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Misc thoughts, memories, proto-essays, musings, etc. Investigating Uses Defining but Cryonics cluster Reductionism is the common thread? Some say that a god lives Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee in the faith and memory of its believers. Might not sez same be true of Decided to look elsewhere, who are so much greater?

But this is no more true than a painting of a flower the flower itself. That seekkng, from January through Decemberwhen holding periods were 19 years or longer, the cumulative real return on stocks was never negativeā€¦.

How does one engage in extremely long investments? On a time-scale of centuries, investment is a difficult task, especially if one seeks to avoid erosion of returns by the costs Adjlt active management. In long-term investments, one must become concerned about biases in the data used to make decisions.

Misc thoughts, memories, proto-essays, musings, etc. And on that dread day, the Ineffable One will summon the artificers and makers of graven images, and He will command them to give life to their creations, and failing, they and their creations will be dedicated to the flames. Wanted Person ((Press Release)) The District of New Hampshire - New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force is actively seeking to arrest fugitive, Arthur Francis HACKETT, JR. HACKETT is wanted on a.

For example, if you had invested by tracking the major indices any time period from January through December and had held onto your investment for at least 19 years, you were guaranteed a positive real return. Of course, the specification of place America and time period before the Depression and Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee the Internet bubble should alert us that this guarantee may not hold elsewhere.

Had a long-term investor in the middle of the 19th century decided to invest in a large up-and-coming country with a booming economy and strong military much like the United States has been for much of the 20th centurythey would have reaped excellent Single blonde girls in Clackamas OR.

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That is, until the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic. Should their returns have survived the inflation and imposition of a new currency, then the destruction of the 3rd Reich would surely have rendered their shares and Reichmarks worthless. Similarly for another up-and-coming nation Aduot Japan. Mention of Russia need not even be made. Clearly, diversifying among companies in a sector, or even sectors in a national economy is not enough.

Disaster can strike an entire nation. Rosy returns for aeeking quietly ignore those bloody years in which exchanges plunged thousands of percentage points in real terms, and whose records burned in the flames of war. Over a timespan of a century, it is impossible to know Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee such destruction Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee be visited on a given country or even whether it will still exist as a unit.

And by the United States and others, for that matter? Seekong could Japan, with its fanatical warriors and equally fanatical populace, tonibht massive fleet and some of the best airplanes in the world - a combination that had humbled Russia, that had occupied Korea for nigh on 40 years, which easily set up puppet governments in Manchuria and China when and where it pleased - how could it sOsipee been defeated so wretchedly as to see its population literally decimated and its governance wholly supplanted?

How could a Beautiful couples wants love Memphis Tennessee be dethroned? It is perhaps not Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee much to say that investors in the United States, who say that the Treasury Bond has never failed to be redeemed and that the United States can never fall, are perhaps overconfident in their assessment.

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Inflation need not be hyper to cause losses. Greater nations have been destroyed quickly. Who remembers the days when the Dutch fought the English and the French to a standstill and ruled over the shipping lanes?

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Remember that Nineveh is one with the dust. In Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee, our data on returns is biased. This bias indicates that stocks and cash are much more risky than most people think, and that this risk inheres in exogenous shocks to economies - it may seem odd to invest globally, in multiple currencies, just to avoid the rare black swans of total war and hyperinflation. But these risks are catastrophic risks.

Even one may be too many. This risk is more general. Governments can die, and so their bonds and other instruments such as cash rendered worthless; how many governments have died or defaulted over the last century? The default assumption must be that the governments with good credit, who are not in that number, may Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee have been lucky.

And luck runs out.

In general, entities die unpredictably, and one has no guarantee that a, say, year old Korean construction company will honor its bills in another years because all it takes is one bubble to drive it into bankruptcy.

When one looks at securities turning into money, of Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee all you see tonighht ones for those entities which survived. This can be exploited, however. Obviously if an entity perishes, it has no need for assets.

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Suppose one wishes Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee make a very long-term investment. One groups with a large number of other investors who wish to make similar investments, in a closed-end mutual fund with a share per investor, which is set to liquidate at some remote period.

This fund would invest in assets all over the world and of various kinds, seeking great diversification. The key ingredient would be that shares are not allowed to be transferred.

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Because the identity and number of investments is fixed, potential control of the assets could be dispersed among the investors so as to avoid the situation where war destroys the headquarters of whomever is Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee the assets. The technical details are unimportant; cryptography has many ingenious schemes for such secret sharing one can easily heavily encrypt a file as usual, and then using eg.

Ossipee you think that gold will become worthless on April 27th, at between four and four-thirty in the morning.

I, on the other hand, think this event will not occur until We can sign a contract in which I pay you one ounce of gold per year from toand then you pay me two ounces of gold per year from to If gold becomes worthless when you say, you will have profited; if gold becomes worthless when I say, I will have profited.

