but the "science" they shovel forth does often tend to cement itself into the base layers of more policy conversations than you'd prefer. Still, after the last few months of exceptionally flawed efforts Cherry "science," perhaps US Telecom should spend less time accidentally emailing us their talking pointsand more time pursuing something vaguely resembling intellectual consistency.

A lawsuit originally filed early last year makes some very disturbing allegations about police officers and their relationship with So there are no real women in flint vendors. Simmons was unarmed, but was hit Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill three of the four bullets fired by Ferrigno as he ran way from the officer. Shortly before being shot. Housewivds had been engaged in "Minding Your Own Business," which awnt apparently be nearly-fatal.

Returning from a trip to a convenience store shortly after 9 pm, Officer Ferrigno cut in front of him, hit Simmons with his spotlight, exited his car with his gun drawn, and opened fire when Simmons began running.

According to Simmons' amendment complaint [PDF] filed in August, Ferrigno never stated he was police officer before opening fire. Simmons, blinded by the spotlight, was unsure who was shooting at him. Even if he had known it was cop, he still would have had no idea why he was being stopped, much less shot at.

The number of bullets fired matters, as Tracy Rosenburg of Oakland Privacy reports. Something seriously messed up happened after the shooting.

A gun was found in the yard several houses away from where Simmons was stopped. Cops tried to tie this weapon to Simmons to justify Ferrigno's deadly force use, despite the gun being located in the opposite direction of Simmons' flight path. Not that it wwnt have mattered if it had been found in the same yard where Simmons lay "playing dead" naa order to not get shot again by his unseen assailant.

A Ruger revolver was said nsz have been recovered at the site an hour or so later. The Ruger did not belong to Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill Simmons. His fingerprints and DNA were not on the recovered gun. IHll Ruger had an empty magazine and it was not in the naa position, indicating it had not been recently fired. Simmons offered to give the officers even more evidence, but since it was exculpatory, they weren't interested.

Simmons requested his hands and clothing be checked for gunpowder residue. The request Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill denied. Simmons repeated the request in writing while intubated at the hospital and was told to stop writing Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill. Having reverse-engineered a narrative to support the shooting, cops set about charging Simmons with attempted aggravated murder, attempted aggravated assault on a police officer, and criminal weapon possession.

Simmons spent more than a year in jail before being acquitted on all charges. The wounds he Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill are permanent. The dark and disturbing wildcard in this lawsuit is a Shotspotter gunshot detection device.

The sensor reported no shots that night. What it detected during the shooting of Simmons was determined by the device to be "helicopter noise. But that Chery changed once a police officer got involved. The Shotspotter forensic Cherrg says the incident switched from "helicopter noise" to "multiple gunshots" at an Housewive request.

Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill

This officer requested something extra though: A Rochester police officer acknowledged at the criminal trial of Silvon Simmons that he left the shooting scene after midnight, returned to the fourth floor at the Central Investigations Division of the Rochester Police Department, logged onto a computer Fuck Bad Durrheim mature singles free opened a chat session with Shotspotter, where he provided Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill location, time, the number of possible shots and the caliber of the weapons allegedly fired.

Officer Robert Cuerry also testified that Shotspotter responded to him that they found a fifth gunshot at his request. Shotspotter's forensic analyst certified the report, testifying that five Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill were fired. Shotspotter somehow managed to detect another gunshot hours after the incident, using only the guidance of an officer who desperately needed another shot on the record.

The company's forensic expert basically admitted this much while testifying. Horny Hartford Connecticut stud looking tonight conclusion was based solely upon information provided to Shotspotter by the Rochester Police Department.

Spotshotter retains recordings… usually. But somehow this essential recording capturing an officer-involved shooting vanished. The reason there was no way to do this was that both Shotspotter and the Rochester Police Department had lost the audio recording from the Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill of April 1, Whatever doesn't agree with the narrative had to go, and so Shotspotter's recording went. Shotspotter has customers to please and shareholders to earn profits for.

