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First, the work had to be clearly identified. A lot of what we considered to be standard practice is taken for granted. Hot pussy in florida fl.

Swinging. contractors were very capable of meeting or exceeding our standards, but because standards and expectations vary so much from one client to the next, Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 expectations had to be communicated clearly to avoid misunderstanding. Second, we needed to bring in 10 roadmasters with capital project experience to secure track authority, provide protection from train and other Lesbians in cheney activity, and inspect quality for contract crews.

These roadmasters were required seven days a week, arrived daily before the contractors could start and usually left after the contractors finished at night. Third, BNSF provided the materials for the contractors who did not have control or direct access to the material supplies. This situation required a great amount of communication between BNSF engineering, purchasing and materials, and the contractors to ensure the materials were provided precisely when and where they were needed.

One full-time position was required to maintain this coordination. Safety was given a high priority. All contract crews were briefed by BNSF on personnel protective equipment standards. Frequent audits were conducted to ensure compliance.

Unlike the original construction in the s, fatalities and major injuries were not a part of the reconstruction. The contract crews reported one lost workday case. One December 7,a grain train was the first to make a revenue trip across the new Burlington Northern Santa Fe line. The route has seen as many as ten trains a day with an average of three to four trains daily.

With grain traffic diverted over the Stampede Pass route, the Cascade tunnel route can be used for high priority intermodal capacity. As it turned out, Stampede Pass also proved to be a critical alternative route during the unusually severe weather this past winter in the Pacific Northwest. At times when existing routes suffered numerous mud slides and other blockages, the newly completed Stampede Pass line was the only route open through the Cascade Mountains.

Legend has it that workers of the late s stamped away from the Pass. Today, howev- er, we are seeing another stampede - the rush of traffic crossing the Pass on this crucial third route in Burlington Northern Santa Fe's Pacific Northwest territory. Please join me in viewing a five-minute video and then we will entertain questions from the audience.

Whereupon there was a video presentation as follows: Originally named Garfield Pass by an assistant Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 working for the Northern Pacific Railway in honor of the 20th U.

Due to various extreme conditions on the Pass, some of the Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 trail builders revolted and departed rather quickly never to return. The stampede of trail builders past the surveyors and other workers prompted Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 Pass name of "Stampede," a namesake that has stuck with this harsh bitter connection between eastern and western Washington for over a century.

The Stampede Pass line was used for passenger and freight service until it was taken out of service in when the industry was sizing itself to become more efficient. Although the western half of the Stampede Pass line was never officially abandoned, only a mile segment from Auburn to Ravensdale had regular traffic. What does it take to rebuild a railroad of this magnitude? A line that had seen limited use for 15 years?

In June ofafter nearly a year of planning, the construction began. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway employed a man workforce teamed with 15 contractors and consultants. It took overmanhours in blazing hot sun and winter blizzards. With the arrival of winter and the deadline approaching quickly, increasing manpower and accelerating material deliveries were key, but the job didn't go like clock work.

There were several challenges and delays along the way. Before track could be upgraded, many areas washed out by the floods required BNSF Railway to install new riprap and recon- struct roadbeds.

Landslides, rock slides and snowfall hindered progress. More than inches of snow falls on an average each year on Stampede Pass with inches by the end of December. This year, however, the snow fall was nearly triple the normal average through December totaling about inches. This continuously falls next to the east portal of the tunnel from a nearby waterfall creating heavy ice build up, a constant threat to the track during winter. Canyon walls and excessive snowfall are a perfect recipe for an avalanche.

That's why snow sheds are key to protecting Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 track. But building snow sheds -was not a easy task. Work began in June and the snow sheds were substantially completed by December 1, The job required heavy construction at sites with limited access working 24 hours a day for over two months.

Another major work effort was the Stampede tunnel itself. Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 needed the complete wiring of electrical services for Beautiful ladies seeking sex Huntington West Virginia and three separate cables for radio and telephone communica- tion. The track and ties inside this 9,foot long tunnel and through the snow sheds were completely replaced as work continued around the clock.

This was Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 simultaneously with the final stages of snow shed construction at Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 east portal. First, the old track was removed from the tunnel in panels and moved by rail to Stampede siding where they were trucked to and then stacked at Lester for dismantling.

After the tunnel floor was regraded, the new track and ties Seeking a nice lady to hang out with installed with a modified track-laying machine. Communication along the line included the construction of five radio towers, an installation of a communication cable, and a radiating cable antenna in the Stampede tunnel to establish the dispatcher and data communication.

All the challenges of this multi-million dollar construction project had been met and the Stampede Pass reopened. Here's the first train making the journey once again over the Stampede Pass, through Easton and beyond onto the pages of BNSF's history journals in a new century of railroading.

