National Cat Day Special: Here are some fun facts about Cats!!

Cats are cute right? But they can be jerk sometimes. Remember the last time your cat intentionally dropped that glass from the table? Just for the fun it was looking for? Yes, that is the kind of jerkiness I am talking about.


But cats are adorable little creatures that we all love. Some people think Cats bring bad luck into a house and to them I say SHUT UP.

How can a cute and adorable thing like a Cat be a negative thing to pet?

By the way, the National Cat Day is coming up and we wanted to post this article about some great facts about Cats to honor these little spawns!

Let’s get right into it.

Cats can sleep for 16 hours a day!


Man, I wish I could sleep for 16 hours a day but all the work I have to do along with the bills I have to pay, I really cannot. Cats must be so lucky!

Cats can make about 100 different sounds


A Cat definitely has a plethora of moods. From being sweet to adorable and from being angry to being a jerk. They have a sound to make for every mood of theirs.

Cats always fall and land on their legs


No matter what height and no matter what pose cats always land on their legs and these legs are padded and bones are a bit disjoined to provide the shock absorption from falling.

Cats can’t taste sweetness


Cats don’t have the sensation of sweetness on their tongue and unlike dogs they are not able to taste sweet things at all. But as you can see in the gif above, they do hate lemons. 😉

Cat’s brain is much more similar to that of a human


A cat’s brain is biologically much similar what a human’s brain looks like. They feel emotions in the same way a human does.

16 Reasons you’re drowned in your Cat’s love!

Well, yes you are! They’re your companion at every possible place. They’ll be around indoors and ready to give you company outside as well. They’re constantly moving around, wandering in the house in the middle of night, purring in your ears, lurking on your stomach and that is what that makes them even more special. I’m gonna mention here 16 Reasons you’re drowned in your Cat’s love!


1. Your Companion-

You and your cat do everything together. Be it opening the door, or getting milk from the refrigerator or even taking a call, your cat is always around you doing things together. And by everything, we mean everything!



2. Perfect Alarm Clock-

After a long night’s sleep, may be eight hours in a row, when you start your day with your cat sitting right in front of your eyes, with a happy face, waiting only for you to open your eyes. What a perfect way to begin your morning, isn’t it?


3. Warm Welcome from your Cat-

There is no better way to enter your home than being greeted by your cat, which is desperately waiting for you to be home. It feels heart warming. Doesn’t it?


4. We love to Adore them-

That feeling when you play with your cat’s fur. Their silky soft hair and the chubby cheeks is a perfect way to show your love to them!


5. Feeling the paws on yourself-

That awkward moment when you see your cat lounging all over you, nonchalantly!


6.  Scratches become a daily business-

There are few things that we never fail to don on ourselves- our wrist watch, bracelet, perfume, pen, and bag and of course the scratches! They’re like a daily affair, not necessarily the angry ones but a sign of love altogether!

download (1)

7. Sleeping together-

You don’t mind at all when they’re sleeping.. may be on you, may be on your head, may be by your side.. it’s like sharing the same hobby together.

download (2)

8. You give them Everything-

From toys, to food, to jungle gyms.. and when it is their birthday coming up, you go all banana over it. You just can’t ignore those wide, innocent, hopeful eyes longing to get more things from you

download (3)

9. They become a part of your Outings-

O you don’t want to hang out alone, without your cat, do you? It’s so hard leaving them all alone and so they come where you go.

download (4)

10. Working gets worrisome-

Typing becomes totally a workout. Anytime they see you working, they automatically feel this need to be with you and with you I totally mean, may be on your working equipment!

download (5)

11. Your Cat is one fancy thing you own-

Turning upside down, giving that snobby look to your friend, littering all over, dropping things all over the floor, and then expecting you to pick it up all up.. woah! We really need to learn this from them.

download (6)

12. Dog people v/s Cat people-

When you have a kitty phone case, and a laptop cover, and a tee, and a clock, a Facebook profile picture, no doubt you’re a cat person and you totally love being one.

download (7)

13. Indoor-

They’re good indoors and not required to be taken out every now and then. It is a relief sometimes, when you’re home all tired and all you need to do is sit next to your cat and start playing with it, without worrying of taking it out!

download (8)

14. The gap they fill-

Not to mention the gap they fill in our lives with their small daily activities, only to realize we can’t spend a single moment without them and you enjoy every bit of it!


15. You’re always there-

Well yes, you’re always there for them when are all stressed out!


16. And vice-versa-

And they are obviously there for us, listening to our woes and calming us down with their sweet gestures.


