National Cat Day Special: Here are some fun facts about Cats!!

Cats are cute right? But they can be jerk sometimes. Remember the last time your cat intentionally dropped that glass from the table? Just for the fun it was looking for? Yes, that is the kind of jerkiness I am talking about. But cats are adorable little creatures that we all love. Some people think […]

16 Reasons you’re drowned in your Cat’s love!

Well, yes you are! They’re your companion at every possible place. They’ll be around indoors and ready to give you company outside as well. They’re constantly moving around, wandering in the house in the middle of night, purring in your ears, lurking on your stomach and that is what that makes them even more special. […]

National Dog Day Special: Funny Dog Pictures you will die laughing

So, here comes our dog day special post. The collection of top funny dog pictures you will love to see. 1. This buddy seems scared, LOL!   2.   3. Happens with me all time :(, but I love it 😀   4.   5. Isn’t when they get stuck with sticks like this 😀 […]

Babies falling in love with their dogs! The Ultimate list

Awww! C’mon now stop it please!! Getting Ready for Fancy Dress Competition! You know what?, She said no to me then 🙁 Lets Share your bed tonight!   Tommy! Lets go outside? NOOOO its snowing! Let me watch you until mama arrives. <3 I’m sad 🙁 You told her she is cuter than me 🙁   […]

Cute Dog Pictures that will make your day!!

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness, forgot about puppies!! The time spent with a dog is the part of your life, but for him, it’s his whole life!! Here cute dog pictures that made me smile throughout the day. Have a look at these dog pictures that will definitely make your day! Dad, I need some […]


DOGS-MAN’S BEST FRIEND-IRREPLACEABLE COMPANION. The love and loyalty that a dog gives is sometimes even beyond your partner, they might be just a part of your life but for them you are their life,but that is not enough to deal with a dog,they are crazy,funny and damn loving,sometimes cute,adorable and other times they shit on […]

Islamic Wallpaper Hd

  Allah Has no gender (not male and now not female)”He” is used simplest out of recognize and dignity – not for gender.Allah is the creator of this universe, Allah isn’t a human and so does no longer have any children and isn’t always a male or female.Allah is an entity, the lifestyles of which […]

Diwali SMS And Messages

Diwali is one of the largest festival of Hindus. Every year the festival of Diwali is celebrated on the Hindu day Kartik Amavasya. This is a five day long festival, starts with Dhan Teras, accompanied by Choti Diwali, then the festival of lights ie Badi Diwali which is the main day, followed by Goverdhan Pooja […]

Navratri Wishes And SMS

India is the land of various cultures, religions and festivals. One of the vital Hindu festivals, Navratri is widely known all over India in numerous ways.  The word Navratri comes from two words – Nav + Ratri that means nine nights. The festival is celebrated twice in a year, during early summers and during early […]

Laxmi Ganesh Wallpaper

  Ganesha also called Ganpati and Vinayaka, is one in every of the known and most loved deities. Vinayaka could be a common name for Ganesh that seems within the Purāṇas and in Buddhist Tantras. though he’s famed by several attributes, Ganesha’s elephant head makes him unique. Because the god of beginnings, he’s honored at […]

Happy Diwali Hd Wallpapers

Diwali also known as Deepavali is the one of the biggest celebrated festivals in India. It is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. The significance of this festival comes from ancient mythology which depicts Diwali as the victory of light over darkness or good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope […]

Navratri Images Wallpapers

Navratra word is derived from ‘Nav’ means nine and ‘Ratri’ means night in Sanskrit, hence ‘Navratri’ means celebration of  nine nights depicting nine divine forms of goddess maa Durga. It is celebrated twice a years Chaitra Navratri or Vasant Navratri (falls between March-April) and second time as Sharad Navratri (falls between September-October).  Navratra are considered […]

Maa Durga Hd Wallpaper

Durga Pooja is one of the biggest celebrated festivals in India especially in West Bengal and particularly in Kolkata. It is celebrated for nine days with each day dedicated to nine divine forms of Goddess Durga. Tenth day, which is also known as Dashami or Dussera marks the Visarjan (immersion of idol in water) with […]

In a mobile & cloud based world, is the desktop dead?

The IT (Information Technology) paradigm shift has been a hot topic for some time, where a growing number of businesses are putting their workloads and even mission-critical applications in the cloud. IT departments used to dictate the systems and devices use in a company. But mobile and cloud have disrupted this mode and changed IT’s […]