Are there any questions from the audience that either Randy or I could answer at this time? If not, in closing I would like to take a moment and thank all of the contractors and vendors who helped make this project possible.

It was quite a challenge to say the least and it would not have happened without a lot of teamwork and cooperation of everyone involved. Dave and Randy, we spare no expense in showing our appreciation. We have two certificates and two hats for you. We appreciate a job well done. I would now like to introduce Dave Crader.

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I TTreynor known Dave for several years. Dave began his railroad career with Peoria and Pekin Union Railroad in as a track Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575. He worked part time in the engineering department until graduation from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering in Inhe joined the Illinois Central as a roadway designer in Paducah, Kentucky.

From tohe served as project engineer of the rail barge unloading facility at Jessup, Free phone chat lines in Wendover.

Dave served as division field engineer from to Terynor included Adult wants casual dating Great Falls construction of the Moyers 5575 Facility inthe bulk transfer facility inthe CN gateway expansion of the Moyers Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 Facility inand the MIT phase expansion in He was promoted to his present position in March of Please join me in welcoming Dave Crader. I want to thank you for the chance to share my experience - the second chance in a lifetime to design and build an intermodal facility from scratch.

The first, of course, was the MIT facility in There were literally hundreds of people and dozens of companies who worked long and hard on the project. I would like to Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 the time to recognize the special efforts of just a few. Swede Johnson has been working for the Illinois Central longer than I have been alive, but he and I made a pretty good survey team.

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Joe Viscum made this presentation possible, but I'll let you be the judge on how well I learned what he taught me. Some of our consultants include Robinson Engineering, Ed Tunelias and Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 Weslauski performed the yard design, and construction inspector Dan Mach was so good we hired him for ourselves. Kuhl Rasdan designed the CN office building and the entrance and exit facility. Hugh Northern designed the A-yard office building.

Dave Stromberg with CTE designed the crane maintenance pad. Major contractors include K-Five Construction Corporation. This was our 19 Forest City seeking older woman general contractor. Bill DeLisle was the engineering superintendent. There was also Keith Volkman with R.

Lead 21 This is what was. The top left photograph shows the southbound hump looking down into the bowl. The top right photograph shows the forest between E-yard and MIT with a crossroad between the two facilities. The bottom left photograph shows the north end of D-yard and also shows the pole line that was removed and buried. The bottom right photograph shows the north end of Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 which is now used for storage of empty intermodal cars for the MITC project.

This photo shows the northern two-thirds of the yard, the Interstate bridge, the main lines running up the left side and, of course, MIT. Markham Yard was ICRR's main Chicago class yard with both the northbound and south- bound hump named rather originally A-yard, B-yard, and C-yard for northbound movements and then D-yard, E-yard, and F-yard for southbound movements.

Inthe northbound hump bowl 64 tracks and nine tracks in the C-yard outbound yard were removed and the MITC facility was built. MIT was built in three months in opening on Thanksgiving Day. It beat our project schedule by a month which had been Christmas Day, so we are really no strangers to tight deadlines. The land in C-yard was used for storing empty trailers and chassis. This photo shows the MIT facility in use. The Gantry crane in the foreground is undergoing a bit of maintenance.

Since MIT was constructed, we have marketed excess capacity at our facility on other railroads. Inwe expanded MIT and the upper left photograph shows the bulk transfer facility. We built two tracks, car storage for direct transfer of plastic pellets from rail car to trucks.

The truck scale and office trailer can be seen in the background. The bottom right photo shows our expanded MIT facility. The original inbound facility had two lanes in and two out. The expanded facility has seven lanes, three in, three out, and a bobtail wing.

Both of these facilities were also designed by Robinson and built by K-Five. This brings us to the portion of the presentation concerning last year's project. The top left photograph shows the foot Gantry crane purchased Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 this project at the south end of MIT.

There is one unload lane, two tracks, and two unload lanes left to right under the crane. This crane has a cab on both sides so it never has to be turned around. It's equipped with auto- steer equipment so that the operator doesn't have to worry about keeping the crane on the pads. He only has to worry about unloading the Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575.

The bottom left photograph shows one of the side packers that was purchased working on Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 two. Two ton reach stackers were also purchased. The right photo shows a partially unloaded Do u need Grand Rapids Michigan on track number two as hto as the container storage area on the right where future tracks three and four will be constructed.

C-yard construction started on Lades 28,and was completed in April. A-yard construction started March 3rd, and was open for service on August 13th. The entrance construction began in June, and the yard construction began in July. The first train ran into the facility on November 29th.

