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A Massachusetts state lawmaker wants to censor references to a man who scored Civil War era wins against the Confederacy. That man's name is Joseph Hooker. As we're all aware, General Hooker's last name became slang for "someone who has sex for money. Yet as far as I'm aware, there have't been any sex worker campaigns to remove references to Joseph Hooker from public view—presumably because most well-adjusted people realize that words have different meanings in different contexts.

Michelle DuBois D-Plymouth disagrees. She has been calling for the removal of a statehouse sign that reads "General Hooker Entrance" so inscribed because it stands opposite a statue of General Hookerwhich she described as an affront to "women's dignity.

DuBois also complained that she had heard teen boys joke with teen girls that they were "general Xxx dating new Palermo while using the door. Of course, DuBois is positioning herself Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA a crusader against sex-based harassment and patriarchy.

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But attitudes like hers—which treat women as excessively fragile beings, and which posit that female "dignity" is diminished by even so slight an Sputh with sex work as walking under a door Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA says "hooker"—just props up old-fashioned and patriarchal ideas about sex and gender.

Ni U a "General Hooker"? Yet the main entrance of the Mass State House says otherwise. A previous version of this post stated that Hooker had famously defeated Confederate General Robert E.

Lee in battle, when it's really the other way around. We should have paid more attention to those Ken Burns documentaries after all. The opening paragraph has been edited to remove this reference. We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic.

We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of Reason. Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA reserve the right to delete any comment Massachuaettes any reason at any time. Citizen X - 6 3. Chipper Morning Baculum 3.

Man, next she is gonna be demanding they rename the street named after legendary Revolutionary War General Richard Rapist. Leo Kovalensky II 3.

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Most cities seem pretty similarly shitty to me. And Boston has its charms. Depends what part you go to, I guess. They can't be, it's all over the ground. Born there and grew up outside of Boston, so perhaps I'm biased, but SF is a much bigger shithole.

For the most part, Bostonians still mind there own business despite the rehtahded politicians they elect. It's the self-righteous, holier than thou attitude the people of this strange place have had since before the Revolutionary War, and it hasn't changed. Everything is illegal in Boston. San Francisco is offbeat and strange, but the people are very open-minded and fairly Souht for a large metro area.

And they would not think of doing this in any Sex Personals Howland Maine. If there's a shithole in the US, it is New England and primarily Massachusetts, by public Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA. The people are for the most part like aliens from another planet.

I've seen men driving cars with no shirt, men running around in the middle Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA winter in shorts. The shirtless thing seems to Massachuusettes a major Massachusetts cultural thing. Culture; using the term loosely. And yet, the simple-minded people of Massachusetts think bigots only exist in the South. An Alabaman or Mississippian would never be so tasteless and arrogant as Bostonians.

Bostonian speech is not understandable by English speaking Americans. Someone must tell them that there are "Rs" in some words. They find ways to get around or Massachhsettes stupid laws the progs enact. This is what happens when you check out of reality and start thinking words have magic powers of their own, which pretty much every Prog did long ago.

They are having a similar problem in Germany. I'm from there and never even knew about this sign until this Mxssachusettes brought it to my attention. I have now spent the past 10 min laughing hysterically, hoot thanks to her for that.

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Enjoy Every Sandwich 3. I don't imagine hookers want to go in there. Unlike politicians, hookers do honest work. At first I thought it was just making a clever statement about politicians being hookers of some sort.

But that's an insult to hookers.

TrickyVic old school 3. Prostitutes used to be feminist heroines: Now they are victims, like everyone else.

I miss the days when feminism was about empowerment and standing up for your rights.

Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA

Now it seems to be all about victimhood and how unfair the patriarchy is and "where's mine? Um, Hooker had his clock cleaned by Lee at Chancellorsville.

I don't recall any Horny women in Otisville, NY where Hooker won he may have been a division or corps commander in some winning battles run by somebody else but never as an army commander. Fuck you, Shikha Nunya 3. Hooker was a division commander. He was a better political maneuverer than anything Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA. Hooker wanted McClellen to attack Richmond during the peninsula campaign rather than wait and then eventually fall back as Lee attacked during the Seven Days.

Hooker was wounded at Antietam and then spent his time in the hospital in Washington running down his superiors telling them how he should be in charge. After Burnside spit the bit at Fredericksburg, he got his chance.

The thing about Chancellorsville is that as vicious as Lee's flanking was, it didn't destroy the Union Lampeter PA wife swapping. Chancellorsville was no worse of a defeat for the Union than the Wilderness.

The Union still held the field and was across the Rappahannock after both battles. The difference between the two Soutj Hooker fell apart and retreated and RFee kept his cool and kept coming. Hooker used to sign his orders from "Headquarters in the Saddle" which caused a reporter to say after Chancellorsville that "Hooker had his headquarters where his hindquarters ought to be".

I always Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA that. Elizabeth Nolan Brown 3. This went through both me obviously and an editor. I won't name names. But thanks for the heads up! We just corrected and noted it at the bottom.

Hooker didn't win much of anything as a commander. Few Union commanders not named Grant or Sherman did. He had one good daythough with Grant in charge. I always forget about Missionary Ridge and Lookout Mountain.

You always remember Chickamauga and the Atlanta campaign but somehow I Ladies want nsa PA Lake harmony 18624 forget those two. I think of these more as Grant's victories, though that's the tragedy of war, I suppose. The gallantry of under officers and enlisted men laid at the feet of the Top Man. I don't mean it's undeserving, Grant and Lee made it through a crucible that burned up many other military men.

But they didn't charge up Lookout Mountain nor hold road at Fredricksburg. George Thomas at Nashville, then Franklin. Completely destroyed the Confederate Army under Hood. Grant or Sherman never did that. Thomas won a few. Chattanooga would not have been Free hot sex in South Lee Massachusettes MA if not for Thomas as Sherman got bogged down on the flank. Thomas was very under appreciated because he was from Virginia and fought for the north.

He was a very capable general. And on the winning side. If MAA wants his wins recognized he can change history, albeit for the worse. You could say Hooker got ridden hard and laid up wet at Chancellorsville. And he was paid for his efforts. He performed admirably at Lookout Mountain.

I believe it was his troops that lead the spontaneous charge that drove the Sesech off the mountain. Also, Gen Hooked was known as a Mwssachusettes drinker and heavy gambler.