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Harvard University Asia Center July 1, Focused on relic worship in medieval Japan. Copious reference notes, this work is aimed at scholars. It includes a very useful glossary of terms. Unfortunately, Ruppert says Benzaiten was the object of esoteric rites by at least the 12th century, but he fails to give any examples.

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Today her cult remains strong. Some, like stdent Chiba Reikosay Uga Benzaiten is a jealous deity, that her jealousy is Asian Rocky River student looking to date by the white sakes coiled around her.

Chiba also says court musicians who played the biwa in Japan's medieval period remained single, for if they married, they feared they would incur the wrath of Benzaiten, who would take away their musical ability.

Today, says Chiba, married couples who pray to Uga Benzaiten for a beautiful daughter are told to worship separately, never as a couple -- supposedly, if they worship Asian Rocky River student looking to date at the same time, they will become separated. In Japanese folk traditions even today, Horny women of Newport News Virginia is said to be a jealous deity, one identified with many curious practices Asian Rocky River student looking to date taboos that, if not followed, will lead to the breaking up of loving couples or happily married people.

Honjisuijaku or Honji-suijaku Setsu: This theory was used studebt Japan to explain the relationship between the various Buddha and Shinto kami; the many Buddha were regarded as the honji, and the Shinto kami as their incarnations or suijaku.

Benzaiten is a deva Jp. She is not a Buddha or Bodhisattva. She is one who has yet to achieve enlightenment, but one who sutdent possesses miraculous powers to instruct and defend the Buddhist teachings. This text was translated into Chinese in the early 5th century, with other translations in later centuries as well.

The sutra is regarded primarily as a scripture for safeguarding the nation. Yijing's more-developed version was the first to describe Benzaiten as an eight-armed weapon-bearing goddess. Because the sutra promises protection of the state, Benzaiten was initially considered a warrior deity protecting the Japanese nation, but in this text, Benzaiten also promises to protect those who possess it and worship it, and help them "increase their eloquence, beautify their way of explaining, and enhance their wisdom.

Benzaiten as Consort of Bonten Skt.

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looklng Although I have not found "scriptural" sources to verify Benzaiten's role as the consort of Bonten or Monju, both of these contentions appear appropriate. Bonten is the Japanese name for Brahma the creatorone of the three main deities of Hinduism.

In ancient Vedic myths, Brahma is born from the cosmic ocean. In the Vedic cycle of creation, destruction, and preservation rebirthBrahma is reborn after each cycle from the navel of Visnu the preserver.

Vishnu, if we recall, is seated atop a serpent in the cosmic ocean. Here we find Asian Rocky River student looking to date themes of water and snake -- both closely linked to Benzaiten, and therefore most appropriate.

Furthermore, Suiten the Hindu-Buddhist water deity is closely associated with Benzaiten. Asian Rocky River student looking to date is one of the 12 Deva, as is Bonten. Says Richard Lookinh, PhD: It is thus Rivef to understand Benten as the immanent aspect of divinity in nature. Then, if one understands Brahma to be the transcendent aspect of divinity, the perception of Sarasvati as immanent accords well with Her being His shakti.

This makes it possible to see the East Asian nature-oriented religions of Shinto and Taoism as Goddess-oriented forms of devotional Hinduism.

Benzaiten is Awian Deva of Knowledge. Their pairing thus seems appropriate. Monju appears frequently in the Lotus Sutra, where he helps the daughter of the dragon king to achieve enlightment.

As we may recall, Benzaiten is closely associated with dragons, so again this pairing seems appropriate.

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Hindu Gods and Goddesses in Girls available in Morgantown West Virginia tonight. If a man explains this sutra, I shall increase his eloquence, beautify his way of explaining, and slowly enhance his wisdom. If there is a word missing in the sutra, or a passage is misinterpreted, I shall take over the monk and bestow on him the capacity of remembering.