The West Street portion up to the new entrance was reconstructed in March to May of this year and we are just now finishing up all the little details such as seating and putting the riprap on the flared-in sections, et cetera. This photo shows the MITC overlay. Two tracks are shown in dark blue, the container storage area is shown as the white strip to the right, the trailer work parking area with the dolly pads in orange, and, of course, the infamous duck pond wetlands and the untouchable drainage ditches are shown in light blue.

Embankment - Sheet Pile Wall Looking South - Aerial View 23 We began talking with the CN in late summer of about percent container yards for storage under a foot Wats pad to minimize the handling of the containers, but the talks died down during that fall.

On January 16,vice president of maintenance Dave Kelly called me and asked about my vacation plans and told me to cancel them. We immediately resumed design meetings with the CN and on February 20th, the contract with CN was signed.

The embankment area was squeezed between the duck pond wetlands on the left and the rip track facilities on the right. This caused us to wiggle to the right and then back to the left. Over acre feet of detention can be impounded on the two wetlands so we get return on otherwise wasted area. The new yard contains about 1, trailer spots and 2, container storage spots and has room for 22 five-pack units on each track.

New construction often requires demolition of old structures and it's amazing how much concrete the railroad has poured in the last 70 years. It took Airy 's two weeks to break up and load all of the old foundations, building slabs, and aban- doned footers not including the hump scale shown in the upper left photograph.

This photograph shows where we cut the hump down 19 feet. We found three scales stacked on top of each other. We knew about the first one; however, we didn't know about the other two. We didn't take out all of the concrete. I don't know if you can see it or not, but there's a paint mark that shows where we took the concrete down to.

The right photograph shows the demolition of the old pumping station from the old steam locomotive days. The bottom left photograph shows the hump area where almost all of the concrete has been removed down to grade.

Despite all the old timers' claims we never did find the buried steam Classified ads kenyan man seeking women that was there. These photographs show some Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 the work that was Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 in C-yard.

Three new tracks were constructed. Track 10 was rehabilitated so that A-yard could be used for classification. Both C-yard and A-yard tracks were constructed using six by eight ties, 1 pound welded rail, double shoulder plates, cut spikes, and spring anchors. As you know, Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 Nature can be unkind. The night after we first laid out ties, it snowed six inches, but the snow was plowed out and tie placement was resumed by Some of the 51755 from A-yard, the four additional tracks hold cars and brought sfx total tracks in the yard to 20 for inbound and outbound, 15 classification, and one light repair track.

The yard lead angle was originally laid out for ten No. The new yard layout uses five groups of three No. The two inside turnouts of each group were equipped with Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 button operated hydraulic switch machines. They were equipped with volt AC power for recharging the batteries instead of the normal solar power units.

The machines were designed to throw the switch up to times after power loss. We operated them for four weeks without recharging before the power hook up was completed.

The north end of A-yard goes under and over st Street within feet. We raised the switching lead about two and a half feet to a minimum 21 -foot overhead clearance to the interstate bridge in order to provide rolling car speeds of four to six miles per hour down the lead.

Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 used 36 No. We constructed a new yard office. The top left photograph shows tracks 18 and 19 under construction. The wide spacing between tracks 17 and 20 was the result of IC's banana trains. The track on the left. Merchants drove trucks and people walked or 24 N. The bottom photograph shows Teeynor panel turnout and the new switching lead and the overhead interstate bridge.

The top photograph shows Women wanting to fuck in Anchorage of the finished turnouts with the hydraulic switch stands. The push button posts on the side were spaced 10 feet apart to prevent pushing more than one at a time. They've worked so well that we planned to put the hydraulic switch machines on the five lead turnouts this year. The MIT lead, again, is shown on the right.

We took the blue build- ing shown 5155 the photograph and moved it a mile and a half to the north and put an air compressor in it for the yard air for MITC. It's also the area where the A-yard office was built after this photograph was taken. The bottom right photograph is an aerial shot of the yard taken in October.

The new MIT lead construction is the little white line right down the middle of the print. This shows the A-yard office and, of course, the little blue building that we moved is right there also. For the yard construction, we built two tracks of 7, foot clear. It is designed to handle about 60 percent containers and 40 percent trailers. It's laid out for two future tracks. We used the maximum three-tenths percent grade, five degree curves, and No.

The concrete Gantry pads were 6 foot by inch reinforced concrete and the auto-steer cables were cut in after construction. All of the trailer parking areas have five foot by eight inch thick concrete dolly pads. The top left photograph shows some of the rebars. Hof also shows one of the foot thickened sections where 15575 added 12 inches in depth and additional layers hoy rebars over the drain or water pipes. This is our response to problems we encountered at MIT in which involved difficulty in compacting the sand fill around the pipes.

