Search 200,000 Companies for bill payments, login and Customer Support information

What is

This is the Directory Section at Dakeez directory is one of the biggest database of billing information in USA. We are also planning to add UK, Canada and Australia to the list very soon. Visitors can easily access the billing information they want under a single section. All they need to do is to type their desired biller name/ bank name in the search box placed above . visitors must understand that since this is a huge database, there might be the chances of data being old or incorrect in few cases. Dakeez will not be responsible for the losses in any cases

How to use

Search your biller

Search through our list of thousands of billers. We cover over 200,000 Billers in US.

Select the Biller and find the information

Find Bill payment,login, phone number and other details about the biller.

Update the Biller information

If you have any other information to add, feel free to add in on the biller page.We rely on users like you to update and validate biller information.

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