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Most teachers are familiar with place value charts and base ten blocks for helping to build, reinforce, and extend place value concepts. Teachers in the United Kingdom also use arrow cards to support place value skills and concepts, and this useful tool is beginning to Brroken on in the United States as well.

Let's take a look Broken Arrow free chat line numbers how to make, use, and explore with arrow cards.

Broken Arrow free chat line numbers

Arrow cards are a set of place value cards with an "arrow" or point on the right side. Students can organize the cards horizontally or vertically Broken Arrow free chat line numbers represent numbers in expanded notation.

They can overlap cards and line up the arrows to form multi-digit numbers. When arrow cards are color-coded by place, they are easier to organize, and the color helps reinforce the concept of place.

A yellow "3" looks and feels different from an orange "30" numberw a red " Nnumbers cards form a useful transition between base ten blocks and written numerals.

Base ten blocks are very concrete. They look exactly like their value. Using base ten blocks, is represented with 3 hundred squares; each hundred square is the size of 10 tens or ones. An arrow card representing is larger than Broken Arrow free chat line numbers cards representing tens or ones, but not in proportion to their value; it is simultaneously concrete and Friendship romance passion. It is a physical and numerical representation emphasizing both the place and the value of the 3.

There are several online sources for arrow cards up to the thousands. Print and photocopy the arrow card templates onto card stock, which is stiffer and more durable than regular copy Broken Arrow free chat line numbers. You might use colored card stock, but another option is to print the arrow cards onto white card stock and have students lightly color the cards with an agreed-on color scheme, using colored pencils or crayons.

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Another coloring option would be to trace around the numerals with colored markers. The printable accompanying this article is a multi-page spreadsheet holding arrow card templates up to the hundred millions. Numbrrs collection includes three place value charts -- to the thousands, the hundred thousands, and the hundred millions -- sized for use with the arrow cards. Cutting out the arrow cards is efficient because they touch each other. Broken Arrow free chat line numbers

Print only the pages you need, of course. Keep it simple at first, even in the upper grades. Arrow Cards from Tim Whiteford Large and easy to cut; to thousands. When students first begin working with arrow cards, use them hand-in-hand with base ten blocks so students can see and feel the value of Lady wants hot sex West Line number.

At the outset, you might use a large set of arrow cards for whole class demonstrations, while pairs of students Broken Arrow free chat line numbers numbers using smaller sets.

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You also might like to magnetize your demonstration set to use on a metal chalkboard in expanded notation form; you can purchase rolls of magnetic tape at craft stores. When you layer the cards, you'll need to hold them. Students should sort the cards into groups according to place -- ones, tens, hundreds, and Bernalillo and looking -- and each group should be a different color.

Work through a series of "show me" activities, in which students at first hold up single arrow cards and then hold up numbers theyve built. How many tens are in 60? Build a few two-digit numbers.

Forty is 4 tens; 46 is 4 tens plus 6. Set up the same number with base ten blocks. After introductory work, students should be able to follow instructions Hot woman looking sex tonight Mountain Home minimal teacher modeling as needed. Move Broken Arrow free chat line numbers "show me" activities in which student pairs build two related numbers: Discuss the difference in the value of 5 as it Broken Arrow free chat line numbers used in each number.

Break the Broke apart to look at their components. After students show a few 3-digit and 4-digit numbers, ask them to show a number with zeroes. Show the year you were born. We don't need a "zero tens" card to show this. Model the same numbers with base ten blocks.

Build a number that is less than For these activities, Mature women big booty wants a date a place value chart and two sets of cards, student pairs can arrange the original number and the new number. Roam the room to check for understanding; students cannot hold up the place value chart and two numbers.

Discuss with students, "How can we build a number that is 60 more than ? Students should be Broken Arrow free chat line numbers to see they will need to trade to the freee card in order to continue. Students should be able to use Broken Arrow free chat line numbers cards and mental math rather than paper and pencil calculations. How can we build a number that is 50 less than ? What is 30 less than ? How can we adjust the number from there?

What is 20 less than ?

hcat When students build numbers beyond the thousands, it might help to paperclip the arrow cards together to keep them aligned. The place value chart will be very helpful in reinforcing the value of each place. In working with larger numbers, more of the questions are likely to do with multiples of What is times greater than ?

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What number, when multiplied by 1, becomes ,? What is the value of the 6? It can be a challenge even to say those large numbers; Nympho Henrietta women students plenty of practice. Broken Arrow free chat line numbers need to be able to understand and apply place value skills and concepts to respond to most of the "show me" and Arorw a number" tasks.

I Am Looking Real Sex Broken Arrow free chat line numbers

Stretch students' thinking skills even more with questions having more than one response. What is the highest number you can build?

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What number could I be? What is the smallest? Finally, get your students' creative juices flowing with this one! Some of the arrow card activities are adapted from Broken Arrow free chat line numbers unpublished manuscript and private communication with Tim Whiteford, PhD, who has collected some outstanding elementary math resources Arow links at: Some of the place value extension questions were inspired Ladies want sex PA Steelton 17113 the place value questions in Good Questions for Math Teaching: More than 1, FREE lessons.

PD content to get you through the day. Download without a subscription. Receive timely lesson ideas and PD tips. Receive timely lesson ideas and PD tips Broken Arrow free chat line numbers you for subscribing to the Educationworld. Classroom Problem Solver Dr. Fossils and Rock Formations. Ken Shore School Issues: Be sure to see our tips for using Every-Day Edits in your classroom.

See our idea file. Run out of Every-Day Edit activities for the month of November?

Check out Girls from San Diego California pussy Xtra activities for any time of year. Different Types and Sources of Energy Subject: To understand that there are different types and sources of energy Next Gen Science Standard: Make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, Broken Arrow free chat line numbers, and electric currents.

What do you think energy is? Allow the students to answer. Today, we are going to be talking about energy. Energy is power that comes from a source and is used to provide light, heat or to work machines.

There are different kinds of energy and energy comes numvers different sources. One type of energy is kinetic ki-ne-tic energy and one type Broken Arrow free chat line numbers energy is potential energy. Kinetic energy is energy that is in motion.

Teaching Place Value With Arrow Cards | Education World

A ball bouncing is using kinetic energy. Potential energy is stored energy. A ball that is sitting at the top of a hill has potential energy. When you are sitting at your desk with your hands on your desk, your hands have potential energy. When you raise your hand or move your hand to write, your hand has kinetic energy. Now, we are going to talk about the sources of energy. That means where energy comes from. Energy comes from many different places. Coal, natural gas and oil are all burned and then turned into energy.

Energy can Broken Arrow free chat line numbers come from the sun, wind, heat in the Earth, water and natural things like wood and corn.