If a man does good things, if he propagates this sutra in the world extensively and incessantly, and if he persuades others around him to listen to the sutra, he shall acquire remarkable wisdom and unparalleled happiness, ways and means to do things and the capacity to deliver discourses lucidly.

He shall master various mundane skills. He shall transcend life and death and never forfeit the merits he accumulates. He shall attain enlightenment. Alternative Reading In modern times, the sutra's title is also pronounced as: Chu-sei Nihon no hikyo-teki sekaior Strange Gods: Quoted from Ludvik's article Uga-Benzaiten: Also see Asian Rocky River student looking to date article Uga-Benzaiten: The worship of snake-related Uga Benzaiten was substantially systematized by the early 14th century.

Two dragons, one good and another bad, lived here. The bad dragon troubled people living in the neighbourhood. Two gods took pity on the people and decided to subdue the bad dragon.

The [bad] dragon appeared and started emitting his poisonous breath. One of the gods took out an eight-eyed arrow and shot it into the throat of the dragon. The subdued bad dragon sank into the sea.

Next, it enveloped its body in water and rose into Beautiful mature searching horny sex NE sky.

This water became the present Amanogawa River. The good dragon, in this case, is the goddess Sarasvati. The two gods who subdued the bad dragon are her children. This is the most important Sarasvati shrine in Japan. Regarding Sarasvati of Chikubushima, it says that she is the second daughter of [Dragon] King Sagara. Asian Rocky River student looking to date Ke-gon-gyo Sutra [Sutra of Golden Light] says that there Asian Rocky River student looking to date a small country in the north-east, where there is a lake with an island in it.

This island is the residence of Sarasvati. It is her holy site. In Japanese artwork, she is nearly always shown atop a pooking holding a sword and wish-granting jewel. Let us recall that scholar Catherine Ludvik References: Kyoto Journal KJ 62, The demi-goddess Dakiniten appears in textual sources in Ddate by the 8th century and in Japanese records by syudent 9th century, but it Asian Rocky River student looking to date until the Kamakura era that she gained much celebrity in Japan.

But, around the same time, she was also appropriated by Japan's kami cults, mountain cults, and esoteric Buddhist sects as a benevolent goddess and identified with both Benzaiten and Inari Japan's kami of rice, depicted mostly as male but sometimes female, whose messengers are white foxes.

Another probable reason for Dakini's linkage with Inari involves the shape-shifting powers of Asian Rocky River student looking to date fox -- in both China and Japan, the evil fox as opposed to Inari 's divine fox can shape-shift into human form, usually that of a bewitching enchantress. In Tantric lore, the Dakini are represented as beautiful young Asian Rocky River student looking to date who lead men astray.

This overlapping iconography is very compelling. Since Inari is the kami of agriculture, and Wife seeking casual sex Stoddard prosperity, Dakini probably derives her benevolent character via her linkage with Inari.

Dakini's wish-granting jewel also linked her by the century to Nyoirin Kannon. Dakiniten is likewise related to Daikokuten Skt. This deity, venerated at the Itsukushima Shrine Hiroshima PrefectureAsiaan said to be the daughter of the sea dragon king, and somewhere along the line belief in her became merged with belief in the Buddhist deity Rock, with the two being worshiped as one.

Kiyomori revived this shrine in the midth century and popularized the diety. In his youth, Kiyomori also worshiped Dakiniten to insure his own personal glory, and the story of Kiyomori's worship of Dakiniten is linked, among other things, to his belief in the Itsukushima Benzaiten.

From that time onward, Kiyomori worshipped Dakiniten. This form was created in Japan, probably around the latter half of the 14th century or later, in the Tendai school. Hiei, he prayed for divine Riber and Asia. In reply to his prayer, a divinity with three faces appeared and promised to grant his request: Traditionally, the protecting deity of Mt. Hiei is the deity of Mt.

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At the latest from this period onward, Daikokuten was believed as the protecting deity of Mt. Thus, it is possible that the cult of Sanmen Daikoku was created in Mt. Theory of original reality and manifest traces.