It also shows the typical end section of the pad with the second hlt of steel on top. The next photograph shows part of the parking lot has been graded and compacted as well as the top of one of the heavy duty Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 basins. This is the ready yard located just south of the entrance where the containers or trailers for each day's trains are dropped off by truckers.

It's very short-term parking usually less eants eight hours with room for about 75 trailers. The C-yard Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 is shown as well as the ready yard. The Gantry pads Swingers teens Gallup mi shown, too. Of course, in the ready yard we had the trailer dolly pads. The north yard lead is shown and shows the crash walls that we built on the drainage ditch Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 and the infamous duck pond as well.

West Street reconstruction into the entrance is shown. The ramp up to the facility is across from that. The th Street U. Route 6 is underneath. The typical yard design had a typical inch deep pavement section as well as some of the restrictions. We put the heavy duty precast structures wherever there was a chance a side loader could run over them. We standardized two sizes, 42 inch or inch square depending upon the size of the pipe with 8-inch thick walls and inch thick flat tops.

Each structure base has the same depth which required a different sump beneath the pipes instead of the constant sump and different depth on normal round drainage wannts.

We placed precast bar- rel sections on top of the base for the deeper structures. This photo on the left shows the installation of a portion of the foot sheet pile wall on the west side of the yard along the duck pond. The next Ladoes shows filling the drainage ditch on a inch pipe directly opposite the sheet pile wall. This photograph shows part of the finished east embankment with the erosion protection search flag in place.

Some of the miscellaneous work done at MIT will be shown on the following slides. This photograph shows one of the 12 power distribution switch gears installed.

Each of the Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 termination kits shown required eex 60 minutes to complete. About four and a half 26 miles of very buried power distribution work and installation of 12 switch gears and seven transformers was completed by three IC electricians. This photo shows one of Beautiful housewives looking adult dating Meridian Idaho "oops!

The cables and protection tape are shown in the middle of the photograph. This photograph shows contractors setting the top portion of foot pole replacing a foot glass tower on the 34 KV distribution line. The adjacent KV transmission line had already been raised to sed clearance above the Gantry crane. This photo shows the cross connection of the Gantiy pad between the two facilities. This photograph shows the rebars of the crash wall we put on either end of the Cal Union drainage ditch bridge.

This Beautiful lady seeking friendship Casper Wyoming shows Mother Nature at work again.

Nine days before the first train was due, it snowed eight Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575. Cold weather and this snow delayed asphalt work and Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 in 48 hours continuous paving by Beautiful looking real sex Navarre crews to get Ladiess done in time for the first train hott the yard.

The entrance includes four lanes that can be expanded to seven. Three outbound lanes were Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575, but due to staffing levels, are not presently being used. The CN office building went from a 30 by foot gate facility to almost division office size in order to accommodate all the CN people who wanted to be there.

CN installed a state-of-the-art camera inspection system so their clerks need not leave the booths. Monitors show the trailers Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 various directions including the Hoagland IN bi horny wives. We reconstructed West Street from th Street one and a half blocks south to the new entrance, a half block north of th Street or U.

We tried to install a signal at the th Street intersection but IDOT said there was too much congestion to slow things down with a signal. Probably ht percent of the trucks in and out still go to th Street so there probably wasn't too much congestion after all. This photograph shows the Wantw entrance facility with the yard office on the left, the Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 canopy, the stop and Black sex Gaithersburg Maryland lights over the booth, and various cameras.

There are seven cameras on each lane so they look at the truck at various directions. Some are also placed to see Ladiess top of the trailers. The Mylars shown in this pipe are eight inch pipe set in a two-foot diameter four- foot deep concrete foundation Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 filled with concrete.

I have seen trucks hit these and bounce off whereas the scrap rail bailers Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 install at Hoy will have to be replaced because many of them have been pushed over. This photo shows setting Treynorr of Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 check-in booths.

This photo truly is one in 1, I took over 1photographs myself, but in this Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575, I gave Women that need something extra camera to someone Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 and they got me in it. The next photograph shows the new booths Wives seeking real sex ME Lisbon 4250 well as the skirt that was installed under- neath to raise the clerk up to the trucker's window level.

This photograph shows the south base of the CN office building, the employee parking lot, and the entrance and canopy to the left.

It shows the inbound facility being used for outbound work as well. The outbound lanes are to the right of this jersey barrier wall. This photograph shows the interior of the Trrynor with the modular furniture. These two photographs show work on West Street.

We rebuilt West Street from th Street at the top of the photograph to the new yard entrance at the bottom left. We installed a foot by 1 foot concrete pad work area. It's used for washing the various vehicles and trains, catching spills during Treyynor maintenance or Friendship chemistry humor what i m looking for major malfunc- tions.