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National Dog Day Special: Funny Dog Pictures you will die laughing

So, here comes our dog day special post. The collection of top funny dog pictures you will love to see.

1. This buddy seems scared, LOL!

national dog day (51)


national dog day (52)


3. Happens with me all time :(, but I love it 😀
national dog day (53)


national dog day (54)


5. Isn’t when they get stuck with sticks like this 😀

national dog day (55)


6.  Floor seems cosier I guess!

national dog day (56)


7. This blew me off!
national dog day (57)

8. Sometimes dogs are just crazy!

national dog day (1)


9. I can relate with that!
national dog day (1)


10. Save Water, say no to bath!
national dog day (3)


national dog day (30)


national dog day (31)


national dog day (32)



national dog day (34)

national dog day (35)

national dog day (36)

national dog day (37)


national dog day (38)

national dog day (39)
national dog day (40)
national dog day (41)
national dog day (42)
national dog day (43)
national dog day (44)
national dog day (45)
national dog day (46)
national dog day (47)
national dog day (48)
national dog day (49)


national dog day (50)


I Saved My Favourite For the Last!

dog day special (2)

Babies falling in love with their dogs! The Ultimate list

Awww! C’mon now stop it please!!

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (53)

Getting Ready for Fancy Dress Competition!

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (3)

You know what?, She said no to me then 🙁

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (4)

Lets Share your bed tonight!
Viralchilly Dogs and babies (5)


Viralchilly Dogs and babies (6)

Tommy! Lets go outside? NOOOO its snowing!

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (7)

Let me watch you until mama arrives.

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (12)


Viralchilly Dogs and babies (13)

I’m sad 🙁 You told her she is cuter than me 🙁

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (14)


Viralchilly Dogs and babies (15)


Viralchilly Dogs and babies (16)


Viralchilly Dogs and babies (17)

You look pale! Let me inspect you

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (20)


Good Morning Kisses

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (21)

On your back

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (22)

Strolling 😀

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (23)


Viralchilly Dogs and babies (26)

Wait wait wait!!! You are telling me that if I pee in the yard, I get a treat???

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (27)

How come I lick you but you never lick me back??

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (28)

You are so sweet. Let me eat you!

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (29)

You are mine baby 🙂

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (30)

Your nose isn’t wet! You sick?? There.. I fixed that 😀

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (31)

I’m gonna kill whoever said you are adopted!!

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (32)

Smile Smile. we are on camera!

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (33)

Mom Says one should brush daily!

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (36)

Hey there!! Can I spend my all 9 lives with you??

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (42)


Viralchilly Dogs and babies (43)

And I… will always love you <3 <3

Viralchilly Dogs and babies (46)

Cute Dog Pictures that will make your day!!

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness, forgot about puppies!!

The time spent with a dog is the part of your life, but for him, it’s his whole life!!

Here cute dog pictures that made me smile throughout the day. Have a look at these dog pictures that will definitely make your day!

Dad, I need some money!! 😛

Need some money, dad!!


My Doggie.. My pillow

Sleeping baby


cute doggie with baby


 Here are some gifs to add positivity to your day!!

My Bestiee.. My puppy!!!


C’mon stop it now!!

C'mon.. Stop it now!!



Okay, okay!! You can have salmon!!

Okay Okay.. you can have salmons!



High Fiveeee!!

High five!!!


This pug and his bobbly doppelgänger.


I’m so cute, aren’t I??

I'm so cute, aren't I??


Puppies love


Me when I wake up in the morning!!

When I wake up!!


Shoo away!!  You send us candy crush requests all day!

Candy crush requests


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The love and loyalty that a dog gives is sometimes even beyond your partner, they might be just a part of your life but for them you are their life,but that is not enough to deal with a dog,they are crazy,funny and damn loving,sometimes cute,adorable and other times they shit on your couch..but you can’t deny to love your dog.


best friend

The following images depicts all struggles and fun you have when you own a dog, and i am pretty sure these points will remind you moments spend with your dog.