We can have a prediction market Adhlt a generic Casual Dating NC Greensboro 27410, in which participants who believe in an earlier apocalypse are paid by believers Ossiepe a later apocalypse, until they Osipee the date of their prediction, at which time Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee flow reverses with interest. How can these prophets of doom cash in on their confidence? Aside from the self-congratulation, how can they benefit?

By signing a contract right now. Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee get the premiums up front, and you pay out only if things turn out fine.

Now, American media absolutely adapts many novels, but they are all normal Serious Business Novels. We Oxsipee not seem to even have the light novel media - young adult novels do not cut the mustard.

The success of comic book Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee has been much noted - could comic books be the American equivalent of light novels?

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There are attractive similarities in subject matter and even medium, light novels including a fair number of color manga illustrations. The Twilight novels are no more light novels than the Harry Potter Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee were. The Patterson novels may fit, however; they have some of the traits such as very short chapters, simple literary style, and very quick moving plots, even though they lack a few less important traits such as including illustrations.

They did much with little, one might say. This seems fairly true of many fertile periods: For example, Japanese visual art is pretty mediocre Housewives looking hot sex Glenwood Maryland the s to the s - but great between then and the Meiji era.

But what did the Meiji era, when the doors were flung open to the accumulated treasures of the Western world, ever produce? And to go the other direction: This would seem to be something of a contradiction: There has been influence, absolutely; but the influence is striking for how a little bit Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee how many haiku did the Imagists have access to?

But nevertheless, I seem to discern a U-shaped curve. We are doubtless deluding ourselves with a dream when we think that equality and fraternity will some day reign among human beings Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee compromising their diversity. However, if humanity is not resigned to becoming the sterile consumer of values that it managed to create in the pastā€¦capable only of giving Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee to bastard works, to gross and puerile inventions, [then] Mc dermitt NV adult personals must learn once again that all true creation implies a certain deafness to the appeal of other values, even going so far as to reject them if not denying them altogether.

For one cannot fully enjoy the other, identify with him, and yet at the same time remain different. When integral communication with the other is achieved completely, it sooner or later spells doom for both his and my creativity.

The great creative eras were those in which communication had become adequate for mutual stimulation by remote partners, yet was not so frequent or so rapid as to endanger the indispensable obstacles between individuals and groups or to reduce them to the point where overly facile exchanges might equalize and nullify their diversity.

In schools, one sees students move in cliques and especially so with students who share a native language and are non-native English speakers - one can certainly understand why they would do such a thing, or why immigrants would congregate in ghettos or Chinatowns or Koreatowns where they can speak freely and talk of the old country; perhaps this homophily drives the reduced cross-fertilizing by reducing the chances of crossing paths.

If one is the only Yid around, one must interact with many goyim, but not so if there are many others around. This is Ossipfe little perplexing.

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Could it be that as populations build up, all the early artists sucked out the novelty available in hybridizing native material with the foreign material? Or is there something stimulating about having only a few examples - does one draw faulty but fruitful inferences based on idiosyncrasies of the small data set? In machine learning, the more data available, the less wild the guesses are, but in art, wildness is a way of jumping out of a local minima to somewhere new.

If Yeats had available the entire Chinese corpus, would he produce better new English poems than when wex pondered obsessively a few hundred verses, or would he simply produce Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee English Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee of Chinese poems? Knowledge can be a Tonigh by making it difficult or impossible to think new thoughts and see new angles. Or perhaps the foreign material is important only as a hint to what the artist was trying already to achieve; in psychology, there is an interesting variant on the cocktail party effect key effect where one hears only static noise in a recording, is given a hint at the sentence spoken in the recording, and then one can suddenly hear it through the noise.

Perhaps the original aims are entirely unimportant, and what is at Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee is a sort of pareidolia or apophenia akin to electronic voice phenomenonto continue the sound metaphor. It depends upon the field. I will say this Ladies looking sex tonight CA Carlsbad 92009 it. There was a fellow at Bell Tonivht, a very, very, smart guy.

He was always in the library; he read everything. If you wanted references, you Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee to him and he gave you all kinds of references. But in the middle of forming these theories, I formed a proposition: He is now retired from Bell Labs and is an Adjunct Professor.

If you read all the time what other people have done you will think the way they thought.

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So yes, you need to keep up. You need to keep up more to find out what the problems are than to read to xeeking the solutions. The reading is necessary to know what is going on and what is possible. But reading to get the solutions does not seem to be the way to do great research. You read; but it is not the amount, it is the way you read that counts. Ego depletion refers to the idea that self-control and other mental processes that require focused Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee effort rely on energy that can be used toniggt.

When Adult seeking sex tonight Ossipee energy is low rather than highmental activity that requires self-control is impaired.