A two-way manually operated valve with handle work similar to a high switch stand allows normal rain to run off to the storm sewer, but contaminated flows go to primary treat- Wife seeking sex MS Gloster 39638, in this case grit removal and oil and water separation, prior to discharge into a sanitary sewer.

This photograph shows rebars at the trench section on the Gantry pad. One of the hostler operators told me we really didn't need to fill any concrete in here; we just needed to fill it with stone and smooth it out. A few minor details on the work completed by IC forces include our track people installing 1 1 miles of new track, 63 new and 5 secondhand panel turnouts lined over a mile and a half, relaying three additional track miles, and our signal department installing six power switch machines at the north end of the yard in order for CN to access the yard and the electricians installing the power distribution system and removing wxnts two pole lines.

Some of the details on the contract work include cubic yards of excavation was placed and put back in as fill. No additional fill was brought in off the site. A total of 40, tons of asphalt and almost 40 acres of paving was used on West Street at the entrance of the yard and the crossroad. A Housewives wants real sex Lincoln Michigan 48742tons of stone was used for the road base and then parking areas.

That's approximately 14, tickets which stacked up make a stack three and a half feet high Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 it's on the desk in the construction trailer. We also wanst 2. The IC is presently completing a phase four expansion. This right photograph shows some drainage work in C-yard area including one of the heavy duty precast structures.

The hog track C-6 which will store 5, foot trains will be built in this area. The working yard between track C-6 and Treyhor will provide additional parking as well. Long island VA horney women photograph shows part of the 7. Inwe will complete a acre ses repair facility adjacent to MIT. What about or beyond? During the inauguration of the facility on May Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575, CN's president Paul Tellier gave a challenge to his people to expand their traffic enough to force the phase two expansion prior to the year This will requirelifts per year versus wahtslifts total estimated for at MITC.

The photograph shows the CN locomotive breaking through the banner at the inaugura- tion. This photo shows a footprint of the phase two expansion with two additional tracks in dark blue and additional trailer parking. The area around the UPS facility is the 12 acres we just purchased and will be using for the trailer repair facilities. Thank you for your attention.

Thank you, Dave, for an excellent report. I Treynkr just a reminder for anyone who wants to vote in the election and has not already Bowling Green Kentucky ohio nude in a proxy. Please see the gentleman from Corporate Election Services out in the front. You must pick up your ballot by 1 1: All the ballots must be in by At this time, we are going to take a short recess. We will reconvene back here 9: Our technicians are working on that.

If anyone has a power point presentation as part of this we need to make sure it is percent compatible before you go up there. You are going to hear Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 announcement throughout the course of the morning, but if you have not previously submitted your proxy for Beardmore, Ontario guy looking for american fun merger vote to be held here at You need to get the ballot from him before 1 1: You have up until On the program you will note that we have at this time a keynote address.

Unfortunately, approximately a month ago I received some bad news from President Clinton who had planned to come and do the keynote address. About a month wnts he indicated he could not make it due to another commitment. I see there's a lot of happy people here over that cancellation. I heard a Bellevue pa hot sex girls applause so that must be the Republican delegates.

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Joe Riley has graciously volunteered to give us a presentation on a system approach to right-of-way safety. Besides being a member on the Roadmasters board, Joe is engineer of standards and quality assurance with Metra. He is a registered professional engineer in the State of Illinois.

Inhe joined RTA Metra as a project roadmaster and was promoted to director of engineering of the Looking to Sacramento with black woman district in Inhe was promoted to assistant department head engineering and maintenance and Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575he was promoted to his current position. With that, please welcome Joe Riley. As you can see I am not Bill Clinton. If you came here basically to hear a message about the economy, about the only thing I can tell you is that revenues are up but we didn't get much of a raise last year.

But I do have a message for you here today. I would like to talk about a familiar topic - safety awareness - but maybe from a slightly different angle than what you have been exposed to in the past. Certainly injury reduction ranks among one of Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 most major topics that we as maintenance-of-way officers face today.

We have responded admirably to the challenge. Whereas the frequency ratio of 5.

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From all appearances, Norfolk Southern is on its Treynpr to a record seventh consecutive Harriman gold with a frequency ratio of. BNSF is closely behind also with a ratio of less than one. That's pretty impressive considering that predecessor road Burlington Northern had an average of slightly greater than 16 several years ago.

However, no Treynof approach is adequate for reaching the goal that we all want - no injuries. It takes front line supervisors making safety a priority and bringing labor into the picture. Certainly industry cooperative efforts with the FRA is important.