# When he tries to explain you something/his language:

speaking dog



speaking dog



# Morning doggy.

morning dog



morning dog



# Your dog is your family,not just a pet.

family member



# Cuddling with your furries is best.

cuddling with dog



cuddling with furries



# And you can’t say no to those puppy face.

puppy face



puppy face



# They always follow anywhere and everywhere.




# Bathtime hell.

bath time




hungry doggy



hungry dog



# You can get angry on them but can’t hold it for long.

cute face
cute dog face



# Sharing bed with your dog.

sharing bed



share bed



# Times when they fart ridiculously.

farting dog



dog farting



fart dog






# Small things that you dogs are terrified of.

small things



small things scared



# When they do not give back toy.

play with toy



play with toy



playing time



play time



# Their face when they want to go out.




walk again



# When they are alone at home.




dog alone



alone dog at home



alone at home



# Warnings come before danger,but not always.











Islamic Wallpaper Hd


Allah Has no gender (not male and now not female)”He” is used simplest out of recognize and dignity – not for gender.Allah is the creator of this universe, Allah isn’t a human and so does no longer have any children and isn’t always a male or female.Allah is an entity, the lifestyles of which cannot be proven.

So we have bought you allah images, islamic wallpapers, islamic picture and islamic images, Download them in HD.



islam wallpaper



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Diwali SMS And Messages

Diwali is one of the largest festival of Hindus. Every year the festival of Diwali is celebrated on the Hindu day Kartik Amavasya. This is a five day long festival, starts with Dhan Teras, accompanied by Choti Diwali, then the festival of lights ie Badi Diwali which is the main day, followed by Goverdhan Pooja and at last Bhai Dooj.

The festival is known as the festival of lights because it is celebrated by lightening diyas all over the places.  The festival is celebrated on the occasion of arrival of Lord Rama to their home, Ayodhya after the exile of fourteen years. Diwali 2016 is beginning  from 28th October 2016 and will continue till 1st November 2016.

The festival of Diwali is celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, etc across the whole world. Every year, during the darkness of Kartik Amavasya, people remove darkness by lightening colorful diyas, lights and fireworks. Houses are decorated, new items and clothes are purchased, delicious sweets are made and happiness is shared during the festival of Diwali.

Among all the festivals celebrated, Diwali holds the most value. Celebrated with extreme joy, zeal and happiness, Goddess Laxmi along with Lord Ganesha is worshiped on the auspicious festival. Goddess Laxmi is belived to be the Goddess of prosperity. On the day of Diwali, homes are decorated with beautiful Rangolis, torans of mango leaves are hung on doorways, oil diyas are put around the home and that’s how it is called, the festival of light.

To express their joy and convey wishes to their friends and relatives, people  buy Diwali cards and messages. This post has brought together for you awesome Diwali message to mail, text and SMS to your beloved ones. Check out here diwali sms in hindi, diwali messages in english, diwali sms in english, diwali wishes in english for you. Download in HD.


Diwali Messages In English





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Diwali SMS In Hindi


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Navratri Wishes And SMS

India is the land of various cultures, religions and festivals. One of the vital Hindu festivals, Navratri is widely known all over India in numerous ways.  The word Navratri comes from two words – Nav + Ratri that means nine nights. The festival is celebrated twice in a year, during early summers and during early winters but the one celebrated in September or October holds more popularity thanks to the zeal, passion and enthusiasm associated.

This festival is celebrated to show the devotion to the Goddess Durga. The worship of goddess is continued till nine days, with different form of Goddess is worships and on the 10th day, the festival of Dussehra is celebrated which is also popular as Vijay Dashmi to mark the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana. Many of the devotees believe that the nine form of goddess when worshiped, brings prosperity and positivity to their lives. Though the way of how people celebrate the festival can vary from the state to state, devotion and enthusiasm remains the same.

Navratri is the festival that not only indicates the beautiful Indian culture but also brings together people.  The festival is accompanied by the Garba dance. The dance is derived from the story of Lord Krishna singing and dancing with gopis. During Garba Raas, girls and boy wear beautiful ethnic dresses and dance whole night for the nine days. The nine day worship of Goddess is also accompanied by fasts.

People love extending  greetings and desires, to express their zeal and enthusiasm for the holy festival. Initially letters used to be exchanged to send wishes but now SMSs have replaced letters as the quickest and the best way to convey the needs.

On Navratri We’d like to share here some Navratri SMS in Hindi or Navratri wishes in English or Navratri messages to wish our relations, relatives and friends. Therefore we’ve brought for you some awesome Navratri SMS in english, Navratri wishes in hindi or Navratri Messages for you. If you like them, let us know in the comments below and also share your wishes with your beloved ones.


Navratri Wishes And SMS In English


Navratri Wishes And SMS



Navratri Wishes And SMS



Navratri Wishes And SMS in english




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navratri wishes




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Navratri Wishes And SMS In Hindi


happy navratri sms in hindi


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