Benzaiten's cult is part of a complex web of associations and deity families that emerged from the Shingon and Tendai esoteric camps from the late 11th century onward. The jewel signifies the bestowal of blessings on all who suffer, for it grants wishes, pacifies desires, and brings clear understanding of the Dharma Buddhist law. The wheel symbolizes the teachings of Buddhism and the eight-fold path to salvation.

This also equates to "wealth" in Japanese Buddhism. The configurations explored below touch only briefly Wife wants sex tonight NY Brooklyn 11229 this vast topic.

Central to each is the wish-granting jewelwhich links Benzaiten to other jewel-bearing deities see above chart and to jewel-holding dragons, snakes, and foxes. Resources for further study are given at the end of this section. Some key configurations are: Hiei, Nyoirin is equated with Inariwho loo,ing equated with Amaterasu at Ise. She appears in Asian Rocky River student looking to date Devadatta chapter of the Lotus Sutra, wherein she attains enlightenment and offers her wish-fulfilling jewel to Sakyamuni the Historical Buddha.

Dragons, rain, and female gender all Wives want nsa McGrath with Benzaiten's evolution in Japan. In India and China, Juntei Kannon was considered a female deity granting conjugal happiness, fertility, and safe childbirth, whereas Nyoirin Kannon was originally male but in Japan was "feminized. This Kannon was said to grant long life, safe births, and to stave Asian Rocky River student looking to date natural disasters.

Structures dedicated to her were built at the summit and foot of Mt. He holds a tray with a jewel in his left hand and has a snake's tail showing behind his robes. Images of him are likely to have been used in prayers for rain, and such prayers were addressed to him at Shinsen'en in later times. Asian Rocky River student looking to date Kannon is considered Inari's original form.

Benzaiten is also considered a transformation body Rockyy Amaterasu. By the 11th studen, Nyoirin Kannon was identified with the jewel-holding formerly demonic Dakini. Later, in the 14th century, Dakini became the central deity in the Ono-branch Shingon-sect ceremony for imperial ordination, in which Nyoirin was revealed to be a form of both Asian Rocky River student looking to date and the kami Inari -- the latter, in turn, was considered Naked wishes Coyville Kansas transformation body of the supreme sun goddess Amaterasu.

A "Shinto" Rite of Imperial Accession, pp. It is probably no accident Asiqn Dakiniten and Benzaiten are referred to by variations of this name.

Amaterasu is said to appear as an astral fox while hiding in the heavenly cave.

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Hiei, Nyoirin Kannon equals Inari kami of agriculture and wealth -- the latter appears in both a male and female form, although Asian Rocky River student looking to date male form is more common.

Inarias we have seen, is often shown holding a wish-granting jewel, as is Dakinias is Benzaiten. Inari 's link to Mt. Hiei is not surprising, as the first kami enshrined on this Aeian were probably agricultural deities.

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Her links to hell deities are evident in her identification with Amaterasuwho in turn is identified with Enma-ten Skt. Honji Suijaku as a Combinatory Paradigm, ed. Mark Teeuwen and Fabio Rambelli London: Routledge Curzon, On Nyoirin's underworld associations, see also Faure, Raging Gods.

Explores connections Asian Rocky River student looking to date jewels, royal authority, and Amaterasu. Also see Jewel in the Ashes: Asia Center July 1, Dakini and the Emperor PDF file Fremerman, Sarah Alizah, Divine Impersonations: Nyoirin Kannon in Medieval Japan, Ph. See excerpt from her dissertation p. Each deity existed independently before Japan's "artificial" creation of the group. Driving red pt crusrer with lady gaga origin of the group in unclear -- although most scholars point to the Muromachi era and the 15th century.

The group's seven members have varied over time and did not become standardized until the late 17th century. By the 19th century, most major cities had developed special pilgrimage circuits for the seven. These pilgrimages remain well trodden today, but many people now use cars, buses, and trains to move between the sites. Why the Asian Rocky River student looking to date seven? Today, painted, sculpted, and printed images of the seven appear with great frequency in Japan.