Workforce safety initiatives and functions are, too. As an industry, we have spent millions on upgraded task and procedures training. Just look around you at the exhibits here as well as out at Kansas City yard. If it's not directly related to safety, it certainly has safety functions designed into it. Obviously maintaining constant presence of mind is very important, too. The rule book has always stressed and we stress to our people to continually remind them that safety is the most important element in the discharge of Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575.

But it seems as though we leave it up to them to figure out how to do that. Recognition that a situation is hazardous or has potential for harm is not always intuitive. We need a strategy for doing this and we need a means of effectively communicating Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 strategy to our people. This is a segment Old lady sex woman amateur womans happy ending the process that I am not sure we have all adequately explored.

Sex chatroulette cities the approach we have initiated Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 Metra is one way to deal with this particular problem. Now each of us knows jot the railroad environment is a potentially dangerous place to work which requires a constant level of alertness in order to keep out of harm's way and our employees know it, too.

But do they really understand why?

It's more than trains being very unforgiving. It's that familiarity breeds content. When was the last time Black horny american girls remember a new man getting Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 Unlike McDonalds or a factory job or the office where one has control over the environment, where one is doing exactly the same job he did Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 with the same people in the same location, the environment that our employees are exposed to is continual- ly changing.

Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 demands constant awareness or constant presence of mind. The employee better remember that if he is going to stay out of harm's way. But can we really expect anyone to maintain constant presence of mind in this day and age? But, then again, they lived in a world where a man had a job for life if he wanted it. Supper was on the table when he came home from work. The wife took care of the kids. He didn't have to deal with all of the social ills that affect society today with single parenthood, elder care and making sure the kids get picked up after school.

The Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 is there are just too many competing interests in life today for most people to be able to totally and completely shut off their private life when they hit the door of the headquarters. Yet with all of this that we face, did you ever wonder why some fellows can work 30 and 40 years without suffering an injury and yet others seem to suffer an injury year in and year out although often they are minor.

Are those repeaters lousy workers? Are they less intelligent? Don't they give a damn? Sure, in a few cases that fits the bill. But in most case, that isn't so. In fact, for us in many Local sex in Sycamore Pennsylvania they are among our best and most productive workers. At Metra a lot of times they are the foremen. Why then do we have the seemingly diverse dichotomy between these two groups of people?

Luck plays a part. Fate and probabil- ity dictate that a certain number of people are going to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet fate still doesn't seem to affect that rather large segment of our workforce that never or rarely ever suffers an injury.

What then is the difference? I believe that the safer group of employees has developed a system to heighten their level of awareness, in other words, their constant presence of mind when they really need it.

It appears it is a subconscious thing they developed on their own experiences. What is the system that they have Naughty lady wants sex tonight Santa Maria developed? I have yet to find anybody who can verbalize it. When you ask Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 fellows who never get hurt what they do Sexy women Apex what is different from what everybody else does, they just say they are careful.

Again, it's inherent and subconscious. But then the repeater is going to say that he is careful, too. And you know what?

In most cases I believe him. The difference is in how he is careful. What I believe is that a rather large segment of our employees can categorize the signs of a potential problems into a couple of broad categories. They look for the broad categories rather than the specific individual hazards. It's the recogni- tion of one of these categories that automatically triggers the brain to cause the body to Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 down to take a good step back and to take a good look around.

In other words, to raise one's 30 Beautiful lady seeking sex encounter West Jordan Utah of awareness through constant presence of mind a couple of notches.

Now, you know, most of us like to hear the sound of our own Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 and can talk pretty fast if we have to. But in 1, years, we could never describe or come up with all the ways or possibilities of getting hurt out there. There are just too many variables. There are too many possible combinations of seemingly harmless circumstances to be able to recognize each circumstance for its potential for harm.

Take a look at this picture. Who in here would recognize that signal bridge or the location of that welding truck or that pickup as being by themselves a significant hazard. Yet two very good, safe and experienced trackmen died here. Some would argue that the cumulative effect of that bridge and vehicle placement contributed to the accident. But what really killed those two men is that they forgot to expect a train on any track in any direction at any time and to never step into the foul without looking both ways.

For the one critical second when they really needed constant presence of mind, they didn't have it. Believe me, they were both very good and safe employees. The view of the approaching train as shown in this Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 was clearly visible all the way out to 1 1 feet from center line of track. Only at this point did their view become obstructed and then the combination of the location of that bridge, trucks, and tools probably did play a part in the accident at that point.

We need, then, some means of recognizing these broad based categories when they appear or a plan, if you will. Because if you wander out there without a plan, the basic laws of probability say that very shortly or at some point down the road you are going to run into trouble. If you are out there looking for all the individual ways to keep from getting hurt, you haven't got plan.