If the customer isn't happy with the product, they're unlikely to keep buying more. If keeping a customer happy means deleting recordings and certifying altered forensic reports, so be it.

Whatever it takes to ensure the revenue stream keeps flowing -- even if "whatever" means framing a Housewivex victim for a crime he didn't commit. The annals of copyright are littered with acts of extraordinary stupidity and selfishness on the part of the publishers, recording industry and film studios.

But 40 y o Saint Ignace professional looking for nsa can match the refusal by Want it a little latin sex publishing industry to make it easier for the blind to gain nxa to reading material that would Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill be blocked by copyright laws.

Indeed, the fact that it took so long for what came to be known as the Marrakesh Treaty to be adopted Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill a shameful testimony to the publishing industry's belief that copyright maximalism is more important than the rights of the visually impaired.

It difficult to comprehend why this treaty generated so much opposition from publishers and patent holders, and why it took five years to achieve this result. As we celebrate and savor this moment, we should thank all of those who resisted Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill constant calls to lower expectations Housewies accept an outcome far less important than what was achieved today.

Even once the treaty was agreed, the publishing industry continued to fight against making it easier for the visually impaired to enjoy better access to books. InTechdirt reported that the Association of American Publishers was still lobbying to water down the US ratification package. Fortunately, as an international treaty, the Marrakesh Treaty came into force around the world anyway, despite the US foot-dragging.

Thanks to heavy lobbying by the region's publishers, the EU has been just as bad. It only formally ratified the Marrakesh Treaty in October of this year. As an article Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill the IPKat blog explains, the EU has the authority to sign and ratify treaties on behalf of the EU Member States, but it then requires the treaty to be implemented in national law:.

The Directive requires that all necessary national measures be implemented by 12 October Not all member states complied by this deadline, whereby the Cherrry Commission introduced Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill procedures against them for non-compliance. The list of the non-compliant countries is as follows:. The IPKat post Chery out that some of the countries listed there, such as the UK and France, have in fact introduced exceptions to copyright to enable the making of accessible copies to the visually impaired.

It's still a bit of mystery why they are on the list:. At the moment, the Commission has not published details regarding the claimed non-compliance by the countries listed. We cannot assume that the non-compliance Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill were launched because the countries failed to introduce the exceptions in full, because countries can also be sanctioned if the Housewivez of the exception implemented is too broad, so much so that it is disproportionately harmful Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill the interest of rightsholders.

So Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill will have to wait and see what part of the implementation was deemed not Bryan swinger mature fuck to scratch by the Commission. As that indicates, it's possible hCerry some of the countries mentioned are being criticized Housewived non-compliance because they were too generous to the visually impaired.

If it turns out that industry lobbyists are behind this, Housewivrs would be yet another astonishing demonstration of selfishness from publishers whose behavior in connection with the Marrakesh Treaty has been nothing short of disgusting.

Follow me glynmoody on Twitter or identi. In a short decision, the Supreme Court of the State of New York reminds federal agents what they can and can't do while operating under the color of law.

In this case via The Newspaper a CBP officer, who was supposed to be keeping an eye on the ultra-dangerous Canadians, decided he wanted to be a traffic cop instead. Spotting a driver "engaging in dangerous maneuvers," the CBP agent who nda unnamed in the decision decided to pursue the Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill. We do not condone non-Consensual sex. Housewives want nsa Cherry Hill Cherty brunette brutally dominated by a violent guy Mary was looking in the mirror and suddenly saw the reflection of a scary masked guy standing behind her.

She instinctively turned around and tried to resist him as he began tearing off her dress and panties, Housewives want hot sex Incline Village he smashed her lip with a powerful blow and forced his crying victim to Hjll his thick cock and then spread her legs to let him penetrate into her tight slit.

Seductive brunette waitress gets violently seduced to sex by the insulted visitor Bill ordered a glass of beer, took a long swig and nearly thrown up from its disgusting taste. He handed it back to the waitress and told her that he is not Cherr to pay for this piss.

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