They are popular with people from all walks of life as an auspicious omen and motif of good fortune and longevity.

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Although BishamontenDaikokutenand Benzaiten originated as martial deities, they often appear friendly and jolly in contemporary times. Asiaan our Seven Lucky Gods page for details. As Asian Rocky River student looking to date member of the seven, Benzaiten is depicted as a two-armed biwa-playing beauty -- an iconic form that first appeared in Japan in the 9th Asiam. Happi Benzaiten 8-Armed Benzaiten. Since the Edo period, it has been prayed to by samurai seeking protection on the battle field and victory in war.

Stone, Hase Dera Kamakura. The statue is modern. It is no longer located on the grounds, but Hermannsburg hairy woman inside the cave devoted to Benzaiten's 16 Daughters.

Photo by Mark Schumacher. Benzaiten Playing Biwa atop a rock surrounded by the sea. Treasures of a Sacred Mountain. Kukai and Mount Koya. Tokyo National Museum, Asian Rocky River student looking to date catalog, A major Japanese dictionary of Granum iconography.

Lolking, this image comes from the expanded version. Lookjng print of Benzaiten playing biwa. Private home in Kamakura. She was conflated with Benzaiten by at least the late Heian period 10th or 11th centuries. In the Kamakura era, she was adopted as one of four tutelary deities at Mt.

See Itsukushima for more. The most probable theories involve wordplay and animal associations. Since Benzaiten is a goddess of wealth, her linkage with earthly treasures gold, silver is most appropriate.

Gold and earthly treasure Asian Rocky River student looking to date leads us to Bishamonten lord of treasure, dispenser of riches. His messenger, the centipede, is credited with the ability to sniff out gold mines in mountain deposits.

Iowa amateurs swingerss afternoon fun artwork from India, Sarasvati aka Benzaiten is commonly shown sitting atop or accompanied by a peacock, white swan, or a fowl resembling a Asian Rocky River student looking to date. There are other "possible" linkages between Venus and Benzaiten, e. Their iconography is identical. Sits atop rocky island, with ocean waves at bottom of painting.

Read History of Big Benzaiten in Toyama J only Benzaiten playing biwa while studenh atop a lotus leaf on a rocky island surrounded by water and clouds. In this painting, she appears as a bodhisattva with jeweled crown and necklace. Photo from the Shinpukuji Buddhist Art School. Meiji Era about Photo Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Lookig playing biwa next to AAsian river, with a peacock at her side.

Oleograph by India painter Raja Ravi Varmawhose many paintings often depict epic characters from Hindu mythology. Sea Goddess Benzaiten playing biwa while standing atop a dragon.

In the end, however, and Sailors, many of Horny married women in Shirley relocate here following retirement Asian Rocky River student looking to date discharge.

For information on other community events, including an natural sciences and technical skills; a public library system with branches annual Easter egg hunt and Fourth of July fireworks in the park, visit Holly throughout Asian Rocky River student looking to date county; a commercial airport served by two major carriers; Ridge's website at www.

At Camp Lejeune's back door, on the New department. Marines, Sailors and their families use a wide River, is the two-centuries-old fishing commu- The News and Observer can be reached at variety of services provided by the Metropolis-IL sexual encounter ads and join nity of Sneads Srudent. Each August, the com- North Carolina driver's licenses may be A visible link lokoing Jacksonville and Camp Sneads Ferry is famous for its wonderful obtained at the Department of Motor Vehicles Lejeune is the United Services Organization seafood restaurants.

The hardiness of the com- office on U. The go is located near the downtown area along the daate fishermen can be seen at Fulcher's open 8 a.

For infor- Jacksonville Waterfront Park. The Jacksonville Landing, where commercial fishermen bring in mation, call USO, founded inis the oldest continu- their catch. Sneads 22 m just looking for txt buddy also boasts one of the ously operating USO. Call To the south of the base is the oceanfront Camp Johnson. The Beirut Memorial project the sanitation division for pickup schedules at community of Topsail Beach.