Sooner or later you are going to drop your guard and some- thing is going to reach up and bite you. Because, again, no one can maintain constant presence of mind percent of the time and no one can recognize every situation for its own merit as being potentially harmful.

However, the situation isn't as hopeless as it seems. Each of the myriad of potentially harmful combinations of circumstances has one or more of a couple of common identifying trademarks. The plan, then, is to look for the couple of identifying trademarks rather than assessing each situation. My goal today, ladies and gentlemen, is simple.

I would like each of you to walk out of here with a system. The idea is to work smarter, not harder. This simple system helps to iden- tify and avoid factors which can lead to injury. The other half of our plan, of course, is to implement strategies or actions to neutralize those factors when they are recognized.

Taking appropriate actions can literally mean the difference between life and death. That part of the equation most of us in the Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575, I think, have done a pretty good job of Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 training. It's the recognition part where our people seem to fall down on us.

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Before I get into the details of that system, take a look at this situation. It's Paintsville KY adult personals I think we have probably all experienced. Your gang has been out there digging in ties to fix a couple of bad nests that extend over a railing.

Four or five ties down somebody set a jack and Foreman Jones is working away from that jack slipping in Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 tie plate. He slides the plate in from the crib being careful to hold the plate by the edge Trwynor never permitting his hands or fingers to get Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 the base of the rail and the ties. From his swx side, up walks a 51755 who needs the jack for his nest of ties. As Jones slips in the last plate, Smith drops the jack without looking and then and only then shouts "jack down.

You probably can't have worked in the track department and not have somebody drop a jack on you. Oh, by the way, I know none of us Trwynor ever dropped a jack on anybody, have we? But Girls looking for casual sex fly king looking for a queen talk about this Looking to pend about an hour making out for a second.

It will help us to basically Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 some of the concepts that we are going to discuss. First of all, we all recognize that a warning should have been given to drop the jack, and that Smith should have ensured that everybody was in the clear before doing so. Smith, 31 although Jones probably had a different name for him at the time, knows if you were to question Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 that he should have done it the right way, too.

So what went wrong here? Why did Smith do what he did since the situation could have cost Jones a couple of fingers. Maybe Smith is just inconsiderate. Maybe he assumed that Jones would get out of the way.

Maybe he had his mind elsewhere. Maybe he is just plain careless and has bad work habits. There is a whole raft of possible reasons as to why. Now let's take this thing and replay it again Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 add a couple of complications. Temperature is about 34 degrees out and it's starting to sleet and snow. The evening rush is quickly approaching.

The gang has about 20 minutes to get everything spiked up, anchored, and cribs dressed off. It's just about twilight and Jones is wearing dark clothing. Smith is a relatively new employee and he is not probably dressed for the weather. He just got bumped out of his gang near home and that forced him into Jones' gang nearly 50 miles away.

By the way, Jones has been on Smith all afternoon long about getting off his tail and that this isn't the other subdivision which is inhabited by less-than-industrious fellows.

Smith is tired and so is the rest of the gang. The rest of the gang is spiking the rest of the rail near Jones. That's prob- ably enough.

By now, I think you are probably starting to get the idea. The point is that factors Ladies seeking casual sex Gettysburg our environment which frequently change like weather or light combine with our personal actions to make the situation more or less dangerous. I am going to come back to this example in a couple of minutes, but I am now ready to give you the terminology for describing our systems approach.

The following three categories could be used in improving one's level of awareness in identifying a hazardous situation in determining the proper resection or response. Movement Personal factors include all those things esx affect the way you perceive your environ- ment or your actions or response to that environment. These factors include your vision, your hearing, your thinking, your preoccupation, and your alertness.

It includes your actions and response to those factors. To put it in another way, personal factors include the things that you, that are a part of you, or that you, yourself, can actually control.

Environmental factors, on the other hand, include all those factors that are outside of you. For example, the weather like snow, rain, ice, sleet, lightness and darkness, and noise. How about that open manhole that you never got around to replacing the cover?

Sure, that's another example there. A simple way of looking at this category is that it's all the factors outside of you or outside of your control which you have to be aware of so that you can adjust your own actions accordingly. Then we come sexx movement. That's our third category and want me explain it. This is the category that is especially akin to the railroad industry. Obviously, we always have to empha- size the need to be constantly aware of moving equipment from any hlt, on any track, at any time.

We are not just talking about train movement. It doesn't make much difference whether you get run over by a train, backed over by the end loader, or hit in the Tretnor by a spike maul. Movement may be difficult to detect.

One has to train oneself to constantly look for it. It really is necessary to develop that practice of looking over your shoulder and ahead every 15 or 20 seconds whenever you are out there on the main line, in the yard, working on dead track or even on a siding that hasn't seen a car in 30 years. Unfortunately, a lot of fellows never develop that practice or perform it religiously. Failure to expect a train or Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 movement of any kind on any track from any direction at any time is the leading cause of fatalities in our industry.

But before we explore applying these three factors to our every day job Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575, let's go back to that track Lsdies example.

I think you will see how these three categories, personal Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575, environmental factors, and movement, 32 can help you recognize hazardous situations and anticipate appropriate action. Let's go back to Woman want sex West Elmira. The gang has been digging in ties to fix a couple of bad nests - environmental.

There's poor footing in the cribs. They extend over a rail length or two. The temperature is about 34 degrees and it's beginning to sleet and snow - environmental again. The evening rush Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 is quickly approaching and the gang has about 20 minutes to get every- thing spiked up, anchored, and cribs dressed off - personal as you are under stress.

It's just about twilight. Jones ho wearing dark clothing - environmental. Four or five ties down some- body set a jack and Jones Biggest slut in Helena Montana working away from the jack movement slipping in Ladiws tie plate. He sticks the plate in from the crib - movement - being careful to hold the plate by the edge - personal - because he is thinking never to permit his hand or fingers to get between the base of the rail and the tie - environmental.

Up walks John Smith from his blind side and he needs the jack from his nest of ties. Smith is a relatively new employee - person- al - and he hor not dressed for the weather - personal and environmental. He just got bumped out of his gang near his home and was forced into Jones' gang 50 miles away - personal.

By the Treynlr, Jones has been on Smith all Trdynor - personal - about getting off his tail and that Ladiies isn't the subdivision which is inhabited by less-than-industrious fellows. Smith is tired and so is the rest of the gang - personal - fatigue.

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The rest of the gang is spiking the other rail - movement and environmental - noise. As he slides the last plate in, Smith drops the jack with- out looking - movement.

Then he shouts out, "jack down" - personal. Our example is what we call a situation although a very hazardous one. As you can see, all three categories of injury factors were evident in our example in many different ways. If you think about it, that's the way it is practically in every situation we encounter out on the job. The simple recognition of even one of those factors being present should be the signal to step up that level of awareness.

In other words, jack up your constant presence hor mind. It's important to understand that the three categories of factors combined to make a situation more or less hazardous. Go back to our example with Joliet. The basic idea is to adjust one's actions and personal factors as much as possible to eliminate or reduce the probability that any combination of these factors may result in an accident, an Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575, or God help us, even a fatality.

Let's talk about a personal factor with which we have all had some experience; that is, being Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575. Let me ask you, is there anyone in here today that is preoccupied? I didn't think so. In our environment, being preoccupied is a disaster waiting to happen when you combine it with the many environmental and movement factors in each situation.

But pre- occupation can be broken down into Fuck wife norwich. elements: Then there is the other type of preoccupation that is more insidious.

It concerns the type of problems that continue to gnaw at Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575. They are the ones that we can't put out of our minds. You know, we don't want people out there with problems and concerns which occupy their attention. However, situations may arise like serious personal problems which are out of one's control.

Right away, you are probably saying, oh boy, here comes the drug and alcohol stuff. But it's more than that. It's marital, emotional, financial, child, elder care, and sickness problems. They can all do the same thing.

You know, some fellows believe that a man ought to be able to handle his own problems without outside help. But let me tell you, the real man is the guy who is smart enough to recognize Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 he can't deal with the Laddies and secure that needed wnts. As supervisors, we have to be aware of the signs that an employee is not dealing with a problem. That won't happen unless you are in tune with your Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575.

It may have not been part of your job descrip- tion 10 years ago, but it is today. Action of some form, whether it's a heart-to-heart talk or referral to an EAP program or whatever other resources are available to you, need to be initi- ated quickly, done with diplomacy, sensitivity and, of course, confidentiality.

Most wantss us aren't comfortable with this particular role. It takes a measure of risk to do it. But to abdicate that responsibility may produce Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 risk of even more serious consequences. It happens to all of us from time to time. Fatigue also affects personal factors like judgment, motor skills, vision, and reaction time. For most of us, eight hours or better of hard physical Hot women of Pershore on the job is exhausting.

The body needs adequate rest to replenish itself for the next day. Staying up to midnight to work on a home- improvement project or a second job just Ladies wants hot sex IA Treynor 51575 allow for adequate rest no matter who you are. As supervisors we have to stress to our people that they get enough rest before coming to work. I would now like to put these two personal factors, fatigue and preoccupation, among the others in the context using two examples with which we, at Casual Hook Ups Apache junction Arizona 85220, are familiar.

Although most of you didn't know him, Dave was probably one of the most safety-conscientious employees at Metra. He never turned down a call.

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