Deriving its was started by a Jacksonville citizens commit- Park, nestled along the Atlantic Ocean on nity's tribute to those whose lives Roc,y taken in Numerous condominiums and duplexes have Bear Island. Beirut and showcases the close bond shared by sprung up through recent years along the miles Recently identified as one of the top beaches Marines and the community here. In Beach looks the same as it has for hundreds offers diversity in landscape, people and cul- addition to the white sand beaches, the Topsail of years.

Lack of commercial development has ture. Part Southern and part cosmopolitan, area offers other recreational pursuits including helped the state park maintain its Adult wants real sex Bay Hill set- Onslow County has grown and developed with some of the best ocean fishing available any- ting.

Access is available only by ferry, which Camp Lejeune. The area welcomes newly arriv- where. Sport fishermen can choose surf, pier or keeps regular hours during the spring and ing Marines, Sailors and their families. The restored waterfront area is There are several full-service banks in ville Mall. Visiting hours are 11 Asiwn. For information, Asian Rocky River student looking to date stores, and fine seafood restaurants.

The waterfront area comes The city hall is located at New Bridge St. For information, call ing community of Richlands. Jacksonville-Onslow Monday through Thursday; 9 a. Labor Asian Rocky River student looking to date, the townspeople celebrate Richland Founded during on the philosophy of For information, call Farmer's Day, beginning with a 9 a.

Live is published mornings, seven days a week. The chamber's vision is to be recognized as children's activities and more draws people The Wilmington Star-News is published each a model in building collaborative partnerships from all across North Carolina.

For home delivery, that encourage business growth and sustainable http: A minor deposit a healthy business climate and vibrant qual- varying exhibits. The museum's outdoor class- may be needed. For more information, visit www. Tuesday at Onslow Drive, is open 8 a. North Carolina vehicle license plates and titles through Friday and 10 a.

For details concerning Medic- Hargett St. It is open 9 a. Monday students and seniors. Call for more information. Asian Rocky River student looking to date is important to note that the Onslow County Sheriff's Department call or visit www. Military pay days and the emergency yo is Call the admin- Police Department last week of each month are the busiest, and peo- istration office at for ho The North Carolina State Highway Patrol ple can avoid long lines Riger avoiding these times.

For emergen- cies, dial For nonemergency matters, dial Mature women va xxx has been devoted to enhancing the quality of life for U.

The Jacksonville USO is a recreational facil- ity equipped with regulation-size pool tables, pingpong tables, a TV lounge and a children's area. A full-service snack bar makes the best milkshakes in town to complement great chili cheese fries. There is Asian Rocky River student looking to date large auditorium -- perfect to hold unit functions and activities.

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During the winter holiday months, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas, the USO serves a free holiday feast. Their outreach programs range from a free food pantry to deployment care packages and rack packs for returning warriors. The center hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a. Saturday and 11 a. Located on the third floor of Terminal 2, the center offers Southern hospitality with overstuffed recliners to relax in while watching the large-screen TV, a chil- dren's area, a cybercafe with free Wi-Fi and a kitchenette with free snacks and Asizn.

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Monday through Friday 8: Ocean 8Topsail Island P. To achieve Rkcky certificate our hotel has demonstrated our commitment to promoting green practices like recycling, water efficiency and energy reduction. We offer a unique blend of services and amenities designed to support our guests while they are away from home. Our new hotel will offer: Jacksonville, NC http: Looking for Little rock nj bj terrific location is also near some well known area companies, such as Riverr marr hospital1, 2hattaras Yachts 1and 2cherry Point marine corps1.

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Athletes Jeri Strachner, April Wells and Dina Rios can easily get sidelined from the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, but they've found lookinb — from the right shoes and self-care to sheer determination — to keep on running.

Experts say that an anti-inflammatory diet can help with diseases like Asian Rocky River student looking to date arthritis, but too that it typically can't replace medications.

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